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Cannot Upload Resource Update

Discussion in 'General Forum Help' started by Zancuno, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Zancuno

    Zancuno Existential Complex

    Eh well didn't think I would have to flag support, geez.

    I am trying to upload my next update to my mod and it keeps declining me.

    The error is : The file is too large for the server to process

    I know the mod limit is 10MBs but the file I am trying to upload is only 2.17MBs.

    Its compression is a .zip file.

    I am using:

    -Chrome 63 on Windows 10
    -JavaScript is enabled
    -Cookies are enabled
    -Flash is up to date
    -Java is disabled because Chrome apparently does that
    -64bit version

    I don't really know how to tell you much better info than that.

    Also I do not know if the servers are being run hard from a massive quantity of uploads. I do not have a way of checking that issue (it's not possible of course).

    So I thought I would raise a support flag to let you guys know while I figure out how to post my update.

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