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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by InvertedPencil, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. InvertedPencil

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    I am not feeling the hype for this game in the community that I feel it deserves is there going to be a bigger media push closer to release date?

    also I am super exited for any more news on the game in general especially since tiny metal came out and its just not what I wanted from this style of game.

    its crazy to me to think that as much as i dislike early access that i really wish this game had a EA version on steam although I am sure that is int possible since development seems to be on the later stages

    anyway I am just stoked for this game. I saw a vs match of the devs playing online I would love to see more of those as its a very fun game to watch
    • Chizuru Minamoto

      Chizuru Minamoto Subatomic Cosmonaut

      I'd say the forum is kinda silent, yes. Doesn't mean I am not excited for the game, and I'm sure other people are too, but in my case, I don't hype too much on games, hype isn't a good thing, leads more often than not to expectations not being met. I have my expectations, but I'm not going to die if they have to push the release date or make a thing different or anything. Some people would whine about it though.

      I'm pretty sure they could, but the way I see it, prefere not to, due to either two things :

      1) Its a small project, not a big game like their yet to be announced "Spellbound", and as such, they don't believe they need one (Which in my opinion is way more likely).
      2) Starbound's "terrible" early access reviews. Starbound was, for some people, terrible due to long early access times and such, and changes that they didn't want to see happen, like the removal of heat changing depending on time, weather, and such. I personnaly understand that they wanted to change things up, and sure they took a whole year without any big update to the game to redo a lot of code, and revamp the combat system, and well, it was a beta, so things do change, not always for the best but still, its expected; but many people see this as the game failing to keep its promises... Which in turn they dirty the name of Chucklefish, which in turn tarnishes their image in front of a larger audience without them even knowing about the issue.
      In fact, the same thing happened on Stardew Valley... Chucklefish released some translations (Which, from what I heard, weren't that good of a quality?), but only released 7 languages, and French wasn't one of them. And so in the French community, many began to call Chucklefish being "racists" because they never translated any of their games in French... But THEY DIDN'T TRANSLATE ANY OTHER GAME IN OTHER LANGUAGES ANYWAY... which made no sense, Stardew Valley is the only one they ever transalted... The problem is, this tarnishes the image of Chucklefish even more, for absolutely no reason. (For information, I am French, I know English pretty well so I don't even need a translation, but I wouldn't call someone racist for not translating their game in a language that they don't know... Its a nice touch, sure, but would I go as far as to insult people for this reason? I personnaly wasn't disappointed yet in Chucklefish, so I'm still sending love towards their work).

      Anyway, for my part, the only problem of early access is, you discover parts of the game before the full release, and so when the full release drops, you feel like the game is kinda "empty" at times, while a player who buys it after the full release would have tons of things to discover. But it only means I stop playing Starbound for a little while (especially since my computer is pretty bad), and will come back to it whenever their 1.4 update comes out! :nurutease:
      • ppm4587

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        I think that this is stupid, Becouse, the problem could be that is more expensive find french translator and the movement, could don't report income to the company. But Stardew Valley have a english for babies, are really easy. And I prefer english than a bad Spanish translation. Today I finished "Gone Home", and is a great game, and I played in English, and the fan-translations are really poor.

        For indies (I don't talk about Ubi, EA, Square, Nintendo...) the translation is spensive and they can't control the quality of the translation. I not played Stadew Valley in Spanish, but I prefer play it in English and still learning names of seeds and plants.
        And in european market, usually all games if have more than English language and original country language, the games could have Germany translation, becouose German is the biggest european market.

        I'm 100% agree with Chizuru.
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        • Chizuru Minamoto

          Chizuru Minamoto Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Well they will have french translated in the next update, along with multiplayer and all, hopefully, people will stop crying about it...
          And yes, I totally agree on bad translations. If you take The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion as an exemple, the French translation is broken... I played it in english, and in fact, its part of why I wanted to be good in english.
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          • Xurkey

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            Here I will help you out.

            • Bamboozler

              Bamboozler Space Penguin Leader

              The forums don't represent the hype as much as other platforms. Make sure you follow their Twitter, join their Discord server, and subscribe to their YouTube. There's a bunch of screenshots, videos and discussions found on those platforms.
              • Hattori_Hanzo

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                This game looks so amazing. Advance Wars was my favorite GBA game and this looks like it could be even better. The sort of Warcrafty theme is an upgrade offer AW as well, I remember back when I was playing Advance Wars thinking something like this but with knights and mages and so forth would be so cool, and many years later it's happening!. I just got a Nintendo Switch and I'm looking forward to playing this as much as Zelda (currently playing Stardew Valley and Super Mario Odessey). Keep up the good work and please don't let this fall apart before it's released. Easy Day 1 purchase for me.

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