Chucklefish is this true? Im a big fan of starbound and im very upset of what i read about this.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Novakidblah, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Jonesy

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    But then the dates don't make much sense. It sounds like the conversation took place in 2011, especially since Tiy referred to Starbound by a different title which was likely a placeholder at the time. It then takes 5 years for the project to tank, which is quite a long time to be fearing legal repercussions. If anything, after that long they'd probably be starting to feel safe from it, or at the very least would have spoken out about it.
  2. Novakidblah

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    So you re saying that for 5 years, they shouldnt have afraid to tiyuri and continue developing the project? I think im getting the hang of this.

    What statement?
  3. Jonesy

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    Yes. I believe that they either would have felt safe enough to continue the project, or gone public with the controversy. Hell, they could have even abandoned it sooner, if they were so worried. Sitting on it for that long doesn't make sense, and makes the story harder to believe.

    This is the third time I've had to ask you to stop double-posting. I'm afraid next time, I'll have to issue a formal warning.
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    I can say the earth is flat too. Doesn't make it the truth. If the statements don't add up when put against the facts we have, there's something suspicious about the entire claim.
  5. Novakidblah

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    ok so its not true right?

    Oh im sorry for the double post.

    Anyway what about the links did you find something that is connected to the review?
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  6. Jonesy

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    Well, you just triple-posted, so I don't think you're even listening.

    Not really. I tried manually typing out one of the shorter URLs, which supposedly leads to screenshots of the conversation. All it came back with was a browser security error, so I'll not be trying that again. Besides, the review even mentions that the link was only temporary, so it must have expired by now. The other links are too long to bother with, and aren't worth trying since they lead to evidence that sound easily falsifiable.

    At this point, I'm satisfied that the claim is untrue. You can't believe everything you read on the internet.
  7. Hel

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    Something seems... Odd about it all.

    Odd for the wrong reasons. I don't personally think it is true tbh.
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  8. D.M.G.

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    Welp, pride and jealousy, most likely
  9. Novakidblah

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    Oh ok.
  10. Arnust

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    So... "I see we're doing very similar projects, want to come work at our bigger, better funded studio for the project?" "NO!" "Alright, whatever"
    My game is a piece of shit, what could I do to scavenge the situation? Oh!

    And that's if it was true in the first place, lol.
  11. Novakidblah

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    What are you trying to say?
  12. Jonesy

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    He's claiming that the person who made the review is lying, in order to blame someone else for his own project failing.
  13. {insert_name_here}

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    I dunno...

    I painstakingly typed out the URL of that Google Doc to find that it does not exist. (Of course, I probably typed the wrong URL, or the document was deleted)

    I entered the first link in the image, and downloaded the text document. It was a bunch of garbled text that no-one could understand.

    This might be legit, but there's a 1% chance of that happening, in my opinion. That game on Steam could be completely un-related to the game mentioned in the review, of course. However, I think the review is either fake or a complete exaggeration of the truth.

    Although the probability of this actually happening is unlikely, if it did happen, it probably actually went something like this:

    Maybe this guy was developing a game called Nebula that was similar to Starbound, so Tiyuri emailed him and gave him a job offer or something. Even this is very unlikely, but if this happened, I highly doubt it was a threatening email anyways and it probably didn't have an NDA involved at all. This guy deletes the email and forgets about it. Then this dev team loses interest in Nebula, abandoning the project after a year or two. One day in 2016, the "lead developer" of this now non-existent dev team remembers that email and thinks it might be funny to exaggerate a bunch of facts and make a mock-serious review, using actual documents from 5 years ago to prove that Nebula once existed. Coincidentally, a completely un-related game called Nebula emerges at the same time as the review was made. I think this situation is more likely.

    There's only one person who can tell us the truth: Tiyuri himself. But considering he was last seen on the forums in 2014, good luck finding him.
  14. Jonesy

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    He was last online in February this year, actually. Mind you, he's not the most forum-active of the developers anyway. Molly tends to handle the community side of things, since that's actually her job.
  15. .jpeg

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    Chucklefish did make some dishonest changes with Starbound during its early development stages, but I don't think they'd have stooped to this level. It's all a tale of fearmongering, attention whoring, and perhaps a bit too much time on one's hands. A lot of the points he's made has lead to nowhere, and some of the evidence is inaccessible. For an official word on the matter, you'd need someone like Tiyuri who was clearly evoked in the Steam review; it's unfortunate that he's inactive.
  16. Novakidblah

    Novakidblah Intergalactic Tourist

    Yeah i think you re right

    That maybe the deal.
  17. Arnust

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    What? No. It's normal procedure to avoid friction with these kind of products. IF he's not lying for whatever reason.

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