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Discussion in 'Mods' started by stefanhaan, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Yuanqing

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    Me too, I can't get it to love my 1.11 save
    • DIegoZ

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      anyone know where I can find the data saves on Mac? I took the game from MacGames(GOG)
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      • Cubobo

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        Hello, i have a problem with every version i tried, i was using it normally but then, every time that i loaded a save game it says "Loading and preparing data..." and stays there

        ss (2016-11-23 at 02.26.48).png Example #1
        ss (2016-11-23 at 02.27.01).png Example #2 but here it appears that the bug is only visual its like the "layer" that says "Loading and preparing data..." never goes off but it actually does, as you can see i can drag the items behind and i can see my gold and everything if i click in the right place

        Edit: English for my bad sorry
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        • kentlim007

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          excuse me,
          the software is just keep loading lol. Any idea?
          • kentlim007

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            same problem
            • numskully

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              How long does it take to load a save game? Been waiting for 10 mins.
              • princessiap

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                I actually did get it to work. It's a little sketchy though because with the update of 1.1 things went awry and the picture doesn't up for some reason. But Chicklet is the only save editor that I know that can change from a bat cave or mushrooms. So what I did was I ended up clicking in the top-right corner. I eye-balled it, but if you remember what the buttons look like you have to click on of them, which are the home, refresh, or save button and if you can find that without looking at the actual picture work. I discovered this at least a month ago. I hope it works for everyone else, but it does work, well it did for me, because I missed the cut-scene with Demetrius giving me a choice for a bat cave or mushrooms! Please try and please don't hesitate to ask me any questions! Sorry if I was unclear about anything and hopefully I can help!!!!!
                • ironlion45

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                  A shame the creator went dark on this. :( Hopefully he comes back sometime!
                  • LukeMeck

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                    There seems to be a javascript error occurring when I load map editor. Do you plan on patching this in an upcoming update?[​IMG]
                    • LadyEllesmere

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                      So is the creator ever going to update this....
                      • Jgrimes

                        Jgrimes Yeah, You!

                        why is the inventory section not available? it just show a wip? whats a wip? and these errors keeps on popping up when i open your program

                        • stefanhaan

                          stefanhaan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          The reason for most of those bugs are probably caused because I had the files which were needed for the auto updater hosted on my previous VPS instance which I terminated (Without realising only afterwards till I found some log messages popping up on my new VPS) without a proper backup of them.

                          However I do wanna pick Chicklet up again, but finding the time to make it happen is a bit of an issue as I can only work on it in my limited spare time as I have a full time job. I would like to redo certain parts of the code for instance, mainly regarding the map editor / items. They were quite messy because the original code for SDV is also a mess, I would like to find a better solution for this. edit; Currently working on setting up a more robust base for the application then the previous version. Then slowly it will be rolled out until it has the same features of which the map editor will be the last as it takes substantially more time then it's other components.
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                          • Fyber

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                            Could you make it open source? Then others could help out.
                            • stefanhaan

                              stefanhaan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              I'm not sure if it initially will be open source but I am considering it, I'm looking into a different auto updater which uses a git repository so if I go for this one it will have to be open source.
                              • Stardews

                                Stardews Star Wrangler

                                how do i get the map editor to work? for me it's just a black screen :c
                                • stefanhaan

                                  stefanhaan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  At the moment the old version will not work anymore, I do not have the exact delta binary files anymore to rehost them (I removed these from my old webserver without knowning). What happens is that it's trying to check for a new version on a location that does not exist anymore and that's why the screen stays black, there's no way of getting rid of it manually.

                                  I am currently setting up a new version however which will also be compatible with SDV 1.1 & 1.2. Just takes a bit of time to get everything set up again, I have some of the basics already worked out but there are still some left. So hopefully I can soon release a new version that already contains the basics besides the map editor! :D
                                  • Stardews

                                    Stardews Star Wrangler

                                    oh, thank you! :kawaii:
                                    • Dracko_rithermort

                                      Dracko_rithermort Aquatic Astronaut

                                      How can i run the auto updater feature?
                                      i have a little error when i start de app, inmediately open send me an error message
                                      A error ocurred
                                      The following error ocurred:

                                      after i press ok the aplication let me select a save file and make some edits, even save, but i can't find the auto updater idk if the error is the cause of this

                                      Thanks in advance.

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                                      • stefanhaan

                                        stefanhaan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        At the moment there is no way to fix it, that version of Chicklet is broken because I removed the point where the auto updater is trying to connect to (by accident and can't retrieve it). I'm currently working on version 3.0 of Chicklet which has every of it's core features reworked to be more robust and maintainable.

                                        Yesterday evening I finished most of the foundation for this and am currently re implementing the editing features, so I hope soon to have a new release up :D
                                        • Dracko_rithermort

                                          Dracko_rithermort Aquatic Astronaut

                                          Thanks for take time to answer,

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