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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by callofmanz, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. callofmanz

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    Hey, I recently started a modding series for enraged koala on youtube. I will put the links for the episodes below. Hope they help :D

    Episode 1: Setting Up Link:
    Episode 2:
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  2. v6ooo

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    You will need to start preparing before you decide to record your videos. Don't just wing it and do stuff you shouldn't be doing during a tutorial or guide.
    I think if you wrote a script of what you're going to show and say would help you make these kind of videos.
    You will need to get some kind of video editing program because no one does one perfect take and sometimes they require a bit of editing.

    There is another way to go to the games directory on the computer and it will also be valid if people have installed the game in another path or on another hard drive.
    You go to your Steam Library. Right click Starbound and click Properties. Now click the Local Files tab and click on Browse local files...

    They added a batch file to make it easier for people to unpack files (Starbound\win32\unpack_assets.bat)
    This unpacks it into Starbound\assets\unpacked\

    There were a couple of errors in the video about information, typo's, etc etc..
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  3. Jack_Kéther

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  4. OmnipotentEntity

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    This is only applicable to the nightly. If he's modding Enraged he should be ok.
  5. Jack_Kéther

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    yeah but , soon or later it will be a stable build (more soon than later no?)
  6. callofmanz

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    Thanks for the critisism. I was just so tired of the takes for the first episode like recorder failing , people screaming in the background :/, ect. I get the part about the other stuff I was saying while recording but it's been a while since I've done something like this. Well thanks for that, it's just been hard to record and do such with school starting and crap like that. I also have a editing software call camtasia so.... I hope I can make the next one more professional.

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