Crew Postings--Stay still, ya punks!

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    This one's mostly for anal-retentive people like me, who need everything just perfect.

    Crew Posts are similar to Pet Tethers in purpose; when interacted with, they pull up a screen similar to SAIL's crew screen. This is used to assign your crewman (possibly excepting janitors) to the Posts; a crewman already assigned to a Crew Posts will be grayed out, and will not be able to be assigned to another post until released. A crewman assigned to a Crew Posts will remain in the near vicinity of the Post when not following the captain, rather than mill about the decks. Aside from aesthetics, this could be useful for finding the right crewman you need, as you will not have to search the cluttered bowel of the ship for them; in addition, these could possibly be deployed off-ship, allowing for extra colony/base security!

    Please tell me what you think!
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    I like this plan a lot! I'm working on building an infirmary on my ship - it would be nice if I could place my medics there, or if the engineers and mechanics would hang out by the engines.

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