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  1. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    Hey CEOs and others, if you don't know already, some of the community in the previous (now considered dead) corporations thread has been working on, well, basically an attempt to bring this thread back to life. Not literally, of course, because instead we've been creating a new thread that is kind of hidden away somewhere in the forums.

    Many new people seem to be confused on what is happening, considering the lack of updates mentioned here, and the unpopularity of the new thread that is appearing here. I'm just going to quickly make this thread so I can inform people where the new thread is, and to show everyone our progress. All other updates will be posted in the update thread in the new corporations forum.


    We are actually re-inventing the system of how the corporations thread will work. Instead of the old, lack of risk, lack of reward, no real sense of accomplishment forum, we are trying to implement a system to where you will actually have to think before you buy/sell/communicate/etc.. In a sense, the new corporation section will be more of a giant roleplay thread than a forum. There will be banks, transports, bandits, raids, and if the thing even becomes popular enough, we are thinking of making it so that you can become a giant monopoly so you can control your own sector of stuff.

    Most corporations have been planned out and completed. We have several types of corporations: Manufacturing, Harvesting, Research, Transport, and Miscellanious. Before, different types of corporations were purely cosmetic and didn't really matter besides to naming what you do or what you sell. In the new forum, each type of corporation will rely on eachother in order to create an economy where everyone benefits. For example; harvesting corporations gather ore and materials to make items; manufacturing corporations use those materials to make products; and transporters get the materials from the harvesters to the manufacturers. Researching corporations invent new ways to build things, and miscellanious corporations are just for the other people. Like cafes.

    We have created a universal bank and it includes a backstory. The bank will act as a central hub where people can ask questions, take loans, as well as accept deposits. So far, the idea and the functions of the bank are not set in stone, so they are probable to change. We hope that the bank will be a place where new people can ask questions, and where everyone can talk to eachother about events without risking their actual characters know about what they're talking about. ( Out of Character chatting )

    We are encouraging corporation alliances and enemies. The main thing that has killed of this old corporation forum was the fact that there was no interaction between any corporations unless they wanted any. Because of that, there was literally no reason to buy and sell products to anybody; Anybody paying attention to the corporation section had a corporation of their own, selling their own stuff with all the materials they gave themselves. So, there was no gain and no loss to anything unless the players purposefully put themselves into that situation. We are trying to encourage ( actually, in honesty, force ) people to go outside and talk to eachother and form bonds. In theory, the new forum will include alliances - sponsors - between people that will influence your interaction with other corporations. "Oh, you're allied with *so and so* transportation? They were raided by bandits carrying my pixels, so I don't trust them.", "You buy stuff from *blah blah* weapons? They're taking my land! I hate you!.", and so on. This will make people think before they buy something from someone, and make the forum generally more interesting.

    Currency is being implemented. If everything goes according to plan, then currency will be added to the new forum. This means that everyone will have to keep track of their purchases and sells. This also means we have to put a lot of trust into the people. Currently, it is unclear what we are going to do to enforce people to have integrity and post whether they are close to bankruptcy or are thriving with moolah, but we hope in the future that we will have some sort of police or whatever that keeps track of peoples pixel count. So far, we just put a public display of purchases and sells mandatory on all corporations, as well as put a starting amount of money to each one depending on which type of corp you are.

    Customization will be a big factor. Another risky thing we are doing is putting in a lot of customization. We are giving the people an opportunity to invent their own materials and products (in a reasonable price range) to enable their vision of their own corp to be possible. Before you are able to make your own material/ore, you first must apply for it to be added to the universal database of what exists. You must supply statistics on its properties, include any notes on what effects it has, and so on. This isn't really our main focus, however.


    So far, we are really close to launching V.1.0.0 of the new corporation forum. We can't really add or do much until it is out there, and people can give us feedback on what is working and what isn't. We still have to complete a couple of template corporations - corporations we are making to show you how it's done - and we have to clean some stuff here and there. We all just hope that once it is launched, that it's up to your expectations and it is really an enjoyable experience.

    Currently we are looking for some people to help us out! If you want to join, just give me or kenmario a PM and we will reply.

    We are not dead, Corps aren't dead, and we are doing what we can to bring it back.
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  2. Axolotemen

    Axolotemen Title Not Found

    Can't wait! You should consider putting this in the other Corps. subforum, since there is where it will be seen the most.
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  3. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    This was mainly just a heads up to where all the action is; we already have a main update post on the new subforum
  4. Axolotemen

    Axolotemen Title Not Found

    Where? There isn't anything in the other subforum, at least that i can see.
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  5. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

  6. Axolotemen

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    Why did you link to my post?
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  7. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    ... whoops. that's just the most recent post on it apparently.

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