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  1. Tehevilone

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    The best part about games like this is the lore. Here's a quick guide on how to insert your custom codexes into the game and add them to a crafting bench.

    1. Be sure you have the nessecary supplies: Notepad++, the text you want to put into the Codex, and the nessecary background knowledge of modifying files found in this guide, which you can thank T3G Silas for.
    2. Open up the codex folder, which is at Programs86x>Steam>SteamApps>common>Starbound>Assets>Codex.
    3. Pick any .codex file in the Documents Folder and copypaste it in the same folder. Open this file with Notepad++.
    4. Change the ID of the codex. For this guide, we're going to use the ID "thegame".
    5. Change the title to whatever you want.
    6. When editing text, don't forget to put quotes at the beginning and end of each section/paragraph. After each paragraph, put a comma behind the quotes. <---EXCEPT FOR THE LAST PARAGRAPH!
    7. Save the file as "<id>.codex" and be sure to select "All Files" instead of "Normal Text File".
    8. Now, copypaste a .codexitem file. Edit the internal details and save as "<id>.codexitem" You can change the descriptions to whatever you want. Don't forget to change the file type! Note: If you change the inventory icon, be sure the name is a valid file name. If you want to have the numbers correspond to the book if you have multiple volumes, you must remember this step!
    9. Now navigate to the Recipes file from the Assets file. From there go to Starter>Crafting Table. Here, copy and paste any recipe, it doesn't matter which one.
    10. Modify the inputs to have whatever you want: Pixels are known as money, torches as torch and you change the value, etc etc You can find more on the Steam Guide.
    11. Change the output to the ID for your codex. Save the file in the previous fashions with the .recipe file ending.
    12. Repeat previous steps if you have multiple volumes.
    13. For the recipe to show up in game, you must change the player.config file. This is in the Assets file.
    14. Navigate to line 27 and add the items in the current style, e.g. { "item" : "thegame" },.
    15. Save the file.
    If you've done everything right, you should now have the ability to craft your own custom codexes!

    If you encounter any problems, feel free to message me or post here.
  2. snipercup

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    Could you explain what a codex is and why i would want it?
  3. Supergeek

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    That reminds me, I need to start writing my new series, "The Lusty Hylotl Maid."
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  4. Tehevilone

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    That's really hilarious. Please do.
    A codex is like a journal entry. There's a book on the right side of your ingame hud, click it: That's where your codexes are.
  5. IncredibleCptMoe

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    So much fun!

    One thing worth to be mentioned if you're working in the Mods folder is that your Codex files (*.codex , *.codexitem & *.png) has do be in a subfolder named "documents" - I got repeatedly shown "Codey already known" when i tried to use/learn my new codex . That was because i had my codex files directly in "**/mods/[modname]/codex/" indtead, so the weren't found...

    so who ever reads this totorial and is an idiot like me, just mirror the paths exactly.
    Since i did not get any noticable errormessage (there probbaly is something in the logs though) i thought i'd mention it here ;)

    This is a nice tutorial by the way. The right thing to get motivated for a little bit light modding.

    If i recall right i tested the codex entries to be able to show 16 Lines of each 32 capital Chars or strings in the same pixel length per page ... just so this info is in here too...
    could be wrong though ... should provide some directions anyways - have fun and stuff everybody!

    Have a bunch of thanks Tehevilone!
  6. WorldHero

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    What if we don't have the "codex" folder in "Assets"? I'm on a Mac. Game runs fine, even with mods, but I can't write any of my own lore in the game because I don't know where to put any codex files into it.
  7. The | Suit

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    First you are going to need to unpack your assets

    Well that explains the jist of it.
    There is quite a bit more for codexes though, as you will need to add your custom codex into treasure pools.
    Bur you can worry about that later - just unpack your assets first look at how their codexes are written. Write your own and follow their file structure.
    You will need 3 files codex, codexitem, png [ the book image ]

    After which you can follow the tutorial on how to add the item into the treasure pools when your done writing them up.

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