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Discussion in 'Mods' started by mascotte, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. mascotte

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    I'm here seeking for some modding help for my new custom NPC which I'm working on.
    And from a non-English spoken country, my English might be kind of awkward... so please excuse me X(
    + my question below is a bit long too ;/ but actually quite simple!

    Creating a marriable custom NPC, I heard that they don't appear while dancing at the flower festival. (a.k.a invisible)
    Is everyone having this problem? I'm not quite sure, because I didn't add my NPC to the game yet.
    So sad to know, isn't there any way to make their dancing sprites appear during the dance performance?

    If it isn't currently possible, I want at least to make them say like,
    "Whaa?! I said I didn't prepare any of the dance moves and a dress neither! You'll need to dance all by yourself now!",
    accepting the player asking to dance with him/her XP
    (Maybe too obsessed over such a tiny/unnecessary thing here.. yup! IKR)

    So I kind of looked through the Strings\StringsFromCSFiles,
    and now more confused how to make this work out by using CP.

    The dance-accepting dialogue is located at 252~262 row, starting with Event.cs.1619 (I guess).
    My custom NPC's Disposition is 'adult/polite/outgoing/positive/female',
    and of course, must figure out which text she will say at first hand,
    and want to make her the only one saying the dialogue which I mentioned above.

    If someone can help me out with the text I should type in the CP content.json file, I will be soooo happy!!
    If the thing is impossible due to the hard-codding from the game, well I'm just gonna cry and surrender myself to fate<

    Waiting patiently for an angel to reply :)
    Thanks for reading a long message!
    • hatmouse

      hatmouse Phantasmal Quasar

      Hey, sorry I was late responding to you on Discord - to reiterate in case you didn't see there: You can't add the NPC to the dance scene, unfortunately. You can use $q and $r to add a custom dance response by editing StringsFromCSFiles, but the catch is you'd need to patch every NPC's dialogue to add that key (since the default line would no longer be available). It's something that would probably be better in a dedicated mod, or added to one like Unique Dating Responses, which yours could then be compatible with.
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      • mascotte

        mascotte Void-Bound Voyager

        Thank you sooo much for replying, hatmouse!! <3
        Had trouble finding your discord mention tho (since i'm a noob, couldn't figure out how to get directly to :rofl:)
        Totally understood what you mean, and thanks to your help, looked through the Unique Courtship Response mod's file by MissCoriel!
        I actually have installed this mod a while ago, but somehow never thought this would be connected ^^; My miss!

        I sent a direct message to MissCoriel through discord for the first time,
        and i'm wondering whether there's a kind of 'read' notification if it's read..? (Bit worried)
        If you know in case, please tell me ;)

        Thanks for the reply again!!
        • hatmouse

          hatmouse Phantasmal Quasar

          There's no "read" notification for Discord, but MissCoriel usually responds eventually -- she's been sick this week, so it might take longer than normal :)
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          • Amelin

            Amelin Space Spelunker

            Do you know how to add an NPC to the flower festival now? I really need help ;-;

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