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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DreamState, May 14, 2018.

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    i'm a really big fan of the Advance Wars games. I've invest much time in the map editor and after all this time, find it really limited. I have big faith in the capacity of the wargroove editor to make glorius campaign and let player have fun with it.
    However, i have questions/suggestions about this.
    1/ Will it be possible to build Cooperation campaign. What i mean is a campaign, where more than one player face the IA. Obviously, campaign like that must be only 2 players coop campaign, but he will make the game enjoyable for those wanting a challenge for 2 players without to play one versus the other.
    2/ Will it be possible to edit the building props, like, this tower won't be able to build X units. This is an easy way to give stories to place (it's a milician town, only milician can be recruit here) and give a huge amounts of different maps.
    Thanks for the answer,
    Dream State
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      I'm hoping to be able to rename unit and characters names as well.
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        Hey there! Great to hear you're excited about the Wargroove editor tools :D
        To answer your questions;

        1) Yes you will be able to do this in local multiplayer, but there's currently no plans to allow you to play campaigns online. You can of course still share campaigns online though.
        2) Yes this feature exists! :)

        Hope that helps.
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