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Bug/Issue Bug with Foraging skill advancing causing trees to no longer drop seeds

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gandolfthefarmer, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Gandolfthefarmer

    Gandolfthefarmer Space Hobo

    I find this an extremely annoying bug and I have seen other players comment about it on the Steam discussion for Stardew Valley.

    When you acquire enough foraging skill to reach the next level you immediately revert to level 0 foraging skill with regards to tree seeds for the rest of that day.

    This means that trees no longer drop seeds if shaken or if cut down. Also, if you hit a seed on the ground with your axe or pick the seed is destroyed as if you had 0 skill in foraging.

    This will reset once you go to sleep, but for the rest of that day where you gained the skill to reach the next level tree seeds are broken.

    For example, in my current game I am level 3 in foraging. I need to cut down 4 more trees to gain level 4 in foraging. On this particular day I need 350 wood for some crafting projects. But I can't reach that goal because as soon as I cut down 4 trees and reach level 4 in foraging I can no longer craft field snacks as no more seeds drop. Without the energy from the field snacks I can't cut down more trees even though I have all day to it.

    Quite annoying.
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    • zrn

      zrn Yeah, You!

      Woooow, it's tied to leveling up your foraging skill. That explains a lot! Thanks for this info, that's really useful man. I hope it gets fixed soon.
      • Fortnight

        Fortnight Tentacle Wrangler

        I'm glad you posted this. I started the morning one foraging action from leveling, went to do some tree chopping/replanting, & couldn't figure out why every seed I hit with the pickaxe was being destroyed. Shame this wasn't fixed in 1.1/1.2. Hope it is in the next patch.

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