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Discussion in 'Player' started by LackeDragon, Apr 4, 2016.

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    If this ever does get an update, it'll probably need to be a overhaul/rewrite. Since as is, it requires overwriting base game files. Which we no longer need to do, since most if not all of that can be handled with the Content Patcher and JSON Assets mods.
    • Furdude

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      I asked on the mod update thread but got no response. I really just want to play as the goat character I made, to be honest, but it looks like the only thing to do is make a new version of this mod because the one who took over updating it hasn't updated in over a year.
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        This has likely already been asked but does this still work with the current version?
        • LackeDragon

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          Hello everyone!
          I see some are still wondering about it, so let's make it official and all.

          I am not working on the mod anymore, as, while the multiplayers helped me to go back to the game; since then, the modding changed a lot on Stardew.
          Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble understanding the new methods and, let's be honest, I don't have the time anymore to study all of that too, especially when other peoples already did a ton of work on it.
          Which is why the development of this mod will be now classify as "completed" with a "classic" mention so everyone understand it's using the old way of modding the game :)

          For the ones asking if it works with the current version, it should, as it replaces the original files, BUT, be aware :
          if a update add new animations to the farmer player, these may be glitchy as some sprite will be missing for their anthro form.

          For an updated version of the mod which uses the new method of modding, I suggest you all to look for Rainrtw continuation on Nexus :

          Thank you all for the love and support for this mod which was my first ever released to the public ever which allowed me to create some others mods for AlttP and Don't Starve to quote only some.
          I have never expected this mod will nearly hit the 40 000 downloads. That's insane! :O
          Thank you again!

          Have a good day animals!
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          • Furdude

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            The mod on Nexus that you linked hasn't been updated since 2018.

            This mod is obsolete and doesn't work with the newest versions of Stardew Valley.

            Just an FYI to anyone looking here and hoping for anything, you're better off attempting to make a new mod that's similar to this.
            • LackeDragon

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              Oh really? What a shame.
              Looks like the new way to mod the game has quite some problems too.
              XNB advantage was that, at least, if theere wasn't any new animation, it worked on every update :p
              But yeah, if anyone is up to update it or want to add my work to theirs, do contact me.
              • Swiftpaw22

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                Damn, this is really too bad. There doesn't seem to be any good character mods for the new versions of Stardew Valley since both of these have stalled. I wonder if someone has released a guide on how to upgrade an old-style mod to a new-style mod to help someone get either of these old things upgraded?
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                • LackeDragon

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                  Small update :
                  People told me the XNB version still works with the update.
                  Again I can't confirm this, and can't confirm there isn't any problem with it. But you can try!

                  On the other side :
                  There is Updated version available with Content Patcher for the 1.5, thanks to Krystedez
                  Note that this version does not contain everything yet (Only Canine now) and doesn't have the ambition as Rain's nexus version.
                  You can follow the news on this continuation at this link :

                  Thanks for your continued support.
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                    Can someone make a umbreon and or sylvion anthro pc please?

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