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Bug/Issue Cannot sleep after passing out in bed

Discussion in 'Support' started by aerinater, May 26, 2018.

  1. aerinater

    aerinater Void-Bound Voyager

    About two days after upgrading my house to the third tier, I was out in the Skull Mines trying to find some iridium and I ended up cutting it extremely close to getting back to my house in time for bed. I was able to get into my bed, but was unable to click on it in time to bring up the prompt to have my character go to sleep and he passed out.

    For the next couple nights, I again cut it close to the 2AM 'deadline', but this time I was able to get to my bed in time and hit the dialog to go to sleep. I saw the 'Zzz' bubble above my head after hitting yes, but a couple seconds afterwards, my characters eyes opened again and I was able to walk around again and I passed out in bed. One night I thought it was the pass out thing being the issue, so I tried going to bed well before then and it still occurred - the lights were turned off and my character did the animations for sleep, but his eyes opened after just a second without actually going to bed.

    I figured that the game was bugged, so I walked to the door to go outside and see if the lights would reset and I would be able to try to get to sleep again, but instead the overnight 'sleep' screen came up and the day passed. Since then I've had to go through that process to have the night pass without my character passing out.

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