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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. needsomemiracle

    needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Class idea #3.
    This class is about switching between defense and offense at the right time.

    Speed: +++++
    Jump: +++++
    Regen: +++++
    • Laser Rifle. Ranged attack with a chance to light enemies on fire. 1.0 sec cooldown, 100% damage, 30% chance to inflict additional 150% damage over 5.0 sec, Moderate Knockback.
    Your regular, run-of-the-mill pew-pew laser. The damage averages out at 145% per attack, but this should be compensated by this damage being drawn over time, its inherent degree of randomness and it not stacking with itself, merely resetting the DOT counter instead (so if you get two burn hits in a row, the potential 4 seconds of fire damage from the first hit are lost). Works in combo with Safety Bubble (see below). Stacks with that item that ignites emenies.
    • Dash. A forward lunge that grants immunity. 4.5 sec cooldown.
    Twin brother of Commando's dash.
    • Safety Bubble. Energy field can block 95% of incoming damage and power abilities 1 and 4. 10.0 sec cooldown, 7.5 sec duration, 95% damage reduction.
    Once this field is up, 95% of incoming damage is ignored. However, if you shoot the Laser Rifle from inside the Safety Bubble, the beam is amplified and passes through all enemies, possibly igniting several of them. But here's the trick: each shot reduces this field's duration by two seconds. In other words, this ability can be used defensively, when you walk around almost invincible 75% of the time, or it can be used offensively to increase damage output drastically while giving close to no protection.
    • Bubble Burst. Overloads the safety field and stuns everyone around. 10.0 sec cooldown, 150% AoE damage, Heavy Stun.
    Another ability to combo with Safety Bubble, it eats 6 seconds of the field's duration. While it doesn't have much in the damage department, it's supposed to be a tool to escape large crowds that will inevitably pile up due to not-so-great base speed of this class.
    • Rift
      The rift is a more non-traditional character, focusing heavily on mobility and precise move-timing while sacrificing durability and damage. The character is designed to feel incredibly agile, with many different moves designed to help escape from sticky situations. Getting caught in the wrong place as a Rift will be very costly.

      Speed: +++++
      Jump: +++++
      Regen: +++++

      Rip: The character dashes forward a short distance, gaining invulnerability for a short time and delivering an arcing, upwards slash upon finishing the dash, dealing (30-40%?) damage to all enemies within the slash while knocking them upwards for a very brief period of time.

      Invert: The character swaps places with an enemy unit that is within moderate distance from the player, dealing (20-30%?) damage to the swapped unit. Upon arriving at the enemies former position, the character slashes quickly at all angles, dealing (40-50%?) damage to all enemies hit with a slight knockback. When targeted on larger enemies, such as boss units, the character will simply teleport to the opposite side of the enemy than that of which the player is facing, slashing out at all angles dealing (40-50%?) damage all enemies hit. The boss enemy will not switch places with the player. When dealing with tight clusters of enemies, this move will prioritize the enemy furthest from the player.

      Flare: The character dashes forward in an upwards crescent, gaining invulnerability. Upon coming in contact with an enemy, the character slashes forwards, dealing (40-50%?) damage to the unit while knocking it backwards a significant distance, dealing (20-30%?) damage to all units it collides with along its path. The character then bounces backwards off the target in a short, backwards summersault, gaining further invulnerability for a very brief time. If this move comes in contact with a wall, the character will ascend the wall a short distance before bouncing backwards off the wall, gaining invulnerability for a short time.

      Traverse: The character cloaks for a period of 2-3 seconds, becoming invulnerable and invisible to all enemy units. Within this time period, the character gains a significant movement speed and jump boost. Walking through enemies in this state will knock them backwards through the character a very short distance. The player may reactivate this ability the preform a long-distance dash move that slices all enemies hit for (60-70%?) damage. If the player does not chose to reactivate the ability, the character will unleash a flurry of razors from whatever direction the player is facing, dealing (80-90%) damage to all enemies in a line while knocking them back. This razor flurry does not interrupt movement as so that the character is not punished for failing to reactivate the ability.

      Damage and move cool-downs are subject to change, as well as move titles and character name. The health regeneration on this character should be ridiculously low, as to compensate for this characters incredible mobility.
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      • Evoos

        Evoos Void-Bound Voyager

        Speed: +++++
        Jump: +++++
        Regen: +++++

        Shots a laser that will pierce through all enemies [55% damage]
        -Chemical Reaction:
        Throws a test tube in an arc, that will spawn a little puddle on the ground for 8 seconds, damaging enemies, if they stand on it [130% damage every second], slowing and poison them for 5 seconds. [5% damage every second] The damage and slow will double, if the enemy stands more than 4 seconds on the puddle. The tube will damage enemies on contact too. [+20% damage] [12 seconds cooldown]
        -Research Projekt:
        Spawns a little robot, that hits enemies with its punch and knocking them away, if enemies get to close. [5% damage + minimal knockback] (The attack is a little bit slower than Han-Ds hurt) The robot will take the damage, that the player would take until it gets destroyed. [10% of the players maximum Health (?)]
        If the robot gets destroyed by enemies it will explode, damaging all surrounding enemies and throwing them away with a minimal stun.
        [150% damage + moderate knockback + minimal stun]. The robot will exist for 5 seconds, until the battery runs low and the robot will disappear without the explosion, but with a cooldown reduction of 2 seconds.
        Throws a little ball in an arc on the ground. Will damage all enemies on contact until it hits the ground. [60% damage]
        When you use the skill again, it will drag all enemies, inside of its radius, towards its centre, damaging and stunning them. [300% damage + huge stun]
        The cooldown will only trigger, when you used the skill twice or when the ball gets out of your sight.
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        • Faang

          Faang Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          This character is skill based. Forcing the player to think about the situation they are in and change themselves accordingly. Instead of just a simple toolkit of moves, the goal is to have simple moves that need to be tuned to each situation.

          • - Shoot Arrow: (Full range for 80% damage) [25% Chance for pierce] {0.5 sec cooldown}
          • - Passive: Double Shot (5% chance to grab 2 arrows next shot)
          • - Shift Bonus: +50% Attack 3sec, Invulnerable 1.5 sec
          Skill 1: Shoot Arrow
          Skill 2: Fighter
          Skill 3: Controller
          Skill 4: Magician
          • - Hard Punch: (Reach for 100% damage) [10% chance for knockback/stun] {1 sec cooldown}
          • - Passive: Counter (5% chance to reflect 50% of incoming damage at enemy)
          • - Shift Bonus: +25% Knockback/stun, Invulnerable 2 sec
          Skill 1: Hard Punch
          Skill 2: Ranger
          Skill 3: Controller
          Skill 4: Magician
          • - Mind Control: (Activate skill, left click on enemy, right click on ally to dismiss) [75% Damage up to 3x] {15 sec cooldown}
          • - Passive: Help! (5% chance for allies to block 1 incoming attack)
          • - Shift Bonus: +30% Speed 3sec, Invulnerable 1.5 sec
          Skill 1: Mind Control
          Skill 2: Ranger
          Skill 3: Fighter
          Skill 4: Magician

          Other Notes: Up to 3 controlled minions, who auto follow and auto attack with a priority on protecting the player.
          • - Magic Burst: (half screen for 125% damage) [10% chance to ignite enemies] {2 sec cooldown}
          • - Passive: Mana Leak (5% chance to chain lightning skill 1 on contact)
          • - Shift Bonus: +25% Attack Speed 3 sec, Invulnerable 1.5 sec
          Skill 1: Magic Burst
          Skill 2: Ranger
          Skill 3: Fighter
          Skill 4: Controller

          Other Notes
          I haven't worked out the typing system for enemies but it would be neat if this character was stronger against different enemies based on what form it has taken (primarily strength given through tactical advantage. i.e. distance attack for a brawler enemy, stunning attack for fast enemies, etc.)

          Huge thankyou to Engio and Shrooblord for helping me finalize this submission!
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          • Gambler:
            (Sprite to come later)

            The Gambler is a relatively weak class to play as, at least in early-game. His abilities have very low cooldowns but utilise coins as ammunition. He has low base stats but an unusually high item and coin drop rate to balance. His abilities have higher-than average critical hit rates, with higher-cost attacks having higher critical hit rates but lower base damage (meaning the more you spend, the more you risk, hypothetically).

            Speed: +++++
            Jump: +++++
            Regen: +++++
            • Flying Kick: Jump and dive forward a short distance, dealing 150% damage to any enemy you hit and launching them into the air. Larger enemies, such as the golem things, will not be launched. When an enemy hits the ground, they will receive an extra 100% damage and deal 100% damage in a short AoE, making this an effective crowd-control attack. Enemies killed in midair will still cause this effect. 5% chance to do 1.5x damage, calculated only once and universal to entire attack. Heavy stun on launched enemy, minimal knockback and stun on any enemy hit by AoE. 2 second cooldown.
            • Smokin' Token: Medium-ranged gun attack that deals 175% damage to the first enemy it hits. Attack has a 25% chance to do 1.5x damage. Moderate knockback, no stun. Costs 1 Coin to use. .2 second cooldown.
            • Make It Rain: Long-range attack that fires off between 10 and 15 projectiles in a high arc that spread a bit as they fall. Each projectile does 100% base damage and has a 40% chance to do 2.5x damage. Projectiles will bounce off walls and ceilings untli they hit an enemy or ground and explode with a very short AoE upon terminal impact. Moderate stun, no knockback. 2 second cooldown which does not start until all projectiles have exploded. Costs 20 Coins to use.
            • Jackpot: Throw a golden bomb a short distance that attracts some nearby enemies. The bomb will explode after 10 seconds, dealing 75% base damage in a medium AoE and launching surviving enemies into the air, where they deal an additional 50% damage to themselves and other close enemies. Upon exploding, the bomb will also send out between 10 and 20 projectiles similar to the "Make It Rain" ability, which upon hitting the ground explode in a small AoE, dealing 50% damage to nearby enemies. Cooldown is 5 seconds, but countdown does not start until all projectiles have exploded. With a 75% chance for every part of the attack to deal 5x damage, in addition to its spectacular range, this is a weapon of potential devastation. However, it can be tricky to set up properly, and carries the risk of being a low-damage dud. Critical Hit chance is calculated only once and is universal to all parts of the ability. Costs 150 Coins to use.
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            • ehbrlb1820

              ehbrlb1820 Void-Bound Voyager

              The Marksmen: The marksmen is a high damage ranged class that balances on low stats and reload time. It is great for group control because of the Bullet Hell ability . And it is balanced because of it's reload it's lack of knockback.

              Speed: +++++
              Jump: +++++
              Regen: +++++

              • Deadshot: Shoots a high damage long-range shot that deals 400% damage and no knockback. After every shot the sniper must reload the gun.
              • Reload: Reloads the sniper to balance the very high damage of the sniper, takes about 2.5 seconds to reload. The sniper is slowed by 40% when he reloads the gun.
              • Marked For Death: The marksmen throws a goop at enemies that slows the enemy by 35% and creates a 100% chance for critical hits while the goop is still on the monster. It lasts 6 seconds. (Doesn't apply to bosses).
              • Bullet Hell: All of Snipers shot penetrate threw enemies and the reload time is reduced to .5 seconds. Bullet hell would last for 15 seconds. (35 second cooldown)
              • kagenn

                kagenn Pangalactic Porcupine

                A tribute to the Red Alert 2 Iraq faction-based special infantry, a radioactive cannon wielding guy who happily causes massive destruction with his weapon.The Desolator relies heavily on kiting his enemies while dealing damge over time. Using his first skill to creates stacks which reacts to his other abilities to create a massive chain reaction to devastate his enmies. Meant for chaotic gameplay or cold, calculating, and evil players who likes green colour.​

                All enemies killed by the Desolator turns into green goo that remains on screen for 5 seconds, dealing 25% damage each second and healing the Desolator by 5% of his total health if he walks over it and increasing his speed by 10% for 3 seconds. Occasionally, enemies mutate into small radioactive critters (5%) which follows him around instead of turning to goo upon death. The critters charges at enemies attacking the Desolator and explodes on contact, causing 100% damage in a small radius and a 10% slow, also healing the Desolator by 5% of his total health if he is within that radius and grants him the speed boost. Goes nuclear on death, erupting in a huge radius, causing 500% damage to all enemies and slowing them by 75% for 5 seconds, lingers on screen for 1.5 seconds. All goo piles affected by the eruption radius turns into supercharged radioactive critters (double the % for damage, slow, and healing; speed boost remains the same) once the effect disappears.​

                Speed: +++++
                Jump: +++++
                Regen: +++++
                • Green Ray (Fires a penetrating ray that deals damage over time for 6 seconds, causing 20% damage per second and slows by 5%. This attack stacks up to 5 times and the D.o.T refreshes with each new attack. Crit attacks causes two stacks per shot, granting the only way to cause the 6th stack. Stack count resets once triggered by other skills. [Stacking damage & slow debuff])
                • Radioactive Detonation (Fires an orb which detonates upon contact with the first enemy and explodes in a moderate radius, dealing 100% damage. Enemies under the effect of Green Ray has the damage increased by 30% per Ray stack, and will be stunned for .5 seconds per stack. [ Low - moderate Stun])
                • Uranium Discharge (The Desolator supercharges the mini uranium reactor in his cannon and fires it from the back of his cannon, launching him diagonally and granting damage immunity. The discharged reactor explodes in a moderate radius upon contact with an enemy or after 2 seconds, and the effect lingers for 8 seconds. Enemies receive 75% initial damage and enemies lingering within the radioactive radius take 50% damage per second. Those affected by Green Ray receive an additional 35% initial damage / 40% damage over time per stack.)
                • Desolate Earth (Slams his cannon into the ground and injecting a huge amount of radiation into the terrain. A radioactive cloud is released in a huge radius, slowing enemies by 15% with an additional 10% per stack of Green Ray and receives the 75% damage per second with an additional 25% per stack. The Desolator thrives in this cloud, gaining a 10% max health regeneration per second and 25% speed boost. All other abilites has a 1 second cooldown reduction. Enemies that die while under the effect of desolate earth turns into supercharged radioactive critters.)
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                • Vaine

                  Vaine Master Chief

                  Cosmic blade:

                  Fast CQC unit, using two katana like blades.

                  Speed: +++++
                  Jump: +++++
                  Regen: +++++

                  • Slash slash: Slashes at the enemy twice, once up, once down 100% first slash, 120% last
                  • Whirlwind: Spin round with your 2 blades out, creating a gravitational pull, damaging enemies for 80% damage (AoE)
                  • Crescent moon slash: Slash the air downwards, creating a crescent of energy, travelling fast at your foes (Travels through enemies, 200% damage)
                  • Blade dance: Slash your foe for 15 hits at sonic speed, each hit gaining 5% more damage, initial 50% damage
                  Hope you all like it :>
                  • Dave Combine

                    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

                    Jeez what's up with this thread it used to be so active...
                    Flesh Hive
                    "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer..."
                    A unique playstyle for a new character, a morbid creature walks the platforms of RoR in order to satisfy it's thirst for gore. This agile abomination is most loved by players who like to hide away until the time to strike is right.

                    Speed: +++++
                    Jump: +++++
                    Regen: +++++

                    • Claw: Flesh Hive uses his rotting hands to claw at the enemy for 65% damage.
                    • Tear: Flesh Hive cuts deep into the enemy, making him bleed for 4-6 seconds, starting second deals 50% damage, and each second decreases inflicted damage by 5%. [Minimal Knockback]
                    • Blood Boil: Flesh Hive unleashes a blood-curling scream, activating his rage. For 4 seconds, Flesh Hives damage and speed is doubled. [Moderate Stun]
                    • Nest: Flesh Hive takes control of any enemy, nesting in his body. Once you release yourself, the host explodes in a mist of blood, stunning enemies in an AoE and making them take 100% more damage. [Cannot apply to bosses ; Maximum Stun]
                    Btw, I'm not an excellent spriter, nor do I know how to, so I'll just describe what he looks like - A human that walks on four legs, rotting and has some muscle exposed. Hands are mutated into claws.
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                    • Av3nged

                      Av3nged Space Penguin Leader

                      Ok let's do this.

                      I wish I could sprite ok a description on how I'd like him to look: a male human with a green(ish) military outfit. He wields a wicked assault rifle that fires cursed bullets.
                      Speed: +++
                      Jump: ++
                      Regen: +++

                      • Blow: Fire your rifle once to inflict 90% damage and reducing the damage affected targets deal by 15% for 2 seconds
                      • Curse: Fire a cursed bullet that explodes on impact [moderate knockback], damaging the target and enemies around it for 100% damage, als influcting a curse, rotting their flesh for 30% damage per second for 6 seconds.
                      • Leap: Leap across the battlefield (range similar to commando's roll) you cannot be hit while leaping.
                      • SHAZAM!: Draw upon your wretched powers to summon a cursed hammer to strike all enemies within an x range for 400% damage and inflicting the effects of Blow and Curse [High knockback]
                      Let me know what you guys think!

                      EDIT: added knockback.
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                      • arcticwolf15

                        arcticwolf15 Subatomic Cosmonaut


                        The tinkerer deals very little damage on his own, but is able to use scrap collected from fallen enemies and canisters to assist his survival. He has two "modes", swapped with the V key. Note that in defense mode he has no active attack, and mode switch is not instant, requiring strategy. Canisters give 5 Scrap and each enemy killed 3. Only enemies killed by the Tinkerer himself (not co-op partner nor his structures) will earn him Scrap. Scrap is capped at 300.

                        Speed: +++++
                        Jump: +++++
                        Regen: +++++

                        Attack Mode:
                        • Wrench: Tinkerer strikes forward with his wrench for 70% damage and minimal knockback
                        • Scrap Cannon: Tinkerer shoots a large ball of scrap that hits for 115% damage; small chunks of scrap cause splash damage for 80% (single target, affected by gravity) [25 Scrap]
                        • Improvised Mines: Tinkerer lays 4 mines around himself (compare to panic mines) that take 3 seconds to prime and deal 120% damage each. [40 Scrap]
                        • Mode Switch: Switch to Build Mode
                        Defense Mode:
                        • Makeshift Turret: Spawns a turret similar to a ground based attack drone. Has its own health, and 60 bullets. When these run out, the turret can be restocked for 30 Scrap, but this will NOT repair it. Each shot deals 80% damage. [75 Scrap]
                        • Provisional Armor: Tinkerer builds a suit of armor for himself that lasts roughly 8 seconds, reducing all incoming damage by 25%. [125 Scrap]
                        • Arc Tower: Spawns a tower that shoots sparks of electricity, similar to Ukulele's effect. Deals 140% damage to each enemy, and arcs up to 3 times. Has 250 health, or lasts for 30 seconds. [175 Scrap]
                        • Mode Switch: Switch to Attack Mode
                        • blorx

                          blorx Aquatic Astronaut

                          I have a rather strange idea, but one that could probably be developed by someone with some more ideas. The point of the class is that is should in some way manipulate the summons that the director makes, banishing them is the main idea. It could end up being ridiculously broken or really underpowered. I would also imagine that it would be unlocked last, since it might not make much since to newer players.

                          I don't have an idea for what this character should look like, but the main draw of the idea to me is the mechanics. I would imagine some maniac wielding a scepter of some sort.


                          Base Stats (May need tweaking):
                          Speed: +++++
                          Jump: +++++
                          Regen: +++++

                          The plan I have with this character is that all damage it inflicts should be converted to damage to and enemy's stats or point value. And when an enemy reaches zero values for those it should be banished and destroyed, presumably giving out gold and exp in some way. Because of the damage conversion, I think that any damage values I give would end up being completely useless, but the relative values are what is important. I'm also unsure of how enemy stats and point costs scale, so perhaps it would need more tweaking. The biggest issue with this would then end up being how all other items interact with this character, but I'm sure something could be figured out. I imagine that most damage items would behave similarly to this character's basic attack.

                          Abilities (Will need tweaking):
                          • Disintegrate(0s): A quickish ranged attack, similar to commando's basic attack, that deals 30% damage to the enemy's point value and stats. High value enemies and bosses have a 5% chance to be split into two enemies. This attack deals a small amount of knockback, enough to stop an enemy for a split second, but not really push it back.
                          • Recreate(8s): A ranged ability that strikes the first enemy in a line and re-rolls it for its point cost minus 200% damage. It may be split and spawn as a group of weaker enemies, and if it was an elite, it will be given a different ability/type. This attack will damage bosses similarly, re-roll any elite type it may have had. The attack will also split of weaker enemies like disintegrate. The struck enemy will not move while spawning as the new creature.
                          • Consolidate(6s): A quick forward dash with maybe 1.3x the range of miner's forward dash. This attack deals 50% damage to the point value of all enemies struck and kills any that reach zero. It then combines all enemies in the path into a small number (probably one) of enemies. The new enemy will have a point value equal to the sum of all component enemies after they take damage. If a boss is also struck, enemies will be combined into the boss, increasing its stats in the same way. This attack does not inflict knockback, but the spawned enemy will not move while spawning.
                          • Banish(15s): A ranged attack that deals 600% damage to an enemy's point value and then banishes it, assuming it survives. The enemy ceases to exist but does not drop any gold or exp. Over the next 30 seconds or so, the director regains the points that remained (presumably a precentage of this value, to account for the increasing strength of enemies over time) and can summon new enemies using these points even if the time limit after the teleporter has run out. If this attack is used on a boss, the boss takes 1000% damage, but is not banished. This ability does not inflict any knockback.
                          The biggest issue with this would then end up being how all other items interact with this character, but I'm sure something could be figured out. The other major issue is that implementing this class could also require a re-design of the point system in general, but I just had to suggest this idea. I think this idea would probably need both a a lot of work in terms of balancing how the attacks affect monsters, and would require a huge amount of programming time compared to other class ideas.

                          Edit: If I remember correctly, enemy stats scale with time, but I don't know if their point costs do too. Because of this, dealing damage to their point value might not affect their stats, but I would assume that it would be a reasonable idea to decrease both point value and stats. In addition this would change how banish affects the later spawned enemies and that might be difficult to deal with.
                          • Dave Combine

                            Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

                            This is great, for multiplayer. Its basically impossible to do damage to anyone if your doing this alone. Unless like you would have very very weak attacks, but your skills do a lot to lower their defense.
                            • Zadmeir

                              Zadmeir Star Wrangler

                              Speed: +++++
                              Jump: +++++
                              Regen: +++++
                              • Shotgun Blast (Fires 8 pellets from his shotgun, dealing 15% damage each. Has a large spread and you need to be close to deal maximum damage (or be fighting a large enemy). It's slow and doesn't pierce, but presumably each pellet would be a separate hit, giving you up to 8 chances to use percentage-based item effects and making good use of items like the Leech Seed.)
                              • Slug Shot (Fires a slug in a straight line. Pierces up to 3 targets, dealing 300% damage to the first target and 100% less damage per subsequent target. (300%, 200%, 100%)[Moderate Knockback])
                              • Exhale (After a hearty puff on his pipe, the Redneck exhales smoke in a straight line in front of him. The smoke lingers for a couple of seconds and slows enemies passing through it by 50%. Also causes enemies to suffocate, dealing 30% damage per second.)
                              • Profanity (The Redneck's anger gets the better of him, causing him to shout gibberish that we can only assume is profanity. It may not be understandable, but his voice booms so loud that it shakes the very ground, stunning enemies near him and inflicting 80% damage. [Heavy Stun])
                              • Fox0427

                                Fox0427 Big Damn Hero

                                Fluffy the Dog?:
                                Awww! A puppy! What? Oh, he turns into a wolf.

                                Speed: +++++
                                Jump: +++++
                                Regen: +++++

                                Bite (Bite the enemy, Lemurian style. Deal 150% damage with no knock back.)
                                Leap(Leap forward at the enemy and deal 175% damage with moderate knock back. Hold the key and charge up to deal 5% more damage for each extra charged second, only goes up to 200%. Immunity for 2.5 seconds when used, and stuns enemies for 3 seconds when fully charged.)
                                Latch(Jumps forward as if using Leap (You can't charge it here though), then latch onto the first enemy you hit (If any), and start spamming the down key and deal 5% damage for each time it's tapped. You have 5 seconds before you jump off of the enemy. This attack only does 50% immediate damage to any enemies bigger than the light giant in Sky Meadow, or anything flying. Invincible for 7.5 seconds when activated. No knock back.)
                                Weredog (Turn into a wolf for 5 seconds, increasing speed and doubling all damage. Cool down is 20 seconds.)
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                                • Seria-Myouna

                                  Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator IRC Operator

                                  Adding one that got knocked off the front page for more visibility:

                                  All credit to Ifrit:
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                                  • Vahnkiljoy

                                    Vahnkiljoy Ketchup Robot

                                    In following what seems to be that characters seem to be part of a spaceships crew, whether a science/exploration or some kind of transport vessel, I think more 'crew' type characters would be fun, here is mine for the aquatic crewmates.

                                    Sorry, no pixel art as I don't have any programs for it, MIGHT do some crude paint like I did my boss suggestion though, which I'll edit in. :p I'll give a description, basically in a blue/dark blue wetsuit with flippers or weighted shoes, a big O2 tank on his back and a big glass Bubble Helmet.

                                    Diver/ Deep Diver

                                    Speed: +++++
                                    Jump: +++++

                                    Spear gun: The Diver/Deep Diver Fires spears in a straight line dealing 85% damage and knocking back target(any other enemies near main target recieve no damage but recieves minimal knockback up to 2 enemies)
                                    Impale:The Diver/ Deep Diver fires a large Trident like spear from his/her speargun impaling all enemies it hits dealing 65% damage, grouping them together on the trident for 3 seconds.(If a boss is struck with Impale the trident stops and everything is grouped on the Boss)
                                    Chum: The Diver/ Deep Diver throw a chunk of "Meat" on the ground attracting all enemies to it for 3 seconds(player is immune to all but falling or any previous vagrant attacks already used)
                                    Decompress: The Diver/ Deep Diver creates a vacuum around him/her sucking all enemies towards him/her then violently expelling oxygen out in an explosive force, throwing enemies far away and dealing 150% damage(The Diver is immune while using this)
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                                    • Dave Combine

                                      Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

                                      A boulder-like humanoid with crystals growing upon itself. His color scheme is dark grey, and lime green for the crystals.

                                      Speed: +++++
                                      Jump: +++++
                                      Regen: +++++
                                      • Slash: Crystalite takes a swing at an enemy, dealing 90% damage.
                                      • Gem Spear: Crystalite breaks pieces off of his body, and throws them straight at an enemy for 75% damage. Spear can travel through up to 3 enemies. Damage increases based on combo. [Minimal Knockback]
                                      • Crystal Shrine: Crystalite forges a shrine lasting 5 seconds, healing himself for 15 health per. second, and teammates (if any) for 20.
                                      • Sacrificial Curse: Crystalite combusts most of him, dealing 30% damage to himself, but unleashing his debris all over the area. Enemies that are close to his remains have their defense slowly drained overtime.
                                      • DarkDXZ

                                        DarkDXZ Phantasmal Quasar

                                        Jet Trooper
                                        Speed: +++++
                                        Jump: +++++
                                        Regen: +++++

                                        • Bullpup (0.9s cooldown) - fire 3 shots in rapid succesion, dealing 40% damage each (for a total of 120% damage per burst). (minimal knockback per shot, but fairly decent if one takes the fire rate into account)
                                        • U-Turn Dash (3.1s cooldown) - dash in current direction and return, dealing 100% damage to every enemy hit. (no knockback, stuns for 2.1s)
                                        • Bombs Away! (6s cooldown) - drop 3 mines over the course of 1 second that are not affected by gravity and stay in place until they come in contact with an enemy, dealing 150% damage each. (moderate-high knockback)
                                        • Jetpack (passive) - you are able to move in all directions, unaffected by gravity (and thus fall damage).
                                        A few notes - ideally you would be able to have a full aiming circle with this character, but if not, then at least the cardinal directions. (diagonals being recommended, but optional)
                                        • Dave Combine

                                          Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

                                          The Percussionist
                                          Speed: +++++
                                          Jump: +++++
                                          Regen: +++++
                                          • Cymbal Slice: Take three slashes at enemies, all dealing 55% damage. If all three slashes successfully damage an enemy, the Marcher will crash the cymbals, slightly damaging enemies and moderately knocking them back.
                                          • Snare Solo: Play a warmup on your kevlar drum, consisting of 50-65 randomly picked notes. Only has quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes. (See below for damage guide)
                                          • Bass Quake: Keep the tempo with your eardrum-bursting smashes, shaking the ground with shockwaves. Each shockwave does 150% damage.
                                          • Tenor Terror (20s CD): Show off your wicked drumming skills, by playing a 200-230 note piece! Only has eigth, sixteenth, flams, triplet, and thirty-second notes. (See below for damage guide)
                                          DAMAGE GUIDE:
                                          Snare Solo:
                                          Quarter Note: 25% damage, 35% chance to fire.
                                          Eigth Note: 40% damage, 55% chance to fire.
                                          Sixteenth Note: 70% damage, 10% chance to fire.

                                          Tenor Terror:
                                          Eigth Note: 45% damage, 20% chance to fire.
                                          Sixteenth Note: 80% damage, 35% chance to fire.
                                          Flam: 120% damage, 20% chance to fire.
                                          Triplet: 180% damage, 20% chance to fire.
                                          Thirty-Second Note: 350% damage, 5% chance to fire.

                                          Notes: Each note is just a reskin of a 'bullet'. Notes don't effect their speed or how they travel (All travel horizontally in the direction the player is looking). The bullet just looks like the note it is named. Incase you don't know what a certain rudiment looks like, check out my super artistic paint skillz showing you them here.
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                                          • Kody

                                            Kody Master Chief

                                            Air striker:

                                            Melee - Dash in many directions.
                                            Speed: +++++
                                            Jump: +++++
                                            Regen: +++++
                                            • Flashwave: (Create a violent shockwave around the character, suspending him in the air for 0.6 second and enemies for 1.2 second. Deal 130% Damage. [Moderate Stun])
                                            • Forward dash: (Forward ascend dash. Deal 125% damage. [Minimal Knockback, Minimal Toss])
                                            • Backward dash: (Backward ascend dash. Pass through enemies. Deal 125% damage. Invincible during the dash.)
                                            • Meteor Smash: (Aoe vertical diving attack. Damage depend to the height, cap at 640%. [Minimal Knockback to Moderate Knockback, Great toss, Moderate Stun])

                                            Defensive/ranged - power increase with absorbed attacks. This action change the color of the character, that symbolises energy level: White => Cyan => Lime => Orange => Red. Energy decrease by one energy level/3.5 seconds. Taking damage will decrease energy. If you continue to increase your energy after the red level, it explode, dealing 300% damage in aoe (affect the Counter-Cyborg, allies and enemies).

                                            Speed: +++++
                                            Jump: +++++
                                            Regen: +++++


                                            Speed: +++++
                                            Jump: +++++
                                            Regen: +++++
                                            • Absorb and Counter: (Create a shield for 0.3 seconds. Absorb enemy attacks, countering them for 130% of the original damage, increase your energy reserve. Necessary attacks for passing levels increase with each threshold. [Minimal stun on attacking enemy])
                                            • Evolutive Missile Strike: (Launch homing missiles: 3 missiles/energy level. Each missile deal 25% damage)
                                            • Desperate procedure: (Release the energy. Deal 35% damage/energy level. Max the character's speed for 0.4 seconds/energy level [Moderate stun (when the Counter-Cyborg pass through enemy)])
                                            • Surge explosion: (Release the energy. Aoe increase by energy level, deal 160% damage/energy level, stun the character by 0.2 second/level and deal 10% of the total damage to him. Cooldown increase by 3.5 seconds/energy level. [Minimal Knockback to Great knockback, Great Toss, Moderate Stun])

                                            P.S: Thanks DJFlare84 for the template with the engi :).
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