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    Gold Clock should grant us absolute control over layout, particularly as regards wild tree seeds (maple, oak, and pine) by preventing their spawning and guaranteeing whatever we ourselves do plant fully matures. I am incredibly frustrated that even with Gold Clock now, every Spring without grass to prevent new seeds (which I cannot plant fast enough on touchscreen for it to survive into the 1st day of Spring!), my layout is permanently placed into jeopardy every year!

    It should also reset axe chops on all trees we have planted at the end of every day so that there can be NO MORE ACCIDENTAL FELLINGS ON TOUCHSCREEN ESPECIALLY from accumulated stray chops, please! I apologize for the all-caps but have just wasted 3 years because of all these issues, struggling to learn to manage to accomplish my layout and actually being thrown further away from it by the game the harder I try!

    For those wondering: button controls are still too unreliable in my experience. Touchscreen is just too squirrely. This would all be solved by just stopping the spurrious inputs at the source by the game's own logic rather than foisting it onto players.

    It would be great if it also removed planting restrictions on farm tiles like the top edge (had I known it would be forever blank in my file I would never have cut myself that path as a newbie!), most behind the house, a bunch between the mailbox and where a spouse does their thing outdoors behind the default Shipping Bin, around the mouth of the little cave, etc.

    Speeding up the pace they mature wouldn't hurt, either.

    We may as well also have a way to toggle the clock's effectiveness so control isn't 10M gold a pop if we ever want to ease up. Why not also let us pick which effects are active? Those, then, would be: no debris, no fence decay, no tree seed spawns, no grass spawns, no grass growth, faster tree maturity, guaranteed player tree maturity, daily tree damage reset. In addition to permanently allowing plantings on all ground tiles.

    I appreciate needing to meet the constraints of something natural, but if that's the case I would prefer the game spell out what those requirements are. That's my core issue, here. Because what's going on now we just plant something then cross our fingers it'll mature in who knows how long, which feels to me like an unfair waste of the player's time.
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