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Bug/Issue Computer Crashed; Character Deleted

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by wwiz84, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. wwiz84

    wwiz84 Space Hobo

    I was crafting Science items at the Pixel Printer when my screen went black. Game audio continued but I could not do anything on my computer. I did a manual restart, but when I opened Starbound my character was gone. Cannot recreate the issue because everything on that character has been wiped.

    Running Windows 10, 64-bit in window mode. Mods listed below (I've had them all for a few days, this is the first issue):

    Improved Food Descriptions w/addon
    Compact Crops
    Item Frame

    The real question. Is there a way to get the character back? My player folder and universe folder all show activity today.
  2. Sapling

    Sapling Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I had the same issue, unfortunately you'll only be able to restore your last backup, which I think happens when you close the game.

    Navigate to your starbound folder and go here: Starbound\storage\player. You should see a bunch of files named [number].player, [number].shipworld and [number].player/shipworld.bak[1-3] As far as I can tell Bak3 will be your most recent backup, or whichever has the highest number. Move your old player and shipworld file somewhere safe incase your backups don't work and simply remove the .bak3 extension from the player and shipworld file. When you launch the game you should have your player.

    unfortunately, you will lose all teleporter and ship bookmarks, even the ark and your homeworld. You'll have to go into your universe folder [Starbound\storage\universe] and track down all your worlds manually, by using the file names as coordinates, for example; one of mine is: 681659445_269492792_97077171_6_2.world. 681659445_269492792 are the coordinates you need to find the system, and you'll probably have to track down the planets manually. To get the ark back just find a teleporter in a system or on a planet.

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