Character Progression and Mastery Augment

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by huangrkul, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. huangrkul

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    First of all, I apologize if this has already been brought up and I failed at my forum searching ability. Now onto my idea~

    Essentially, this is a system that will track just about everything you do, and reward you accordingly. The awarded passives are so minuscule that it won't upset the balance in any way. Here are some examples:

    (each level progression will improve the passive by 0.2% up to maybe a total of 5%)
    ~Total traveled distance on foot = Reduced general energy consumption.
    ~Total fish caught (on rod) = Increased rare fish chance, better loots, more raw fish yield.
    ~Total farming (planted and harvested) = Increased crop yield, possible seed loots.
    ~Total enemies killed = Increased damage modifier, attack speed.
    ~Total damage taken = Increased defense modifier.
    ~Total treasure found = Better loots, more pixels.
    ~Total pixels earned from selling = Better prices, possibility higher quality stocks.
    ~Total ores mined = Increased yield per ore.
    ~Total successful archaeology mini games = More available tools in the mini game.
    ~Total swim distance = Faster swimming speed.
    ~Total quests completed = Better loots, possibility unlocking higher tier quests (?).
    ~ the list goes on...whatever the game can track, player should get rewarded.

    Lastly, I think instead of making this a permanent mechanic per character, this could just be in a form of augmentation. This way, it can be shared between characters or accounts so it can be carried on in case you retire your previous character. Simply take it off one character and apply it to another through augment window or something.

    I personally think I would sink another 100 hours into the game (lol) if I know everything I do, no matter how mundane, will award me even if it's very little. What do you guys think?

    Thank you for reading my idea, any feedback is welcomed.
  2. SixNocturnal

    SixNocturnal Space Hobo

    If only it could be possible to make bonuses dissabled when /pvp mode is turned on multiplayer. So everything should be okay, when you want to fight with someone, for example with the same wapon and armor. I love when it is possible to upgrade your character's skills, so I think it is a good idea tho. A bit more to do in game.

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