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Confusing Co-op Crash

Discussion in 'Support' started by FlashGrenade0, Dec 9, 2019.

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    So for a good few days or so, me and a friend have been playing Stardew Valley vanilla and found it a really fun timesink. A few days later after he suggested we take a crack at the literally countless mods on Nexus for the game, we did so, then became a bunch of addicts overnight due to how great the mods were, so now the experience is no longer there without them. Long story short, last night this particular crash started to happen repeatedly. I would load the game in co-op mode after my friend, who hosts our server, loads it up first. Then after confirming the save file and getting to black loading screen, it sits for about 3-5 seconds, then the entire game hard-crashes. In the interim of this, this error file consistently shows.


    According to what I saw after following SMAPI's command prompt to the help site whenever you you try loading the game again directly after crashing, the errors are only attributed to SMAPI itself and not any of the mods I had loaded. However I am fully-updated on SMAPI 3.0.1 as of a few minutes or so ago when I last confirmed it. This suggests to me that something within SMAPI itself happened to screw it up, leaving me with little to no option to turn you fine gentlemen at this forum to help me find a solution with whatever steps necessary to take, or risk going mod-less once more. Here's hoping someone sees this soonish. :)
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      Welp, did some digging around with my friend and found out that the issue was indeed with one of my mods altering the game code out of control, so nixing it made everything just fine. Thanks to people who bothered to "look" at my problem, I guess? Either way, mods, admin whatever. Feel free to wipe this thread since it's resolved.

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