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Concerned about Depth and Strategy (Demo)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fungusdude42, May 9, 2013.

  1. Fungusdude42

    Fungusdude42 Orbital Explorer

    I've been playing the demo quite a bit and I've been enjoying playing as the commando. I've noticed that his set of actions doesn't have much of a strategic element. It seems that combat just revolves around spamming the suppressive fire, the FMJ and the tactical roll. I've been able to handle most of the enemies without really changing my strategy. Are there any plans for randomized loadouts, or is this a static skill set? Note: I haven't played with the miner much yet. Also, will the levels be randomly generated? I'm starting to get sick of the same two starting areas. Will the pickups have more strategic value?
    • DNLK

      DNLK Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      The more time you playing the less that strategy makes sense. In one moment you just be forced to do other hilarious stuff like hanging on rope waiting for cooldown then shoot and again jump on rope or jumping on [that jumping thingie] all the time.
      • Shrooblord

        Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

        I find it most frustrating when I try to exlpoit the game and the game exploits me back. Haha - I use the Jump Pads in Fungal Heaven sometimes to try and sneak a quick one in one a mass of enemies hunched up on a small platform, but they always tend to hit me harder than I can hit them...

        The Dodge Roll becomes incredibly strategic when you have items like Fireman's Boots and Barbed Wire - you have to risk taking damage by rolling through a mob of mobs - but the reward is that you could seriously injure the enemies.

        Running, turning, shooting and running is another such strategy.

        If you're able to survive only by spamming the buttons and not using any sort of skill whatsoever, then, my friend, you truly are skilled.
        • Restarter000

          Restarter000 Intergalactic Tourist

          Yeah later on you have to use roll much more strategically for the invincibility frames. At first I liked the miner, but commando's range is really great.
          Behemoth with FMJ is extremely useful as well. When I first got Gasoline I thought it was mega useless, but after running around with Fireman's Boots and turning and stunning, an enemy gets burned and eaten by worm then it just becomes a fire pit Haha.

          Really awesome. Also when I started I thought the heal was useless and always wanted rockets, later on gotta save that heal for when you really need it. Lol
          • DNLK

            DNLK Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Just can't imagine how great all things will go with jetpacks I saw in alpha which increases jump height. Ignoring tall enemies damage!

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