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    I hope I'm not repeating after anyone, but a good limitation would be fuel consumption. A heavy ship would require more fuel to run, thus naturally limiting how far the player can fly with a big ship, and making him consider more, let's say, fuel storages instead of hull segments. I woe at the limited space my ship has, as I tend to move a lot and despise the idea of having a planet as a home. Making a mobile juggernaught with it's own little society in it sounds cool, and many players in one place could help support it by contributing fuel.
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    Good Idea. I would at least like to have the option to customize or add parts to my ship at a later stage of the game.
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    Yes i do like the idea of spaceship upgrading. Not only in area, but take fuel efficiency for example. Shield and or tractorbeams for asteroid exploration (you need to be able to shield your ship from small debris if you gonna enter a asteroidfield and be able to "ancor" a asteroid if you want to.

    Another idea is also the spaceship imo can be totaly remade. For example. The spaceship today graphical enitity that you cant really rebuild in a sandbox way. the above yeah you could change the graphical aspect and the bounderies of it. But i would advice to make the ship just a small escape pod big ship, with just essentional equipment.
    But if you want you can destroy it and just die in space :D

    But what you also can do is to make it bigger, ofcourse some stress should be but on materials. For example dirt/sand/wood/stone shouldn't be able to build with, or be able to build with but doesnt allow for oxygen to be trapped.
    So for example to you diffrent types of metal, as copper or iron would be the best ofcourse.

    the vacuum could work as an constant invisible bombardment of invisible particles or light that harms you when you enter the area exposed to space.
    or gives you no oxygen bar and or coldbar. that you have to deal with.
    or as a liquid, as i know just abit of coding, i think to make vacuum a liquid would just stress servers.
    but that is up to you.
    As far as it comes for diffrent types of machinery for your spaceship, Yes. you would need to install bigger FTL drives for making the longer jumps (or jump many times at higher fuel consuption). This would be the most fun part.
    say for example you need a bigger FTL drive.

    So what do you need?
    well first of all A hell of alot of copper, aloys, gold and probably alot of plastics and pixels. But you don't need to make it in 1 go. for example they can be made as furniture stackable, and connected. to a central computer.
    The more you stack or connect the better FTL you get, but it can only be as effective as your FTL capacitors. Since the FTL (probably (in my mind atleast)) works as an energy surge, that bends space (not time) so you actually just with a little push from engines, get you in a couple of seconds to where space stoped bend.
    The capacitors, just need to match the FTL drive, so it can give you enough energy. Ofcourse it would work otherwise but capped at energystorage in the capacitors.
    So the FTL Generators (lets keep it simple (i could make this very advanced)) is just how fast you burn the fuel and how energy efficent the fuelburning is for the capactiors to load.
    *FTL Fueltank
    speaks for itself, bigger tank = more fuel, you cant fuel the Generators more then you have fuel, so bigger tank is essential to longer jumps.
    *FTL cooling system For the superconducting supermagnet (DUH?) :D

    So this covers the space travel part.

    I won't go on and write for everything if this isn't the way the devs want to go, but examples of what is possible is infinite, the problem is this needs to be implemented before release, since it's quite a big change later.

    But other stuff that is fun to do with your spaceship. Have vendors, Guards, livingquaters. Lifesupporting modules (also there a whole technical mumbo jumbo with heat dispertion, watermanement and so on.) , and cropfields, And so on. Actually while writing this even thought up a workable system with crops and lifesupporting modules.
    Also ofcourse regular energy supply for your ship in form of nuklear reactor (THIS could be fun to actually construct)

    AND ofcourse, for everyone that doesn't want to compile numbers and or the TIME needed to build a moonsize spacecity (deathstar :D ) can just beam down and build your hut or azum medieval castle :D

    And please don't write replies if you don't actually have suggetions or constructive critique since it's cluters up the post, There is a Like button for this, and also works better to get Staff's attention on things.

    Edit: sorry for my spelling, english is not my primary language.
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    why are we not funding this?

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