Bigger, advanced Boats and Submarines

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    There have already been suggestions for both boats and submarines. One question to ask with it is, in which way will these, and other vehicles, carry people inside? For example, i would like to have a small boat, a little fishing boat. Sure, that would be a vehicle i can simply sit in and row it left and right. But if i would, for example, want a big boat (or submarine), that can carry me and my friends, it would have to be quite bigger and more advanced. This here is my suggestion.
    It'd be awesome, if you could have a boat, that you can either steer, or also walk around in, as a passenger. Like a yacht or sailboat. Up to even bigger sizes, say, Queen Marry-ish, if you can find a big enough ocean planet to ferry.

    Examples from a different dimension:

    Being on such a ship would firstly have a social purpose (hanging out with friends, chilling, chatting, doing calm activities like fishing, swimming, diving and such). Some non-serious relaxation is often fun, look at Second-Life-ish games. These boats could actually be a fun social hangout place, especially if it's of a somewhat big size, so people can walk around in it. (Oh god i'm demanding a lot here)
    However, it may also be a part of the game in a useful way. You could equip your ship with a sonar to hunt underwater treasures or equip it with arms and cannons to fight against whatever you might possibly meet on the big blue/orange/green sea.

    Think about the boats 'n Floran hoes.
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  2. Yes as Tiy stated Boats will serve the purpose of transport between 2 points of a large chunk of water.
    Then a Social HUB with interactive stuff for be a fun thing, is something I would Like, then can also be expanded for support: FISHING. :love:
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    Yeah it's actually reading your fishing idea somewhere and then thinking back to that screenshot from the Roadmap that made me come up with this.
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    Oh poopsicles i forgot my big effort-taking picture
    -snipped and pasted on top-
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    hehe, make sure you don't stay in the water too long, before he will come for you. *hear the violin* oh crap! RUUUUN :eek::saywhat:. Which in that meaning higher chance you might face under water creatures or either boss. (side tracked idea) Like the story from the bible, get swallow by a whale...harsh it got me wondering is starbound is going put such a thing into the game...hmmmm substitute whale + mount = submarine creature to be in... stomach or either air oxygen room...Make sense :chucklefish: that its tamable whale :badpokerface::sarcasm::megusta: .
  6. Evangelion

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    Tch... rich people.
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    well I have to agree, I don't like rich people boats too much because they want too much luxury which beginning of laziness to build up. I prefer have fine toilet and a great armor boat like this one.

    note its on google

    or we could go wtih old ship how they did with pirate ship like black pearl.
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    Tiy said somewhere he would very much like to add fishing, post release. that'd be super swell, huh?
  9. Yes I'm aware of it, it would be a better stretch goal than vanity pets, but that's ok since the DEV team seems overloaded enough ^^
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    Fishing would be nice with boats, if there will be, for example, a system where certain fish/catches appear at certain planets, making a boat ideal for hunting those rare items.
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    Release's the Kraken! :viking:
  12. ChaoticGamer

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    kraken? please release the leviathan! note it discuss different type forum of leviathan could look or shape as in.
  13. Freddy

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    Yes please.
    Games often don't have vehicles you can walk around in while they're in motion, so I fully support this idea.
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    Bumping due to new suggestions system

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