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Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Vesps, Aug 28, 2013.


Should pre-order members be given a copy of the I49 stage demo?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Solomon Darling

    Solomon Darling Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    People are just anxious to play this, they can't even realise the negative impacts giving a "broken" game to 80.000 people can bring to Starbound.

    Plus, they promised us the beta, not anything else. We get what we paid for.

    EDIT: Pretty dick move on my part to just throw my point in here and not even care to elaborate on it, but I will - if people feel the need to or if I see that someone misunderstood what I said - once I get back home.
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  2. McRib

    McRib Astral Cartographer

    If you would see the Demo you would know that this thing is not ready for release! I mean how often it crash in the video? 3-4 times in 40 minutes. Do you really want to play a demo das is so unfinished that it crash every 10 minutes? I pretty sure you would say yes, but a lots of people would complain about the unfinish version because it crash to often for them.

    The problems for the devs are much worser because players would say fix that and believe me that is the last thing what a dev team would on the finish round for releasing a game. Normally in the last 2-3 weeks before the game gets this gold status (we in germany called it so that mean the game is ready for release) the dev teams works DAY and NIGHT to clean up the game. They wont be happy if tausend of player stand behind them an complain about that the game is not yet ready or complain about bugs that are fix in the last version of the game that devs are working on. Therefore lots of thing are not yet ready not only bots and the balancing of them also the demo has shown that some change in the balancing are necessary before the game can be released or the player would compain about it too.

    We are all waiting for this game. I wait over 2 years already. I saw it coming that wouldn´t be finished in 2012 (because of lack of gameplay videos and news updates). But still im not running around or try to sent Legris to an Ice planet. (but i would like to see him on it - without any warm clothing for sure - :p )
    Edit: If Legris ready this: Nice try on the ice planet but next time try to stay warm it is not nice to let you charakter freeze to death. :yoda:

    -My apologies for spelling and grammar mistakes but english is not my main language.-

  3. Konsai

    Konsai Title Not Found

    Should we be given a copy? I voted yes although I know that it's entirely up to the developers to decide. Were we promised a demo? No. We were promised a beta. In 2013. Would I like to play the I49 demo regardless? Definitely.

    The stream from about a week and a half or so ago looked perfectly playable, it's even uploaded to youtube and who's to say that I'd not just like to explore and do basic things without all the fancy tidbits of features they're going to add? It simply felt as though once they put 'tier one' in, it all went to hell in terms of stability.

    We aren't given the demo. Alright, fine, but I have every right to be upset if the Yogscast got to play it, folks who undoubtedly haven't paid nor ever heard of the game (I don't even mind the people from around the world that went to Insomnia and were able to do so, that doesn't bother me at all. It's their money that went into flights, food, transport etc. Also, don't give me that publicity argument for Yogscast, it is already taken into consideration and doesn't change my opinion on the matter). I have obligations; a job, family, I can not possibly take two to three days off to play a game I highly anticipate, so don't even try to go there.
    What if we get the demo? I can't possibly list all of the grand possibilites of what might take place if that happened, positve / negative, take your pick, but let me adress just one. What if it doesn't run on my machine? Well, tough luck. Being able to try is better than lacking the ability to try at all.

    I'm well aware of how immature people can be, flooding the forums with "my gaem no work" threads if they did release it, but personally I'd like a shot at it, even if I end up disappointed.
  4. Incendiary

    Incendiary Ketchup Robot

    I believe it was posted somewhere that yogcast paid for their tickets to insomnia as well, does that change your opinion of the matter at all?

    Also, still data miners leaking cracked versions of the demo.
  5. Archer

    Archer Spaceman Spiff

    I say no, because the game would have a much more significant impact if people would play it for the first time when beta comes out.. When it is more polished, has more features, etc.

    It's a bit like Minecraft and version snapshots: I never really play the snapshots, but rather wait for the full version to come out, so I would have a lot more fun with it rather than "oh seen that already in a snapshot".

    But that's just how I feel about it.
  6. SpiroExDeus

    SpiroExDeus Cosmic Narwhal

    I'll add to that by mentioning that they're programming this in C++. C++ carries with it the potential to completely nerf a computer. It's not very likely at this stage but would you STILL want Starbound if an unspotted error and your particular PC config caused it to BSOD in an unrecoverable fashion? I mean, it's highly unlikely but if there's even the slightest likelihood that a buggy build could KO even one PC it would be irresponsible to release it.
  7. Metalsand

    Metalsand Industrial Terraformer

    Yes, and no. As nice as that would be, it would be annoying. If anyone can remember Minecraft pre-release, there were about 4 save file changes, not to mention the dozens of times you would have to either make a new save file, or wander miles from your base to find the newly added content spawned.

    It would be fun to have a demo to play around with but...meh. I can wait until I have the solid version that they want to release for Beta.
  8. Chompy

    Chompy Cosmic Narwhal

    While I would definitely like the demo, I have to say no.
    Sure it would be fun, it's Starbound! On the same note though, bugs and crashes and stuff would be annoying.
    They also only promised a beta, so I will happily wait for a beta without complaining. The constant begging (because the deserve it for whatever reasons) for the release of this demo by some people annoys me, but I don't have a problem with people thinking that having the demo would be nice, because I agree it would be.
    But all in all, I don't think any preorders should include the demo. We just weren't told we would be getting it, and that's enough for me to be okay with them never releasing the demo.
  9. Optix

    Optix Scruffy Nerf-Herder


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  10. Combat Me Bro

    Combat Me Bro Void-Bound Voyager

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  11. McRib

    McRib Astral Cartographer

    if you read the news today they are almost done with tier 2.
    Every tier i would guess (and i mean really only guess!) are 10 levels of threat. The game will have 10 tiers.
    First tier 1 (that was in the demo) will have basis weapons like bow, sword and stuff like this. Tier 2 will have the basis stuff like allows and steel so you can craft better things.
    When the game is done it will have 10 tiers. So we are not even 20% of the content is ready for deloyment. Do you really want to play with only tier 1?
    Also keep in mind the weapons we saw in the videos was mostly cheatet so they are implent but not ready for crafting.
    So the game is not ready yet. If we are lucky maybe they will deloy the beta when they are half done with the tiers and will add more and more. (or we need really wait until they are compley done with all tiers)

    The point of a beta is for the devs a way to find some mirror bugs and changing the balancing. Not for us having fun.

  12. Konsai

    Konsai Title Not Found

    The Starbound panel wasn't the only one they were part of, so no, doesn't change my mind at all.
  13. Vession

    Vession Title Not Found

    Nope. Releasing it to the the preorder-ers also means releasing it to anyone so inclined to put it up for non-preorder...ers... to download. Having the unfinished game like that might be fine if it were actually possible to confine it to just those who have preordered the game, but it isn't. Releasing it would be releasing it to the world, and that's probably not something the developers would want in its present state.
  14. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    That's hardly possible. I mean, yeah, there are stuff like memory leaks and such but those only cause the program to crash, not the computer. If it's your computer getting BSOD'ed then the drivers are doing something faulty, or it's you RAM that's fucking up. You could hardly blame the game.

    Edit: Wow, my replies are going off-topic.
  15. Sarzael

    Sarzael Oxygen Tank

    The only one on Eating Cake is Molly, who isnt a coder/texturer, but a community manager.
    And the roadmap hasnt been updated in looooooooooong.
  16. Combat Me Bro

    Combat Me Bro Void-Bound Voyager

    Thought I'd chime in to give my expert opinion. I am a computer programmer that prefers to write in C++.

    Many high-level languages like C++ have the capability of interfering with memory that is not part of the application, for example by walking off of an array or pointing to a random area. If it were to alter this memory, it could alter the memory and interfere with another program, causing it to crash. This includes the operating system.

    Many compilers and programs help to stop this from happening, but yes, it can happen.
  17. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    It seems my knowledge was off. I trust you in this matter.

    Ta~ta! *flies away*
  18. Dust

    Dust Giant Laser Beams

    As one of the developers said before (can't remember which one). There is a huge difference between letting people play the game in a controlled environment on the devs' own computers. It is another thing entirely to send that code out to other people. I vote No.
  19. mrCheetah

    mrCheetah Big Damn Hero

    Who would vote no?
  20. Combat Me Bro

    Combat Me Bro Void-Bound Voyager

    Anyone with any knowledge of how game development works.
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