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    Hello! I want to start off with, I love the game, and love how the game and community is constantly growing and improving!


    Giving Villagers their loved gifts is always a rewarding experience, and adding the change that quality improves the gift value is a *great* addition.

    However, I feel that cooked gifts (since they can AFAIK not have a quality) should be more liked than "random" quality vegetable. Some examples follow:

    Maru: loves Cauliflow
    er Cheese, but she also loves Cauliflower. If you have a silver cauliflower, making it into her favorite food actually lowers the friendship points recieved.

    Shane: loves Pepper Poppers, but he also loves Hot Peppers. If you have a silver hot pepper. making it into his favorite food actually lowers the friendship points recieved.

    Halley: You could make her a marvelous pink cake, requiring 4 ingredients. OR you just give her a silver quality sunflower or coconut.

    It just doesn't make sense to me.


    Give cooked items *at least* the iridium level boost of 1.5x, I would suggest 1.75x.

    If cooked food quality is introduced to the game, give cooked items a 1.2x boost as a base, apart from the quality.

    So it would be the following (spoiler tag due to wierd formating):

    Gift Friendship Points
    Normal Loved Gift 80
    Gold Loved Gift 100
    Cooked Loved Gift 140

    Thank you for the great game :)

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