Can You Change the Pet's Icon?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justincase, Jan 5, 2018.

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    Hello. I recently discovered the joy of reskining animals in this game and decided to change my pet dog's skin to that of a Border Collie ( Unfortunately the reskin did not include the pet icon and it is really annoying. I figured I could use one of the sprite's pictures as a replacement but I don't know where I should look. Can anyone tell me where and what to replace, if possible?

    PS: I plan to do the same for a horse texture.
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      Someday, I will meet CA face to face. I shall hug him for making a sweet, wonderful game. And then I shall bat him on the side of the head for making his game files a disorganized mess.

      The file you want is Cursors.xnb in the 'Loosesprites' folder. Hunt carefully, the pet icons are rather tiny and in the upper left quadrant of a very large sprite sheet. (The horse as well.)

      You'll need to carefully swap the icon you want to use into the /exact/ spot to overlay the defaults without disturbing any of the rest of the sprite sheet contents. (I'm going to presume since you've reskinned another graphic file, you already know how to unpack the xnb files and re-pack them, if not, there are tutorials in the Mods subforum.) I strongly suggest making a backup of Cursors.xnb before you unpack or change anything, just. In. Case.
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