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RELEASED Build Your Own ship/ Sandbox Ship[Dead]

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Rik, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    Attention: I might not be online for awhile due to my upcoming trip out of the country, I'll try to work on it some once I land, but I can't make any promises. I just wanted to apologize in advance if it seemed like I was ignoring your requests and ships. I've been very busy preparing for my departure and my recent accident. If you guys don't hear from me, I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and a happy new-year.

    I am officially no longer in my country, cheers guys.


    Want to build your own ship? Want to be a unique little snowflake and get bragging rights to your pals and impress strangers on the internet? Well, look no further, as you can now build your own ship of any shape or (reasonable)size!

    Each Ship Piece is of course, movable/destructible with extra copies of ship essential items included in the locker.
    (now with extra servings of side AND bottom boosters!)

    Note(does not come with materials outside of the ship parts and boosters to build your ship design with, I prefer you guys to collect the materials you desire yourselves as part of the creative process rather than slap as many blocks as I can into the starting storage)

    If you don't want to bother with save editing, check out this awesome mod here.
    (his version also comes with building materials and is less likely to break each update)

    Can't be bothered to build your own ship because you're an underachiever, lazy, or just looking to see what is in the realm of possibilities? Well look no further, below is a collection of pre-made player ships for you to download freely. (seriously check these out guys, they're Amazing)
    (All credit belongs to the ship's respective creators.)

    Amanda - By Syphist

    Simply Follow the instructions included in the zip.
    Works in Vanilla multiplayer and compatible with all races.
    No need to create a new character either, as you only modify the save file rather than ship files.

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  2. Nostredeus

    Nostredeus Orbital Explorer

    A thought:

    A quick edit of the "assets/treasure/default.treasurepools" file. Combined with references to the "assets/tiles/materials" folder, specifically the "apexshipdetails", "apexshipsupport", and "apexshipwall" files (although really there are other decent options too) should allow you to provide players with a tonne of starter ship building materials in their starting locker that they wouldn't be able to use to leverage their in-game advancement beyond building the ship they want.

    It should be possible to make all of this vanilla multiplayer compatible since the assets are already coded into the game.

    (In fact because you're using a shipworld file you can just dump a tonne of the materials you want into the starting locker before you share it on the forums, that'll allow even older characters the ability to create their own ships.)
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  3. Gorgasm

    Gorgasm Orbital Explorer

    Just wanted to say thank you very kindly Rik. Was not that big of a fan of the original ship layout and this makes it so much better. It is appreciated.

    *Edit: Saw an extra word in a sentence and my OCD would not let it live.
  4. Xuhybrid

    Xuhybrid Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    That's pretty clever of you.
  5. eSmokefish

    eSmokefish Void-Bound Voyager

    This pleases me greatly to see. Would you mind explaining how you went about to achieve this? While definitely a step up from vanilla I'd like an even larger area to build within, and I'd love to learn how to mod ships in general. Is there a tutorial someplace that someone knows of? My Search-Fu is a bit weak.
  6. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    I can tell you it isn't as easy as it seems, this can be due to how the ship system works, or my sheer lack of actual experience to make this mod properly.
    There are several issues that make this have to stay an exclusive save-file rather than go into the ship asset system.

    1.The Teleporter and Captain's chair both need to be against red tiles in the block-map file.
    This causes an issue because the teleporter's initial location is the set spawn point, the actual teleporter object placement after that does not determine spawn at all and may only be used as an object.

    So with this in mind, I essentially had to create two map versions with the tiles along the bottom of the map.
    I had to pick them up while modifying the map to make a new character so that I could have the center spawn and still keep the teleporter and chair.

    2.You cannot create background tiles on a map created with blue tiles.
    This would explain why you cannot place background tiles in the cockpit or such, But it was a severe pain in the **** for the creation of this map.

    I knew if I was going to make something modular like this, I couldn't force people to miss out on something important like background tiles.
    I took the block-map file and made the entire map yellow (the color for the apexwalls), then had to destroy every single wall in game to leave behind its usable blank space.

    3.Having a large size ship map exponentially increases file size and will likely strain servers due to how the client/ship relationship works.

    I personally don't recommend going much larger than this, as the file is already pretty close to 1mb in size (almost 4 times as big as the original ships)
    It's also pretty tedious to destroy all the background tiles. If you're willing to invest the time in it, by all means go ahead my friend.

    I apologize in advance for any typos this post may contain, I've just woken up. :zzz:
  7. wingedwolf123

    wingedwolf123 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Grrrrr lol i ve been working on this for days now trying to get the ship to be buildable etc
  8. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    I don't wish to double post, but I'd like someone to test this in both singleplayer and multiplayer to confirm whether or not this will work.
  9. Mumeishi

    Mumeishi Seal Broken

    Will other players see your ship or the vanilla version?
  10. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    yes, it works in multiplayer like I stated in my original post. All ships work functionally in multiplayer without any substantial modding, it is only the background image that needs to be shared between all users.
  11. Mumeishi

    Mumeishi Seal Broken

    Doh, I actually read that and still asked the question, lol!
  12. Mumeishi

    Mumeishi Seal Broken

    Okay, if I install this mod, will it delete my stuff for every character?
  13. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    No, it will only "delete" a character's ship if you replace their ship save with my file.
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  14. Mumeishi

    Mumeishi Seal Broken

    So it is character to character basis? :)
  15. Xuhybrid

    Xuhybrid Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah it only applies to new characters when you make changes. I tried changing where it looks for the dropship.structure but i was met with errors so i stopped looking/trying.
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  16. Mumeishi

    Mumeishi Seal Broken

    Lol, I'm sorry for the dumb questions, it was much easier than I had expected, I honestly should have just gone through with it before asking, my apologies!
  17. Mumeishi

    Mumeishi Seal Broken

    Well, I'm now getting an error. UuIDexception: Size mismatch in reading Uuid from ByteArray: 1 vs 16... (2)

    00530596 (C:/starbound/source/game/starplayerfactory.cpp:96
    00407A08 (C:/starbound/source/client/main.cpp:47)
    004DB571 (c:\SDL-1.2.15/./src/main/win32/SDL_win32_main.c:318)

    I removed your mod and still the error is there. Game won't launch anylonger. :(

    Deleting the entire character fixed it, game loads now. Also, I made a new character, replaced the file with yours, but nothing changed, weird. :u

    *Edit again, retried everything, and it worked, *shrug*
  18. Divinux

    Divinux Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Oh god this is fantastic, the only thing really missing from starbound for me. I'll be sure to try it out after the wipe.
  19. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    Why wait for the wipe? this mod doesn't require making a new character, just back up your current ship or move everything you wanna keep planetside before replacing your character's ship file.
  20. Divinux

    Divinux Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Because I'm using the time before the wipe to learn modding myself without the fear of breaking something, have already wiped all my characters myself. Been making random ships and spawning legendary weapons in chests. But man, your mod is a whole other level, seriously good job.

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