Answered Copper Wires. WHERE!?

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  1. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

    Okay so I'm at that point where a lot of my crafting-table upgrades call for Copper Wire.

    According to wiki sources, Copper Wire is made at a wiring station.

    A Wiring Station requires that I upgrade my inventor's table to it's final stage.

    That upgrade requires Copper Wire.

    ... am I seriously going to have to look for the wires off of robot monsters?
  2. Chexx

    Chexx Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    man, check ur furnace, there is tab with bottle on it - there u'll find lots of stuff
  3. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

    Well don't I feel stupid now! I was going off old wiki information, looks like, which told me copper wires required a wiring table to make.

    And here I was standing around on an alien planet trying to hunt robots.
  4. Chexx

    Chexx Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    hunting robots will get you RAM sticks - very usefull thingy in further construction

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