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Bug reports for Risk of Rain 1.0.2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by needsomemiracle, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. Chthonic One

    Chthonic One Aquatic Astronaut

    It's actually whoever picks up the first barbed wire gets all the benefit... that is until that person dies. If someone picks a barbed wire up while the one with the barbed wire is dead, they get the barbed wire, but it starts at the lowest level again, the original player loses it after they revive next map.
    • Bacter

      Bacter Master Chief

      I found what I... think? Is the start of a secret area, but it causes me to clip through the world. It's in the frozen tundra, when the LEFT bottom is blocked off. There is a little cubby-hole that is blocked off in the other map that's open maybe 2/3 of the way up the left-side wall. I can clip through the ceiling there (requires photon jetpack probably). I'll hit solid ground, then walk for a while, then fall through the world. I do reset taking regular fall damage.
      • meow247

        meow247 Pangalactic Porcupine

        ERROR in
        action number 2
        of Alarm Event for alarm 0
        for object oSpider:
        In script alarm_ai_default:
        In script teleport_nearby:
        Error in code at line 12:
                rety = tff.y+sprite_get_yoffset(ttele.sprite_index)-sprite_get_height(ttele.sprite_index)
        at position 48: Unknown variable sprite_index
        • Burby

          Burby Phantasmal Quasar

          I'm intrigued. Got any footage for this?
          • Bacter

            Bacter Master Chief


            So this screenshot isn't the best, sorry! But You can at least see me zooming up through the ceiling. I follow the path left, then fall out of the world, seeing the traditional "obviously never meant to be seen" scenery.
            • skyflame14

              skyflame14 Intergalactic Tourist

              The game tells you that the port that you are courrently using is closed, when you can host a game with it.
              • Reciful

                Reciful Orbital Explorer

                Seconding this. Had this error since 1.0.1, so I've been playing in 1.0.0.
                • Plumpman

                  Plumpman Space Hobo

                  Alright so my brother and I were playing multiplayer, when suddenly he couldn't take actions anymore (jumping, using) and his character was glitching out by flipping left and right really fast.
                  Now he can no longer play the game after several restarts and reinstalls. What the heck is going on, how is his game dead in the water?

                  EDIT: The origin could be the difficulty bar, or UI? (It also doesn't show up properly).

                  Heres the error:
                  ERROR in
                  action number 10
                  of Draw Event
                  for object oHUD:
                  Error in code at line 41:
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                  • Sir Slush

                    Sir Slush Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Mercenary can use his third skill (don't remember the name) to slip through stage collisions. I don't know if he can do it all the time, but on at least one run after getting a good 40-ish items, he began slipping into the landscape regularly any time I used the skill.
                    ...So of course, I used it to bypass all the door locks on the ending stage, just for fun. :DD
                    • Bacter

                      Bacter Master Chief

                      This one is kind of minor... ghosts mess up the yellow arrow pointing to remaining enemies after a boss is killed. It thinks the ghosts are enemies.
                      • Cloud Catcher

                        Cloud Catcher Space Hobo

                        I was just playing a run trying to unlock the Captian's Brooch and/or the Alien Head as Huntress. At not too far past the hour mark (or maybe 70 minutes), I finally found a golden chest, but when I activated my Explorer's Key, I crashed. I heard an achievement sound before I did, but when I started the game back up the achievement was still locked. I'd give a screenshot or an error log or something but there isn't anything, sorry.

                        EDIT: my friend also seems to be affected by an issue that prevents her game from making multiplayer connections after she puts her computer to sleep, so she has to restart her computer every time we try to play together.
                          Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
                        • BestFriendSkull

                          BestFriendSkull Master Chief

                          For one reason or another I can't adjust the "surface" option in the options menu to off.
                          • soup2504

                            soup2504 Space Hobo

                            Yes, hello. This is referring to me. I would like to elaborate on this a bit.
                            Okay, so I would first like to mention that the server hosting and joining is done through Hamachi, and RoR is the only game at the moment that will not let me host or connect to anyone if I put my computer to sleep, or put it in hibernate. I have also talked to a few people with the same issue, and it seems that the only people I have talked to about it all use Windows 8 (I do as well). I'm not sure if this is exclusive to windows 8 users, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was, honestly.

                            And this may not really be a bug, but I've noticed some HUGE fps drops on the last level, even when I change to low settings. I can pretty much max the settings in Metro 2033 (Advanced DOF and Tessellation turned off. DOF is ugly and tessellation isn't worth the fps drop), so I'm pretty sure this isn't a problem with my computer.
                            • meow247

                              meow247 Pangalactic Porcupine

                              a bug where i cant open the weaponry area even though i have a key card
                              • Tosxychor

                                Tosxychor Yeah, You!

                                Pitching in with something I've noticed it's not been reported yet.
                                - First, it's not only DoT damage that can get ignored in MP if you're a guest, but also regular damage, (it gets particularly infuriating when you can't kill those tiny imps with 0 HP, or you use a doll on a boss, REPEATEDLY, only for it to shrug it off and heal back like it never happened)
                                - One thing that gets ALWAYS ignored about Acrid's C (in MP, and if you're a guest) is the slowdown: Acrid gets to see the enemies crawling, then all of a sudden BAM they're attacking right in front of you, exactly as if they had moved at normal speed all this time (or if you're prepared enough after running from them, you throw a X at seemingly nothing only to catch and stun several of them seemingly materialized in front of you, the ninja bastards)
                                - Also, Merc's C doesn't hit the Cremator (at least when the boss is in the upper pool, and the Merc is on the platform)
                                • Zalird

                                  Zalird Space Hobo

                                  This is my error;/ Please help.

                                    Attached Files:

                                  • Epigene

                                    Epigene Space Hobo

                                    Ditto. The ghosts also are treated as enemies by the yellow enemy indicator arrow (the ghosts don't add to enemies remaining count though), which can confuse looking for stragglers a bit.
                                    • Deliagwath

                                      Deliagwath Space Hobo

                                      I found a minor bug where the chest in the final level's supposed to teleport to the boss' room, but instead just moves to the right.
                                      Not very clear, but the chest is under the Massive Leech.
                                      Edit: For some reason I couldn't attach the full image...
                                      • DCDTDito

                                        DCDTDito Space Hobo

                                        Ingame key use item called Adventurer's key but item logs called Skeleton key
                                        • Psychopath12

                                          Psychopath12 Tentacle Wrangler

                                          -Ghosts created by Happiest Mask or Jar of Souls can trigger the Minefield mines. I presume they also trigger Panic Mines and Bounding Mines but I've yet to check those two.
                                          -The aesthetic effect from Spotter: SCAN doesn't look proper on Vagrants and Jellyfish because their sprites rotate.
                                          -No idea what caused this one but I'm guessing it had something to do with Spotter: SCAN making enemies not count towards being required to use the teleporter.

                                          And some nitpicking too.
                                          -Heaven Cracker has odd interaction with projectile-based classes like Engineer. Not so much a bug but something to look into as it does make fighting with indirect fire clunky when shots will periodically fire straight ahead instead.
                                          -"Fears" status effect makes no sense; it should be "Scares" or "Instills fear". Why would a lantern fear things? It's not sentient of the spooky creatures around it.
                                          -The chains on the bottomleft-side of the Frozen Tundra stage with a finished bridge have an annoying pixel-perfect jump. Consider closing the gap, raising the top of the chain, or lowering the target platform.
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