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Discussion in 'Community Contests/Giveaways' started by Barl0we, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. Barl0we

    Barl0we Phantasmal Quasar

    Hi there, fellow forumgoers!

    I have in my Steam inventory 5 extra copies of Dead Island: Epidemic that I want to give away.

    DE:E is a zombie-based MOBA based in the Dead Island universe. Play as either humans or mutants/zombies and fight to scavenge supplies, in maps filled with both regular and special zombies. The format is mostly 3v3v3, which gives it a nice dynamic.

    Please note that these are copies in my Steam inventory, and as such, you'll either need to add me as a friend on Steam if you win, or PM me your email address in order to get the copy.

    Now, onto the rules-y stuff:

    This contest will be open for a week - that is, until Tuesday, the first of July.

    In order to win, tell me which zombie franchise you'd prefer to be put in, if an evil genie spirited you away. Would you chum it up with Francis in Left 4 Dead's universe? Go to the Winchester in Shaun of the Dead? Maybe join forces with the special zombies in Brains: A Zombie Memoir?

    Five winners will be chosen based on either my favorite answers ,or if the thread goes like the last giveaway - whoever posts an interest in winning, while following the rule.



    I was uncool and missed the deadline by a day, but that allowed two extra winners to get the game! Congratulations to @JamesOfCarson, @ChuckleShark and @BlackSun! PMs have been sent with instructions on how to get your copy of the game :)
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  2. JamesOfCarson

    JamesOfCarson Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd bash zombies with my trusty bench in Dead Rising :D
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  3. ChuckleShark

    ChuckleShark Master Chief

    Probably a Dwarf Fortress necro tower while riding an elephant screaming "BLOOD FOR ARMOK!" while hacking down zombies elves with an axe and sword.
  4. BlackSun

    BlackSun Big Damn Hero

    I'd slash my way through the Left 4 Dead Universe because the main characters are just badass. Would be cool to side with Coach/Nick etc. :DD

    PS: If you still have a key because nobody else answered I'd also take another for a friend :3

    PS2: Awesome giveaway btw, didn't see it earlier unfortunatly. :notworthy:
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  5. Barl0we

    Barl0we Phantasmal Quasar

    Wow, so I missed the date myself...But there are three posters who want the game, and you'll all get it!
  6. Closed per request!
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