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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DreamState, May 14, 2018.

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    i'm a really big fan of the Advance Wars games. I've invest much time in the map editor and after all this time, find it really limited. I have big faith in the capacity of the wargroove editor to make glorius campaign and let player have fun with it.
    However, i have questions/suggestions about this.
    1/ Will it be possible to build Cooperation campaign. What i mean is a campaign, where more than one player face the IA. Obviously, campaign like that must be only 2 players coop campaign, but he will make the game enjoyable for those wanting a challenge for 2 players without to play one versus the other.
    2/ Will it be possible to edit the building props, like, this tower won't be able to build X units. This is an easy way to give stories to place (it's a milician town, only milician can be recruit here) and give a huge amounts of different maps.
    Thanks for the answer,
    Dream State

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