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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Tamako, Jan 20, 2019.

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    Hello !

    This is my first post here, and also my first mod, and even though I read the Forum Rules and the Modding section rules before, excuse me if I make any mistakes.

    So, here is what I'm trying to do and the problem(s) I encountered :

    1) I just want to make the game inventory bigger, raising the amount of slots per tab from 40 to 60. (I know there are already some mods to increase it like Bk3k's inventory mod, but I wanted something much more simple, keeping the basic design).

    2) I started to make a player.config.patch file, and since it wasn't enough for the mod to work, I looked through the forum and through Internet. I eventually ended on this post, in which greenwiz29 reported to have managed to make such a thing work. He said he did so by...
    - expanding inventorybody.png and inventoryoverlay.png in \interface\inventory,
    - expanding the size of each bag from 40 to 60 in player.config,
    - in playerinventory.config in \interface\windowconfig, he added 40 to the y-value for most ui elements.
    3) The problem with this, is that it was all dirty edits. I'd like to do the things properly, first to learn how to do it, and secondly to be able to upload it if necessary. But I thought that it was already a good way to start, so I wrote the .config.patch files, and I've checked them with a Json Patch verificator. I've also expanded my 2 .png files by 42 pixels in height (which I reported on y-value in the playerinventory.config.patch). Now, I'm trying with the following things :
    - a folder called biggerInventory in the mods folder. It contains the .metadata file, along with the player.config.patch file, and a folder called interface.
    - in the interface folder, there are two folders : inventory (which contains inventorybody.png and inventoryoverlay.png), and windowconfig (which contains playerinventory.config.patch).
    Here are my files :

    4) When I launch the game to try, the mod appear well in the mod's list. But when I want to load the game with my character, it just shut down. I've tried with only this mod and no other, result is the same, so there's an error in my mod. I've tried with a new character, as I've seen that Bk3k's mod was only working for new characters, but I've still got the same issue. I've checked the .log file, in which the only reported error is "[Error] Failed to instantiate discord core (err 4)". I've checked back my files a bunch of times and downloaded other inventory's mod to observe what was done, and how it worked, but most of them were too modded for me and the inventory was mostly recreated from zero, so couldn't learn much on how to just modify a bit the basic one.
    So here I come, trying to understand what I'm doing wrong thanks to a new and more experienced look !

    Thank you for the time you took reading me !

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