RELEASED Bug Net 1.0.0-fixed

Catch butterflies and critters.

  1. spacechase0

    spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

    spacechase0 submitted a new mod:

    Bug Net - Catch butterflies and critters.

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    • SuperMich

      SuperMich Void-Bound Voyager

      I really want to use this mod, but it says its not compatible :(
      • spacechase0

        spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

      • SuperMich

        SuperMich Void-Bound Voyager

        I downloaded the new version but SMAPI is still telling me that the mod is no longer compatible, Is there something I am doing wrong?
        I hope I am not bugging you (I'm sorry no pun intended) I know you are probably extremely busy updating your other mods.
        I am so interested in this mod, I always wanted to catch bugs in stardew valley and from what you have shown this looks amazing! <3
        • Murrthecat

          Murrthecat Big Damn Hero

          I just wanted to let you know: I downloaded the mod and got to buy the Bug Net. However, the Critter Cage is just a blank space with a shadow in my inventory.
          Thanks for updating all your mods so quickly after the 1.4 update. You've added so much life to the game. I imagine this is a stressful time for prolific modders like you, but I hope everything's going alright for you.

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