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Bug/Issue (BETA) Resting and gaining energy with no time consequence

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mike_h627, May 13, 2018.

  1. Mike_h627

    Mike_h627 Space Hobo

    I just recently bought the game and am playing in the Beta version w/ coop ext. I did notice that while being able to rest instead of sleeping for the night if the player is to keep the "Rest for the night" pop-up up no time will go by and the players energy level will still rise. I know that this could be non immersive for some players.
    • coffeediction

      coffeediction Yeah, You!

      I think this is called "nap", but that during singleplayer time stops when in a menu and still recovers is a bug. It would make sense that it recovers a bit while just laying down in bed, but time flows tough.

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