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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Dolphinflavored

    Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

    Remote Controller:

    Manipulate (Z): Shoot a pellet that sticks to the enemy it comes into contact with. Press Z again to pull all enemies in towards that enemy, dealing 0% damage and stunning for 3 seconds. Pellet disappears after one use. (5 second cool down)

    Divert (X): Using the pellet from the Manipulate ability, push all enemies away, dealing 190% damage. Pellet is not consumed after using Divert.
    (6 second cool down)

    Push (C): Shoot a piercing beam dealing 420% damage to all enemies for about 4-5 character lengths away, as well as knocking back the first enemy it touches.
    (7 second cool down)

    Switch (V): Using the pellet from Manipulate, switch places with the enemy you used it on, and explode, dealing 5% damage to you and 650% damage to all enemies, and stunning for 2 seconds.
    (9 second cool down)

    As you can see, the Remote Controller can get around very easily, and get enemies around very easily. He is very slow, but can use Manipulate and Divert in a plethora of ways to truly control enemies. The fast cool downs can balance the slowness, as well.
    • geekofalltrades

      geekofalltrades Phantasmal Quasar

      The Meteorologist
      Low health, moderate regen, and above-average move speed.
      Packing a bevy of sensory and weather-control equipment, his stint on the UES Contact Light was meant to be just another leg in his tour of the galaxy's most bizarre weather phenomena.

      With careful timing, the meteorologist can evade enemies while dealing massive damage at melee range. Headwind and Gust deal very little damage - these techniques are most useful for slowing and knocking back enemies. Chaining Sail allows you to quickly distance yourself from danger. Gale is the Meteorologist's workhorse - remember that you control its duration, and that its cooldown lengthens the longer it's used!

      • Headwind: Fire a directed air burst, slowing enemies and dealing 10% damage for a short distance in a straight line.
      • Gust: Emit a concentrated air blast, knocking enemies away in all directions and dealing 20% damage. (Cooldown: 4s)
      • Sail: Dash a short distance. At the end of each dash, there is a half-second window in which you may dash again - doing so accrues an additional 2s cooldown. You may dash up to four times consecutively. Sail may be used to dash in any direction: forward, backward, straight up, or diagonally up. (Cooldown: 2s [up to 8s if multiple dashes are chained])
      • Gale: The Meteorologist is enveloped in a violent maelstrom, stunning enemies and dealing 200% damage 3 times per second in all directions at melee range. The meteorologist may walk while Gale is active, albeit at 50% speed. Gale remains active as long as the attack button is held down, up to 4 seconds. As Gale is used, a meter fills; when Gale is released, the meter begins emptying at the same rate it filled. If the meter fills completely, the Meteorologist's equipment overheats, and Gale may not be activated again until the meter has completely emptied. Using other skills while the meter is emptying temporarily slows the speed at which it empties. (Cooldown: variable)
      Item effects:
      • Ancient Scepter: Gale -> Tempest: Gain 50% armor while Tempest is active.
      • Alien Head: Increases the rate at which Gale's meter empties. (Affects other skills normally.)
      • Wicked Ring: Removes a chunk of time from the Gale meter on crit, if active. (Affects other skills normally.)
      ...and so he left, a fresh wind in his sails.

      The meteorologist can basically fly around for a limited distance with Sail, only to land in the midst of a herded group of enemies to activate Gale for massive damage. To compensate for the fact that he lacks invincibility frames as a melee fighter, Gale has a high stun chance, Headwind and Gust help him to keep enemies off of himself (and teammates!), and Sail allows him to pop straight up and then out over the heads of enemies. The latter must be managed very carefully, lest the meteorologist land in another dangerous situation after having accrued a long cooldown on Sail.
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      • vinrock

        vinrock Void-Bound Voyager

        Speed: +++++
        Jump: +++++
        Regen: +++++
        • Assualt and Battery: Hits any target in front of player for 110% and if enemy is struck three times within 2 seconds causes light stun
        • Breaking and Entering: Deals up to 200% damage to target ahead of player, damage decreases with lower health targets
        • Theft: Heavy stun the closest enemy ahead of player dealing 120% and if the player kills the stunned target before the stun wears off, it drops twice as much gold
        • Arson: Launch a flaming explosive ahead of player dealing 100% to enemies and causes enemies to start burning dealing 30% damage over a period of 5 seconds. Any enemy that touches a burning enemy will also catch fire although it would only do 25% damage instead of the 30%
        • Ikazu-san

          Ikazu-san Aquatic Astronaut

          Technion-Witch: I dunno why spell check tells me to write it like that, but it sounds cool.
          Huh... She probably was gonna ransack this ship anyway. Well, She got her wish granted.
          Utilizing very powerful and thus hard to cooldown spells, She pretty much forced to do cowardly hit and run tactics. Though she can do some other helpful thing for her allies... or for herself.

          (edited for more proper lategame numbers)
          Heath: +++++
          Speed: +++++
          Jump: +++++
          Regen: +++++

          Burner Broom: Swipe up to 3 enemies for 80% damage. If enemy is killed, launch a fiery grenade which explodes on impact or after 2 seconds for 60% damage + 75% health of killed enemy. After grenade exploded, release bomblets for 4*35% damage + 25% health of killed enemy. Cooldown only affects on-kill effect; Sweep your street as much as you like!

          Thunder Teleport: Turn into pure electricity and flash to nearest target you're pointing at with arrow keys. Electrocute enemies for 75%damage or heal allies for 25%damage. Invincible when teleporting, can chain 4 times, works through walls. Maximum range is 3 tiles, can be upgraded with movement speed up to 9 tiles.

          Black 'Berg: Conjure a solid, infused with dark powers giant block of ice under your legs, it has 200 of it's own health +50% of yours, loses 2% of that value every second. Slows and freezes attackers for 5%damage. As health drops and cracks appear/ Chance to freeze is not as great/ When stock is depleted/ Dark wave is released/ 200%damage of Boom/ And a guaranteed stun. You can stand on it and boost your allies to higher ground and stop the chasing monsters... Or block your friends way in front of and angry crab if you feel kinda evil.

          Plasma Penetrator(15sec): Fire a short living beam of hot-red plasma for 450% damage. Gain 25% of damage efficiency for every enemy hit up to a cap of +500%. Pretty much like Sniper's Steady Aim, but instant and long avaited.
          With Scepter:
          EXCA Eliminator(15sec): Now with 100% more Divine Blessings! Fire a short living beam of holy energy for 525% damage. Gain 40% of damage efficiency for every enemy hit up to a cap of +750%. Twice as much crit damage.

          Well, that pretty much covers it.
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          • Stalkish Cockatiel

            Stalkish Cockatiel Existential Complex

            Although in the lore it says human technology has not reached the point of teleportation
            • gamerzap

              gamerzap Orbital Explorer

              • Stalkish Cockatiel

                Stalkish Cockatiel Existential Complex

                i dun goofed
                • svnhddbst

                  svnhddbst Void-Bound Voyager

                  Speed: +
                  Jump: +++++
                  character appearence: the pyro from tf2, but suit is torn all over, revealing purple skin, and his suit was green/yellow.
                  no regen, that would be against his lifestyle decisions.
                  only the 4th ability has a knock-back.
                  no stuns.
                  acid spray :
                  30% per second for 3.5 seconds, ticks 1 time per second, no initial damage, adds 5% damage too all other instances of damage for the duration of the debuff. repeated use refreshes duration.
                  appearence: like a geyser but horizontal, moderate range, light green + orange.
                  poison cloud:
                  20% damage per second for 7 seconds, slows by 30% for duration. repeated use refreshes duration.
                  appearence: tube cloud, short-moderate range, dark green.
                  venom spray:
                  10% damage per 1/2 second for 10 seconds. repeated use refreshes duration
                  appearence: light green stream of "water", long range.
                  corrosion blast:
                  15% damage per 1/2 second for 14 seconds. slows by an additional 40% of max speed. additional 2% damage per second for each other dot on target. very weak knock-back.
                  appearence: half of a hyperbola, short-moderate range, dark purple mist/fog.
                  total damage 1112% damage if all dots are in effect.
                  • fuyhuy

                    fuyhuy Void-Bound Voyager

                    speed: +++++
                    jump: +++++
                    regen: +++++
                    Passive: Can use abilities on the move (still using them in direction that he is facing).
                    Assault (Fire your rifle dealing 180% damage to first enemy hit and piercing to second enemy behind the target dealing 90% damage. [Minimal Knockback])
                    Too Close for Comfort (Whack enemies around you with you rifle dealing 200% damage to all enemies knocking them aside and slowing them by 10% for 5 seconds. [Moderate Knockback + Minimal Stun + Slow])
                    Leap (Use your winged jumppack to leap great distance fast in minimal arc burning enemies along the way. You have 50% chance to dodge and attack during the leap. [Ignites]
                    Overcharge (Put you gun on to you back connecting you guns battery with your armors powercore, overcharging your armor for 10 seconds, increasing movement by 50%, reducing damage taken by 20% and wield your favorite twindaggers. After Overcharge ends you are slowed by 20% for 5 seconds but increasing healing by 20% over duration.)
                    During Overcharge:
                    Slice and Dice (Slice you enemies front of you two times dealing 2x120% damage. [Minimal Knockback])
                    Blade Dance (Spin around with your daggers dealing 300% damage to all enemies pulling them to you stunning them brielfy and slowing them by 20% for 5 seconds when the stun ends. Has chance to make enemy bleed for the slow duration. [Moderate Knockback + Inverted Knockback + Moderate Stun + Slow + Bleed]
                    Charge (Use your jumppack to leap forward in such force it knocks enemies up and stuns them briefly, burning them and the ground. You are immune to damage during the leap. [Minimal Knockup + Minimal Stun + Ignites + Firetrail]
                    To Arms (Take your rifle to your hands ending Overcharge prematurely, decreasing the cooldown of Overcharge equal the ammount left of its duration.)
                    I know this character needs balancing, specialy buffs and debuffs of Overcharge, tho' it has cooldown of about 20-30sec, and his passive may be too much.
                    PS. Sorry for any typing mistakes as this is like version 8.3 :p
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                    • Mann Time

                      Mann Time Intergalactic Tourist

                      Mega Man
                      The Super Fighting Robot is unrivaled in his agility and ability to adapt! Slide your way into a safe distance away from enemies while peppering them with your Mega Buster and whatever your Mega Adapter has on hand! When the enemies are weakened, use the Charged Shot to take them all out at once! Remember that Mega Man's Mega Buster and Charged Shot can go through walls!

                      Health : 160/110 | Health Per Level : 40 HP
                      Health Regen : 0.3 HP | Health Regen Per Level : 0.1
                      Armor Per Level : 1 | Attack Speed : Very Fast
                      Damage : 14 | Damage Per Level : 4
                      Special : Use items have a 0.4% faster cooldown per level.

                      Speed : +++++
                      Jump : +++++
                      Regen : +++++

                      • Mega Buster: Fire a small plasma pellet for 70% damage. You can move and jump while firing, but you only fire forward. Is not stopped or affected by in-game terrain. (Cool-down : 0.3 seconds)
                      • Mega Adapter: Mega Man utilizes his weapons system to copy and recreate a use item he has on hand! (Use a weakened version of your use item, depending on what it is. The item will have only 25% the cool-down rate of the normal version, but also only have 25% of its native power. If you do not have a use item or have an item that is incapable of being weakened, Mega Adapter will default to the Sawmerang. Items used with this ARE affected by Rapid Mitosis and Beating Embryo. Examples of how some items are affected are underneath the rest of the abilities.)
                      • Slide: Slide a large amount of distance quickly for one second. Movement speed is tripled and hit-box changes to be longer horizontally than vertically, but the slide cannot be stopped and no other attacks (even use items) are available while sliding. Has no cool-down, so be careful about holding the button lest you overshoot your target!
                      • Charged Shot: Take 2 seconds after pressing the button to ready your charged shot, then press the button again to fire! The shot is far larger than the small pellets (being equal in size to his own sprite) and goes through terrain, dealing 300% damage! The Charged Shot only stops moving forward against an enemy that it fails to kill. Mega Man cannot fire his buster or use the Mega Adapter while charging. Items that increase your attack speed also speeds up the time it takes to Charge.
                        (If you have the Ancient Scepter...)
                      • Power Shot: Take 2 seconds after pressing the button to ready your power shot, then press the button again to fire a shot 1.5 times larger than Mega Man! Deals 400% damage while stunning and slowing all enemies it hits for 2 and 4 seconds, respectively. Is otherwise identical to the Charged Shot.
                      Examples of items post-Adapter :
                      • Sawmerang : Fires a sawmerang forward that travels a set distance and then returns to the player, dealing 125% damage and causing a bleed for 4x25% over two seconds; the initial shot and the return trip count as separate attacks, causing the sawmerang to hit twice. Cool-down : 11 seconds.

                        The Back-Up : Summons a drone to fight with you : lasts 10 seconds. Cool-down : 11 seconds.

                        Jar of Souls : Create 1 ghost of every enemy onscreen that fights for you for 4 seconds.
                        Cool-down : 11 seconds.

                        Shield Generator : Become invincible for 2 seconds.
                      Mega Man's play-style emphasizes speed and evasiveness over tanking - He could be taken as the opposite of fellow robot HAN-D. While his slide and ability to move while firing or charging makes him comparatively faster than anybody else, his low damage output prevents him from being able to take massive crowds or quickly take down bosses without on-hit items. Combined with his complete lack of armour and health regeneration, he ends up being a fast-but-weak character with Huntress's mobility and Commando's barrage of hits, but without Commando's comparative durability or Huntress's damage.
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                      • Deaconator

                        Deaconator Void-Bound Voyager

                        Unlock: Beat Providence on Monsoon with every artefact enabled in 40 minutes - do not pick up any greens or reds during the entire game loop. (white and orange only)

                        Health: 200/150 l Health per level: 45hp
                        Health Regen: 0.2 l Regen per level: 0.2
                        Armor per level: 1
                        Crit chance per level: 2.5%

                        Speed: +++++
                        Jump: +++++
                        Regen: +++++

                        Sword swing: Providence delivers a slow, heavy slash that hits every enemy caught in it. It inflicts 400% damage.
                        Complete destruction: Providence performs a huge overhead swing that launches a small shockwave facing the direction he is facing. It hits every enemy it passes for 240%, pierces and inflicts slow on them. 4 second cooldown.
                        Entropy: Providence teleports above the most powerful enemy on screen and hits them for a whopping 900% damage. It also stuns the enemy and slows and knockbacks the enemies around it.
                        Shadow barrage: Providence's shadow flies forward, hitting the first enemy it collides with for 700% damage. If this kills a enemy, it will cause 3 psibombs to target the 3 most powerful enemies and follow them before exploding for 750% damage each. 4 second cooldown.
                        Nightmare fuel (upgraded): Same as before, only now it is 5 skullbombs that lock onto the 5 most dangerous targets and explode for 1300% each.
                        Bonus: If providence hits 10% of his health, he automatically summons a friendly temple guard. This only works once per stage.
                        Providence is meant as a very powerful character - this should not count for any scoreboards and cannot unlock or find new items.
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                        • shadowpikachu

                          shadowpikachu Space Spelunker

                          Final boss should be default guy, or last played other hero with a crapton of items and HP on the flying ship...
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                          • xNevaRaveNx

                            xNevaRaveNx Space Hobo

                            Health: +++++
                            Speed: +++++
                            Jump: +++++
                            Regen: +++++

                            (Z) Maul: Deals 150% damage to enemies in front of Alpha, and applies a moderate bleed.
                            Roar: Fears all enemies around Alpha for 3 seconds.
                            Devour: Leaps forward and deals 200% damage to all enemies hit. When Devour hits a bleeding enemy, heal for 5% of the damage dealt.
                            Savage: Alpha slashes forward with his claws, dealing 300% damage. If Savage kills an enemy, it reactivates. (Meaning, he'll slash again. Wasn't quite sure how to word that. The idea behind this is that you get a large group of enemies low, hit Savage, and start a chain of slashes.)

                            Alpha had been in the dark for as long as he could remember. Only vague flashes of jungle followed by a harsh light, and cold metal shackles lit up his memory. Then, suddenly, there was fresh air, and light. His hackles rose. With this newfound freedom came hostility. It was time to feed.
                            • Vercoln

                              Vercoln Yeah, You!

                              Item bio, just for fun:
                              Shipping Details:
                              -Order: Mated Pair
                              Tracking Number: <missing>
                              -Order Description: Two (2) mated werewolves for [REDACTED] experimentation.
                              -Shipping Method: Replacement titanium alloy cages, as original shipping package was destroyed during shipping. Preferably in completely separate cargo bays. Too much barking otherwise.
                              -Order Details: [REDACTED] requires a mated pair for new [REDACTED] experiment. Still waiting for other half of payment.
                              Note: Male is extremely aggressive when not together with mate. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to ship in original shipping package.

                              Character Bio:
                              FLESH......MEA......*cough* Erhm, excuse me, have you seen my wife? She’s yea big, hairy, big teeth, likes to bite heads off. No......FLESH!!!!!!
                              Human Form:
                              Speed: +++++
                              Stab (Stab the enemy in front of you, dealing 75% damage and bleeding the enemy for 10% damage. Chance to instant kill the enemy(0.1%).)
                              Charm (Convince nearby enemies to ignore you with your debonair good looks. Removes aggro from nearby enemies.)
                              Interrogate (Interrogate nearby eyeballs with knives to find the whereabouts of your wife, dealing 50% damage to all nearby enemies. Chance to bleed (50%, 10% dmg) and blind (10%) enemies.)
                              Transform (Transforms into his wolf form with bloodlust active. Invincible during transition.)

                              Werewolf Form: Form is active for 1 minute minimum (unless you willingly change back). Killing enemies increases the length of time remaining for the form. Will not automatically switch back to human form when in Bloodlust mode.
                              (Red + indicates value during maximum Bloodlust)
                              Speed: +++++
                              (Swipe claws forward and backward, dealing 75% damage to all enemies around you.[Heavy Knockback, Minimal Stun]))
                              Crunch (Take a chunk out of the enemy in front of you. Deals 200% damage and heals 10% of damage delivered.[Minimal Knockback, Heavy Stun]))
                              Howl (Switch to Bloodlust mode and chance to fear (25%) nearby enemies. Attack speed, movement speed, and regen increases as you kill enemies. A blood bar is added to the GUI to indicate Bloodlust level. Bloodlust mode lasts for 3 seconds minimum and remains active so long as you kill at least one enemy every 1.5 seconds.)
                              Transform (10s) (Transforms into his human form. Invincible during transition.)

                              Ancient Scepter Power Change:
                              Perfect Transform (10s) (Can maintain werewolf form using the power of the scepter.)

                              The percentages may be quite a bit off, but you get the idea.
                              • Notsolonely Gamer

                                Notsolonely Gamer Void-Bound Voyager

                                Heavy Commando:
                                Unlock: Beat the game 5 times on commando without dying in none of them.(can play with other classes in between runs. This can be done on Rainstorm and Moonsoon only. Artifacts allowed).
                                Skills:so this calss will have an ammunition per clip and you will need to reload once the clip is empty
                                (the clip has 24 rounds). Displayed above main attack(like the engineer has amount of mines displayed).

                                Tri-brust/Mag Swap: 3 shots x 50% damage. Each shot gives a minial stun.After emtying the clip press again to reload(must remain stationary during reload).No cooldown.
                                Full Auto: Charge up to 1.7 seconds(Bar displayed) and deal up to 170% dmage per shot. The firing is fully automatic(Same as regular commando's 4th skill but with the speed of 2 Srynges)
                                the bar is getting empty as you fire and once finished must reload.(7 secs cooldown)

                                Shockwave: Deploy a personal shield in crouched position(for 2.5 seconds - cannot move) and release an electric wave stunning and emplying electric damage of 190% to all nearby enemies for 2 seconds(immune during the crounching).
                                3 secs cooldown.

                                Seeker Mine: Deploy a ball-shaped mine that moves towards one direction(can bounce up and fall down) and explodes on contact dealing 270% damage and stuns nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds.5 secs cooldown.

                                Ancient Scepter upgrade:
                                Sound Alarm: Deploy a fast moving ball-shaped mine attracting enemies. On detonation dealing 350% damage and stuning enemies for 3.5 seconds.Can bounce and drop on surfaces.
                                5 secs cooldown.
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                                • Yuckyspiders

                                  Yuckyspiders Intergalactic Tourist

                                  Space Pirate:
                                  Hybrid melee/ranged fighter who makes good use of on-hit items

                                  Trait: Gains 5% attacks speed per level

                                  Flurry (Slashes her laser cutlass in rapid succession up to three times dealing 80% damage each for the first two strike and 120% damage on the third strike. The third strike while also knock enemies away slightly)

                                  - Plasmalock Pistol (Fires her pistol hitting up to three enemies for 200% damage)

                                  - Reckless Abandon (Jumps forward in an upward arch while firing her pistol straight down rapidly dealing 70% damage and stunning enemies for 1.5 second.)

                                  Pillage and Plunder (Rockets forward with her jet boots a long distance becoming untargetable and dealing 300% damage to all enemies in her path. She leaves behind a cloud trail of plasma which can be detonated by her other abilities dealing 330% damage and granting bonus money from enemies killed)
                                  • Bluepanda

                                    Bluepanda Void-Bound Voyager


                                    (no knock back or stuns from attacks from this hero but 25% chance to fear the enemy)
                                    Z Gush
                                    Gush of flame burning all enemies in range for 30% damage per second for 5 seconds + 80% damage on contact with flame

                                    X Hot Rain
                                    Dash diagonally burning all enemy below for 250% damage.

                                    C Flame ON!
                                    Set your self on fire for 5 seconds dealing 300% damage to all enemies touching +200% speed -take burning (50%) damage to self:D

                                    V Flame Storm
                                    cover enemies in flames for 3 seconds dealing 180%/0.5sec and burning the enemy for 30% damage for 5 seconds after burn


                                    Z T.R.L(tiny rocket launcher)
                                    it's so small u might not be able to see the rocket coming
                                    Fire a small rocket dealing 400% damage with small 40% explosion damage(no stun high knock back)

                                    X Bomb carrier Rocket
                                    Shoot 1 bigger rocket with small bomb attached spinning like double helix dealing 200%+500%(explodes 50% AoE) damage (1 second stun huge knock-back + small knock back to self)

                                    C Attempted Lift Off-10 seconds
                                    Shoot a rocket under your feet damage (180%damage 1 second stun, 40% to self) and shoot three missiles with upwards falling back down once over the height limit starts falling vertically over closest enemy for 600% damage each very high knock back enemies diagonally.

                                    V Airstrike-12 seconds
                                    Hold up to 3 seconds charges 6 rockets each seconds (max 18 rockets) tuns with minor homing(easily dodge-able) 100% damage with small knock back

                                    Z Stab/slash
                                    Stab all enemy within range with long plasma spear for 120% damage(medium attack speed no knock back or stun)
                                    Slash an enemy for 80% damage(fast attack speed+10% speed)

                                    X Guard
                                    Duck and cover self with Energy shield granting 800% armour until attack or jump
                                    slows movement increase first stab/slash by 80% and give 1 second stun on hit
                                    ("For Sparta" can be used but doesn't require charge for full effect)

                                    C Throw
                                    Hurls the Spear at impossible speed and affected by gravity, dealing 1000% damage and stop on the fifth enemy hit with damage decreasing by 10%(so 1000%,900%,800%...etc) with each penetration, but losing the spear and changing to his energy sword for slash until spear is picked up from the ground.(When hitting the wall or unreachable location it will return to the owner in 5 seconds)

                                    V For SPARTA!!!
                                    Hold to charge up to 3 seconds Sprinting distance*150%/sec dealing spear 300% or sword 200% damage*180%/second invincible during skill

                                    Z Suppression/reload
                                    Shoot 5 bullet 40% damage up to 50 bullet in a clip (very small knock back)
                                    Reload for 3 second replenishing 50 bullet to the gun(max 35)

                                    X Stick
                                    Throw a sticky plasma grenade which explodes after 4 seconds or impact by a enemy’s melee attack 300% damage(1.5 second stun medium knock back)

                                    C Come At Me
                                    Create a digital copy of the character with controlled explosive attached dealing 700% damage on contact with enemy. Giving 100% speed boast and invisibility for 1 second (knock back upward 2 second knockback)

                                    V Mother Load - 11
                                    Station himself and throws 2 grenade and change to full auto for 5 seconds with no ammo limit for 30% damage, Takes 100% more damage but increase attack speed by 100%.(60% small knock back chance)

                                    Over heat system:
                                    Cools 2%/second increase by 2%/second while not shooting cool rate resets on attack
                                    heats up 5% from flame attack- when Heat limit of 100% is reached all attacks cancelled for 15 seconds pausing skill cool down

                                    Z Armour Breaker
                                    Fires Anti-Armour shells from double barrel cannon up to 2 shots 120% damage and reload for 1 second-heat bar 5%-shot(small knock back)

                                    X Double Shot
                                    Fires both shell at once dealing 200% damage each with explosion damaging nearby enemies with fills heat bar 20%(1 second stun medium knock back)

                                    C Barrage
                                    Cancels all movement and shoot 8 shell consecutively with 0.6 second in between dealing 80% damage with 5 second all attack cool down heat bar 50% (small knock back no stun)

                                    V Controlled Explosion
                                    Explodes Dynamite inside the barrels pushing enemy away and dealing 800% damage. Heat bar 70% (Huge knock back for both self and enemy 2 second stun)

                                    Weather Robot
                                    requires power by charging

                                    Z Charge Strike-no power needed
                                    Strike lightning on it's head stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds and 300% damage charging it self by 30%

                                    X FOG OF WAR-50% power
                                    Hide self in the fog until close interact with an enemy 70% chance to (dodge all attack while hidden)-50% speed

                                    C Rush Hour-40% power
                                    Concentrated Sand Gush comes in unimaginable speed scratching and damaging armour 60% damage in the area for 5 seconds -50% enemy armour until fully healed, slowly pushing enemy in the direction of wind(moves enemy away from the robot)

                                    V Rain-90% power
                                    by using a powerful electromagnet you bring hundreds of Small scrap metal pieces to the ground from space stunning enemy on hit for 1 second with 20% damage per piece hit self and allies take damage too

                                    War lord

                                    Z Swing
                                    Swing a huge battle ax for 300% damage and stun for 0.5 seconds with no knockback

                                    X Flick
                                    Throw 2 hand ax hitting all enemies twice and returning for 100% damage
                                    Start cool down when ax returns

                                    C Cyclone
                                    Spin quickly hacking with the battle ax for 250% damage for 4 seconds

                                    V CRASH
                                    Swing the ax at the ground for 500% damage if hit by ax+shock wave damage lifting enemies in to air and do 300% damage
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                                    • Notsolonely Gamer

                                      Notsolonely Gamer Void-Bound Voyager

                                      The lore relates to it as something biological not technological. Thats the difference, the huntress doesnt teleport due to a biological ability but due to a teleporter.
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                                      • Zawisza

                                        Zawisza Astral Cartographer

                                        I will read all suggestions later, so if some are cloned, that is just a pure coincidence. Also, sorry for broken english

                                        The idea behind this character is just to make some other alien species playable besides Acrid (and no, power armor aliens doesn't count). The drone is basically a quadruplepedal being, bearing resemblence to an ant of sort, wealding an energy spear.

                                        Speed: +++++
                                        Jump: +++++
                                        Regen: +++++
                                        Health: +++++
                                        Armour: +++++
                                        Damage: +++++

                                        1. Sting: Thrust a spear dealing 90% damage to all enemies in range, knocking them back slightly and aplying a stack of "pheromone" buff on the Drone, stacking up to three (pheromone will be a booster for our skills, making our Z button essential to the gameplay instead of CD filler. Also all stacks of pheromone would be consumed in the process of using a skill other than Sting).

                                        2. Unpararel strengh: Grabs an enemy, and then throw him in the direction of character facing. The throw will send enemy flying about half of the screen away from the Drone, doing no damage. If flying enemy encounter another baddie, he will crash into him, doing 70%/140%/210%/280% splash damage (multiplied by pheromone) and stunning all afficted targets for 2 seconds.

                                        3. Chitine: For 3 seconds all attacks directed at us will deal 25%/50%/75%/100% less damage (multiplied by pheromone) and healing us for the 5% of the damage dealt (at 3 stacks of buff).

                                        4. Fire Bite: Bites the target, dealing 100%/200%/300%/400% damage (multiplied by pheromone). If the target dies, it will spread fire, dealing 40% damage over 3 seconds.

                                        4+. Bullet bite: Bites the targer, dealing 150%/300%/450%/600% damage (multipied by pheromone). If the target dies, it will explode, dealing 200% damage to all surrounding enemies (Brilliant Behemoth range) and cause them to run in fear for 3 seconds.

                                        The whole idea is to use basic attack a little bit more strategic in the fight (think meele sniper). While running around and killing stuff with "z" can be fun sometimes (Han-D anyone?) relying on it is a whole new matter, which this character should acomplish. You need pheromone to kill stuff and in order to do that you need to basic attack.

                                        How to Unlock:
                                        Complete the game with Spite, Distortion and Glass artifacts.

                                        Space marines in egzoskeletons are cool. So why not have one in the RoR? As I suggested, egzoskeleton, and yet again, power armor doesn't count. Han-D size mech but manned.

                                        Speed: +++++
                                        Jump: +++++
                                        Regen: +++++
                                        Health: +++++
                                        Armour: +++++
                                        Damage: +++++

                                        1. Barrage: Shoot in front of the Marine, dealing 120% damage to primary target and 60% splash damage to enemies in range of explosion.

                                        2. Torpedo: Launch a torpedo flying into the straight line, doing 150% damage in blast radius. If the area was scanned by Sonar, it will instead lock on the most dangerous enemy, doing 200% damage in blast radius and set up a beacon on the target, setting on all torpedo attacks at this enemy. The beacon remains until the target is dead.

                                        3. Sonar: Scans the screen for enemies, locking on the most dangerous enemy for Torpedo and Rail Cannon

                                        4. Rail Cannon: Shoot a rail cannon in a straight line, doing 300% damage to all enemies in the path. If the Sonar skill was performed it will instead lock on the most dangerous enemy and reduce the cooldown of the skill by 2 seconds

                                        4+. Gauss Cannon: Shoot a gauss cannon at the most dangerous enemy, doing 2x350% damage to all enemies in the path. If the Sonar skill was performed it will reduce the cooldown of the skill by 2 seconds. Gauss Cannon is always locked on the most dangerous enemy.

                                        So, yea, this guy doesn't have any survival skills, depending on the huge damage and homing factor instead. But to not exploit him or break the game, his bullets (opposite to missile lauchers) won't go throu solid matter like walls and such. Then again, he is a walking battleship. The whole point is to spam Sonar and make an use of free homing devices.

                                        How to Unlock:
                                        Kill Providence with Gauss Cannon.

                                        A crazy guy with bunch of explosives. Standard power armor look but with lots of grenades all over him.

                                        Speed: +++++
                                        Jump: +++++
                                        Regen: +++++
                                        Health: +++++
                                        Armour: +++++
                                        Damage: +++++

                                        1. Frag mine: Throw a grenade, dealing 110% damage to enemies in blast radius. It the grenade fail to damage anything, it will become dormant, acting as a mine. You can have 3 active frag mines at the same time

                                        2. Incendiary charge: Set up an incendiary charge at your feet. When in contact with enemy, it will explode, doing 160% damage in blast radius and set the ground ablaze, dealing 50% fire damage per second over 3 seconds. You can have one incendiary charge active at the same time.

                                        3. Flashbang: Throw a flashbang, dealing no damage, but stunning all enemies in blast radius for 3 seconds. If the flashbang hit nothing, it's cooldown reset.

                                        4. HE grenade: Throw a HE grenade, dealing 400% damage to all enemies in blast radius and knocking them back. This grenade doesn't bounce off the ground, rather exploding, where it will land.

                                        4+. Implosion grenade: Throw an Implosion grenade, dealing 450% damage to all enemies in blast radius and sucking them in the epicenter. Target in the epicenter takes additional 100% damage. This grenade doesn't bounce off the ground, rather exploding, where it will land.

                                        This guy is all about throwing stuff, so lots of arc shooting and practice. This character can be actually really hard, since we have 3 arc skills and one at the feet. Using Incendiary charge along with HE/Implosion grenade might be a great screen clearing combo, while frag mines can give us tactical edge over the battlefield.

                                        How to Unlock:
                                        Collect Sticky Grenades, Panic Mines, Brilliant Behemoth and the Plunger in a single playthrough.

                                        @up: Huntress is not human if my eyes doesn't fool me. And the log is ranting about HUMANS not being able to TP, because we (as the race) can't figure out quantum physics that well at the point the log was made.

                                        ed: Added how to unlock section
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                                        • VanjaIsh

                                          VanjaIsh Yeah, You!


                                          Speed ++
                                          Jump +
                                          Regen ++

                                          * Chord - Fire a laser beam from his guitar for 120% damage
                                          * Power Chord - Play power chord, dealing 250% to all nearby enemies [Moderate Knockback]
                                          Note Dash - Throw a note (note can go through enemies, but not through walls) dealing 80% damage [Moderate Stun] If note hits an enemy the ability can cast again to teleport to the note.
                                          * Radio Bomb - Throw a radio on the ground, that bait all enemies in vision (except bosses). After 3 seconds radio explodes, dealing 500% damage (Cooldown starts after radio exploded)[DOUBLEPOST=1410036466][/DOUBLEPOST]
                                          Speed ++Jump ++Regen +++

                                          Human form:* Dagger - Stab enemies with dagger, dealing 150% damage [Minimal Knockback]
                                          * Boomerang - Throw dagger like a boomerang, that comes back after hit enemies dealing 2x130%damage [Minimal Stun]
                                          * Barrel roll - Roll forward a small distance under enemies (Cannot be hit while rolling)
                                          Mutant form - Transform into mutant

                                          Mutant form:* Mutant's bite - Bite enemies, dealing 150% damage* Headleap - Leap on random enemy (Cannot be hit while on enemy) after 3 seconds leap back on the ground (Can use Mutant's bite while on enemy)
                                          * Ground smash - Smash the ground, dealing 250% to all nearby enemies and knocking them in the air
                                          * Human form - Transform into human
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