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    Whales are great, plant whales are even better, would love to draw fanart of them sometime.
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    Well, some elders have a size of a common space station, while most adults have a size of a spaceship. As for the babies, they generally have a size of a bus.

    Well, of course I compare their size using Starbound, but I think you can imagine how big it is in real life.
    I'm not sure how many. But they can have different kind of flowers, leaves, colors, behavior, according to their birth environment. Some of them can look really bizzare and freaky.
    The common one are usually found in a planet with a high population in it (but it's still quite rare though), while the rare and unique one (and can also be the dangerous one) can be found in a much more dangerous and inhospitable planet.
    They are quite smart. They can know if someone has a bad or good intention just by looking at them.

    So, they will not attack a hunter who has no intention to shoot them, but instead, they will attack a fancy innocent-looking man who has an intention to destroy their home and replace it with a fancy hotel.
    Well... yes. It end badly though.
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    Space Travelling
    Hmm... okay, I don't know what to explain yet. But the creature I made here is called "Trufforca," a combination between truffle and orca (I believe you can already guess it). So, what special from this creature is that they ate corpses and space ship wrecks floating in the void space. (Who's going to clean up the space if not them?)
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    Akimbo Defence
    A drawing request I got from dA. It was super hard for me, because I never draw a Glitch and a fox girl before. But it looks like I manage to finish it.
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    This is really great, dude.
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    Thanks! I try to make it as similar as like in the movie "2 Guns," but those flying dollars make me crazy.
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    Admiral Yumiko Hiroshi
    Admiral Yumiko Hiroshi, the feared admiral of the 17th Evergreen Privateer, the Death Crescent.
    Yumiko Hiroshi (her men usually called her Admiral Hiroshi, while her friends usually called her Yumiko) is an admiral of the 17th Evergreen Privateer, or known as the Death Crescent. She is the most feared Evergreen Privateer admiral in the Evergreen Kingdom. She is known for her exceptional skill in raiding strangers and helping the Evergreen Marine.

    As a child, both Yumiko's mother and father were killed while defending their village from the Floran invaders in the Floran-Hylotl War a long time ago. At that time, Yumiko was cornered by a group of Floran invaders at her home and would have the same fate as her parents. But suddenly and ironically, a Floran came out from nowhere, and saved her. It turns out that the Floran that that saved her, is a soldier from the 13th Evergreen Ranger, a forces sent by the Evergreen Kingdom to stop the war from excalating any further.

    After Yumiko was saved, the Floran who save her, Akesadi, decide to adopt her and raise her with his wife, Samantha (a Human who loves Akesadi with all her hearts). From there, Yumiko grew together with her two step siblings, Wallace, her Human brother, and Afa, her Floran sister.

    Family Crest

    Yumiko never forget to bring the Evergreen emblem anywhere she go. The Evergreen emblem symbolize a kingdom who protect and care its people forever, as strong as a tree that never falls and as wise as a tree that will forever provides home and protection for its inhabitants. The Evergreen believes that anyone who believes in good and the way of Evergreen are considered as the friend and family of Evergreen. Therefore, no matter what they are, who they are, or where did they come from. They all are considered as not only just friend, but also family.

    Lucky Cap

    Yumiko always wear her lucky helmet whenever things start to get nasty. A standard-issue Evergreen helmet designed for the Hylotl.

    Trusty Weapon

    Yumiko's favorite range weapon is the standard-issue Evergreen rifle, known as the Pine M1. A rifle usually used by the new recruit (even though Yumiko is an officer, Yumiko chose to keep it as her main weapon until now). As for melee, Yumiko always use her trusty energy katana. She also likes to bring a couple of grenades with her. Just in case.

    About the Evergreen Privateer

    The Evergreen Privateer is simply known as the pirate of Evergreen. They are consist of criminals, bandits, outlaws, and many other bad guys. The king of Evergreen encourage them to become a better person and to be able to protect the people they love. Now, they turn in to the most bloodthirsty and cruel men of Evergreen, who are ready to fight for good and defend the people they love. But still, they like to play on strangers by scaring them with their scary pirate looks. They say that it is the fun part of their job.

    To be honest, I think this is the longest description I ever write here.

    Forgive me for my laziness in writing it back (cause it super long), so I just copy-paste it here from my dA page.
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    Now we just need those weapons...A fl- normal sized-jugs girl is the best one
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    Happy Halloween, everybody! I hope you enjoy this year's Halloween.

    I actually have something to tell about these two scarecrows, but I'll write it later, when I have some spare time.
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    Okay, I have finally finish making the headcanon about the race I made, called Scarlet. So, here it goes.

    Scarlet are a race of puppet-like humanoid. have an appearance similar to a common scarecrow. They have a very large and sharp pointy mouth, and they usually wear an outfit in European style. Even though scarlet have a harmless and innocent look, they have a long dark history, which once made them the most feared race before the Floran. Because of their past, Scarlet can only eat meat. They can still eat plants, but they will find it real nasty. Scarlet are known for their playful and mischief behavior toward others, especially strangers. Scaring them will always be their favourite.


    Most of Scarlet body parts, except their eyes and heart, are made of materials similar to fabric, but they are far more complicated and alive. As for their eyes and heart, they are made of materials similar to rock, but then again, they are still far from just a rock. If a Scarlet lose one of their body parts, including their head (as long as it is not completely destroyed), they can still reattach it back and survive without it for a short time, but as long as their heart and head is not destroyed. But still, despite their unique strength, it is still feels very painful and an unattended wound can cause a Scarlet to die.

    Past Scarlet

    Scarlet past history has never been something they wanted to remember, or even exist. It is a painful scar they can't heal in their history.

    In the past, Scarlet were ruled by a wicked couple, a couple of Scarlet witch, who believes that by hate and chaos, they can lives forever. The wicked couple then took control of the mind of the Scarlet, and turn them into mindless monster, whose only desire is to brutally attack anyone on sight and eat them alive.

    For hundreds of years Scarlet have suffer an endless nightmare they can't control. Until one day, a group of Scarlet, who suddenly have their mind back, mount a rebellion. They kill the wicked couple, and burn their castle along with all their belongings, and finally free the Scarlet from the spell.

    Present Scarlet

    After the Scarlet are free from the spell, they start to rebuild their home from scratch. They also start an to fix their relationship with the other races. It took a hundred years just to rebuild their home, and another hundred years to gain the trust of the other races. All effort were done to bring back their name as a peaceful race and a safe future for their children.

    Now on, the Scarlet are known to be a race who produce and export a huge amount of high quality crops. They also now have an army, that are ready to help keeping the universe safe, and prevent and stop their past from repeating.


    Scarlet army are mostly consist of militia and town watch. Their army are mostly known for their fighting style in guerilla. Scarlet rarely go on fighting in an open all out battle. They tend to fight in the shadow and hit the enemy when the time is right.


    Even though Scarlet don't eat plants, oddly, most of them are farmers. They plant crops in the field and sell it to the other races. But besides crops, they also breed cattles, so they can take its meat and milk for their source of food.

    Social and Culture

    Scarlet usually live in a village and small towns with a European style architecture. Each village and small town are lead by a leader, called Greatscar. A Greatscar can be identified by a huge scar they have on their body. So, a Greatscar is not chosen by its people, but by a huge scar that naturally appear on their body, that marked and chose them as the Greatscar. A Greatscar will always be a wise and fair person, who knows on what to do and not do.

    Fun Fact
    • When Scarlet are angered, their eyes and mouth will glow. But in some rare cases, their eyes and mouth can also glow without reason.
    • Scarlet don't bleed, but an unattended wound can still kill them.
    • Scarlet reproduce by manually sewing their children from the materials they got from... uh... I don't need to explain it. More or less, it's the same like the Glitch.
    • Scarlet can live for a short time without their head, as long as their head is not destroyed.
    • The only race that were not attacked by the Scarlet are the Floran, Agaran, Glitch, and Novakid.
    Alright, I think that's all (for now). If you guys have questions, I would be happy to answer it. Maybe it can be improve the headcanon of the race I made here.
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    Now I'll have to wait for a comic = w=
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    Scarred Forest
    Can anyone guess where did I take reference for the two girls above? I will grant free drawing request for the one who can answer it first.

    Hint: It's an anime.
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    The Captain
    Just one of the early art I made.
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    *Sound of wind blowing.*
    Woah, it's so quite here.

    Still, no one can answer it. Oh, man. That's a good opportunity...
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    So the rare, majestic, hypertimespace legendary I-see-what-you-did-there-post.
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    Do you guys need more hint?
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    These types of posts are not allowed. Please edit in at least a sentence.
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    Thank you for informing me
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    It has been a long silence. So here's an art to lighten things up.

    Azara "Black Powder" Blackroot

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