Modding Help Changing a character's appearance once they've been made..?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by meowreka, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. meowreka

    meowreka Void-Bound Voyager

    I tried to fiddle with the .player files and just replace my already made character with a new character with a better look that I wanted, but because I was just using notepad a lot of things seemed to go wrong.

    There's also just a LOT of ambiguous data in that folder, and I don't understand most of it.

    I know I should either deal with it or make a new character, but I really want to change the appearance/stance/colors/hair/etc. of my main character.
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  2. zeleni3

    zeleni3 Big Damn Hero

    Data containing player appearance looks like this


    Just Ctrl+F it to find it easily.
  3. meowreka

    meowreka Void-Bound Voyager

    What kind of file reader should I use to open .player files?

    I'm using notepad++ and I'm seeing a lot of weird symbols like NUL and BEL
  4. zeleni3

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  6. WildPL

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    Same here, Starcheat is outdated (or was a few days ago, when I checked) and I am this kind of person that would recostumize its character once every few hours.
  7. zeleni3

    zeleni3 Big Damn Hero

    You don't need Starcheat.
    Just create a new character with the appearance that you want your old one to have, use the method in the tutorial to make them readable and copy the chunk of data from the screenshot i posted above from your new character to the old one.
    Then use the same method from the tutorial to make your new .player file but replace "dump_versioned_json.exe" with "make_versioned_json.exe".
  8. Nekonici

    Nekonici Space Hobo

    What do you mean by "Then use the same method from the tutorial to make your new .player file but replace "dump_versioned_json.exe" with "make_versioned_json.exe" - sorry I'm such a noob.
  9. Mjollna

    Mjollna Phantasmal Quasar

    Hello !

    The idea is that player files are "packed" in a (binary) format for easier use by the game. It's great for programs, but more difficult for people who want to edit the files. That's why there are two utilities in Starbound folder to help unpacking (dump_versioned_json) and re-pack (make_versioned_json) once you're done with editing. You can think of that as taking papers out of a box, writing stuff on them and putting them in the box again.

    The tutorial that zeleni3 linked tells you how to "unpack", so that you can change the values you want as human-readable text, in Notepad or Notepad++ or whatever you feel comfortable with.
    The command works as follows (if you're on Windows) : dump_versioned_json.exe yourplayerfile.player thefileintextformat.player

    Then you can edit "thefileintextformat.player".

    To "repack" to make the game understand your player file again, you can follow the tutorial again, with 2 changes in the command (the program name is different and the input/output file names are switched).
    The command you'll enter will be : make_versioned_json.exe thefileintextformat.player yourplayerfile.player
  10. Titanium

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    Are you trying to make a barber mod? :0

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