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Important BETA RELEASE DISCUSSION - DECEMBER 4TH (*ALL* beta discussion goes here. Other threads deleted)

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Tiy, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Sophiera

    Sophiera Subatomic Cosmonaut

    A comment about techs, there's a DIRE need for the ability to quick-swap Techs. Opening the menu just to change Techs mid-flight is just... no. Bad design, bad bad design.

    Also an indicator of what tech I'm currently equip right now will be great. Essential even. Too many accidental cliff falls because I forgot I swapped out to a different tech.
  2. [S]Boomi

    [S]Boomi Void-Bound Voyager

    Brain extractor is tooooo powerful)
  3. MadYennefer

    MadYennefer Master Chief

    Today i've messing arround the planets which is tottaly awesome - btw. different blocks are cool. :D But got one question regarding that:

    List of coordinates/ favorite planets at Navigation UI: For now players are forced to use notpad or what ever other tool to write down interesting planets, but it would be AWESOME! if u could add list of favorite coordinates/planets! :) Would be handy I gues.

    I love this game and so far I got a blast! :) If I will notice anything else - will write it here:)
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  4. NonBritGit

    NonBritGit Cosmic Narwhal

    This. I do feel that this is the case: The dev team has played and played, so that things that are busting our ass over and over, are a breeze for them. I'm pretty far into the first planet, summoned the ufo and got my ass handed to me in no time. I'm not even sure HOW you're supposed to beat it with the paltry weapons you have at this point in the game. Could also be that these types of things were designed (and tested) in multiplayer.
  5. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pangalactic Porcupine

    - Please remove pixel cost to break stuff down in the 3d printer. Like mentioned before: Losing the item should be punishment enough.
    - Please lower the cost of item printing drastically. It costs 375 pixels to break down a tent and a whopping 1500 to recreate one. Insane.

    - Right now there's way too much grinding. I understand it's a beta ofcourse. Just want to make a note of it. Up the amount of resources please, and, again, please allow us to store away our pixels.

    - Right now the robot boss is too easily manipulated. You can build a wall around it, imprisoning it, and then whack it with a sword, through the wall.

    - I really support the idea for a "visited" label on planets.

    - Have an ingame log where you can put in a couple of planets that you want to go back to later.

    - Quick stack! Terraria has so many good options, this being one of them. Again, I know you're not creating another Terraria game here, but with Terraria having so many good answers to certain issues, why try to re-invent the wheel?
  6. Superratz

    Superratz Big Damn Hero

    Yeah I notice that, hopefully they fix all that on the 12.
  7. asurakai

    asurakai Subatomic Cosmonaut

    please make some way of keeping track of the planets you have been to in the past if u move planet u have to write down where it was or abandon it altogather if you forgot where it is
    and you cant find planets you might have found that was interesting again. hope you take this in mind the game is great

    also can you sell things in this game in shops? no sell button even tho the npc say buy or sell maybe there is i just cant find it
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  8. Angeluzian

    Angeluzian Guest

    I signed up today to share my thoughts about the game, now that me and my friend has "completed" the game. I have not activly followed the development, so I apologize in advance if any of these are going to be implemented.

    First of all, I love the game and especially the difficulty. I love that its hard and not like terraria easy until hard mode and even then not to hard once you learn the ropes. And if you don't cheap out and build walls, your most likely gonna die alot in this game. Which I adore. I don't adore the no way of saving pixels, though, since this, besides refining copper later in the game is the only real way at the time of getting pixels. I know by the NPC vendors that selling will also come into place, especially since some of them say "Buy and sell" etc.

    Building in the game, atleast in the beta, seems pointless. Getting spawners are hard and you seem to want to move planets alot. The only real need for buildings was to build a skybridge to kill the UFO boss easier before he could smash blocks, which made him a tiny bit harder. Some people like myself, do like to decorate the ship, but its so small. I would very much like the ability to either build more parts to the ship so it becomes larger, or build the same ship, but bigger. While not much of the building is yet implemented, there is no reason to build outside your ship either, Since you move around alot and there is no "saved world list" besides the home planet you can set, which I don't see many people returning to.

    The game is a tedious grind without proper ore distrubtion compared to the tiers. We just found some platinum outside of chests in the actual world and at the same time we finished the beta with the Impervium. (We have not found a way to go higher, so we imagine this is the end of the beta Tier 3, and I heard there were 10). I myself, know that I would grow completly bored and quit the game unless that is fixed for the final release.

    The Techs. Dash and double jumps seem to be the best, imo. Gravity neutralizer I assume is bugged. Sometimes it drains energy, and I notice that when you die it stops draining energy completly, giving you a complete flying ability that last forever. Very useful in the caves I must say, but overpowered and I am quite sure, unintentional. The Samus Morph ball, Nice Metroid reference, btw. Is... useless?. The bombs damage yourself and do nothing to the enemies and you can barely jump nor bomb jump. I didn't play much metroid myself but I am quite sure that was a thing. The rocket jump seems to work like it should, it just took a bit of time to get used to. The rest of the techs, besides human mech, I never found myself, but the human mech, I got to say is completly useless. The game almost crash when you change while walking, which is not good. And the mechs strength towards enemies is patheticly weak compared to the movement and jumping hindrance. Make it stronger, make it able to smash blocks or something. Just a suggestion. The biggest problem I have with the techs is that you can't multiuse them, while I do agree that would be overpowered, it could be compensated with penalties, such as more energy usage. Or atleast a quick way to change the tech, its annoying to always go to the inventory to do so.

    I love the idea of coordinates working as seeds, bravo. The Generation besides ores seems stable and it always feel like an exploration. Though, I think it lacks generation underground to make it interesting, especially chest rooms, or perhaps a fish village. I only found a midget city that gives cash on destruction, what's up with that? Anyhow as many suggest, I think a "Visited" label, is a must. I also think an extended list where you can save planets you visited to (and another list that shows all planets you ever visited) would be great. I would also suggest the ability of a minimap of the place you explore, and the ability to land wherever you want on the planet. After all, you should you be atleast cycling around the planet so the new landing spot is always different, forcing you to explore the surface, and not like I done the past 20 planets, dig straight down for ore. You can still dig straight down, but you need to find it again. Another issue I have is the fuel, and I really hope you rebalance the ore you can use for fuel. Even stone axe, emptying a planet of trees dont take long and you have 10000+ fuel. The only ore you will actually bother to mine is coal, because you need it for higher tiers. I don't know what you are planning to do with Uranium, Plutonium or Solarium, but as they are right now, 4, 6 , 8 fuel respectivly (in ore form). And has no actual use so far? They really need to be rebalanced. Solarium is so rare imo it should be atleast 250 fuel. Make Plutonium half and Uranium half of that.

    The villages, the prisons and so forth are interesting and some of the villages are straight out beautiful. I do find the AI to be stupid, though. While I agree civilizans should call for guards, the guards dont seem to notice. Say you kill the guard at the front of the village, and the guards inside the village would not care unless you came close, armed. I suggest that when you kill someone they will attack you, and if you lay down your weapons, you get a pixel penalty, as if you have to pay damages.

    The Oculemon. Way to OP. Cut down a few trees and your set for life in food, lmao x) The Farming itself, I don't know how much of this you have made but it seems to be pretty useless and yields little. We farmed a bit in the beginning and we found it to be tedious waiting for no reward.

    Racial abilities, while I do know they are not implemented, but there are some things I like to address. For Example, Floran has these:
    • The gender buttons will be replaced with red and blue flowers, and various options will be relabeled to correspond properly with Floran physiology.
    • They will have a passive ability (with certain armor/tech) of slowly replenishing energy reserves when exposed to sunlight.
    • They are able to eat fruits that are poisonous to other races
    Tell me wrong if I am wrong here about these abilities (taken from the wiki), While I do agree that eating fruits that are poisonous make sense. The passive ability that also requires armor or tech seems to be completly useless, atleast, so far in the Beta. There has been no circumstances I had to little energy even of the 100 I have that I would ever need reserves. Suggestion: Florans can eat fruits that are poisonous, that much we know, but they should be immune to poison altogether, they are a plant. While its true some poison kills plants I still think thats a better idea. But since that could be to powerful, I would suggest that fire hurts a floran more than for example a human. In sunlight you could also and/or add the ability to regen HP and/or Energy instead, that sounds much more useful.
    The Hyolti. Weakness to Thunder, strong to fire. Breath indefinatly underwater as they should as well as swim faster. While they are a fish I dont understand why they would lost heat faster than other races. Simple things like this I would suggest, depending on where they come from.

    I do hope you manage to do well implementing the rest in order to make a great game, and I really can't wait to see it at the finished stage, but pleaseeeee fix ore balance, lol x)
    P.S I love the game, even though it may seem I am hating on it alot. I just want to see it improve to the potential it can have.
    Thank you for the great 30+ hours in the beta, xD
  9. PurpleXVI

    PurpleXVI Intergalactic Tourist

    Clearly a lot of the game is still under development, and with major revamps like the way armor and damage work underway, there's little to no point in commenting on that.

    However, one thing I'd like to comment on which does not seem to have been addressed in any dev post so far is the "crafting tree." See, at the moment, to get your "racial armor" you have to build up to a tier of "metal" armor, i.e. copper or silver, by upgrading prior tiers of metal armor, and then sidegrading to the racial armor you want. Like Sprout's or whichever. However, I cannot go from, say, Sprout's to Bonesmith's, if I sidegrade my first set of copper armor to Sprout's, but want Bonesmith later, I have to make a new set of Copper, then upgrade to Silver, then sidegrade to Bonesmith.

    I would really appreciate it if I could just upgrade my Sprout's straight to Bonesmith or something similar, anything else just seems kind of like pointless busywork. Additionally it'd also be nice if it was possible to EITHER upgrade OR simply jump straight to a tier. Like if I've already unlocked silver armor, but don't have a set of copper any longer, either I can make copper, then upgrade from that, for a slight saving in crafting materials(for instance if I have shitloads of copper but almost no silver), or if I have plenty of silver and pixels, I can just go straight to silver.

    Alternately, an option to just have the game list the cost for both crafting the item and crafting its precursor items if I have enough crafting materials to craft both, but do not currently have the precursor item. Just to shave off a bit of pointless busywork in the crafting.

    Additionally, sometimes it seems impossible to gauge the strength of an enemy. Like I'm on a planet where most things barely dent me, but then I touch one tiny little poop-golem in a poop-dungeon and it instantly gibs me.

    The game also seems very generous with how far you can fall before taking damage, which is nice, but the moment you cross that threshold you're INSTANTLY taking massive damage, almost guaranteed to kill you instantly. It would be nice if this scaled a bit more gently or if there was a better indicator of how far you could fall.

    Lastly, stuff like minimaps and etc. might be nice to have near the end-game or somewhere past the start, I don't think they're really needed for early-game stuff. But it would be nice if there was a something, an anything, showing how far you'd traversed around the planet, just to help you keep track of landmarks, for instance where a given trader or village is, if you want to return there at some point. Also, perhaps, just a thought, have the background terrain reflect terrain that's still out of view. For instance have a large hill or a lot of trees on the background terrain to the right if, some distance to your right, there is some of that. Have a castle or a village or a hut if, some distance to your right, there's a castle, a village or a hut. While it's a lot easier to look around than it is in games like Terraria, at least on 2x zoom, the zoom still feels a BIT constrained at times.
  10. ShrapnelShark

    ShrapnelShark Void-Bound Voyager

    So i got the game recently and just go to play it,just wanted to say its OODLES of freaking fun. First off i want to say the building in this game is GREAT! but i'd like a function that would let me use smaller squares of materials,so i'm not using large 4x4(I think thats what they where) of materials all the time.

    Now the slight problem is,material grind is not to bad but slightly steep.

    Like gathering Iron was a chore,it took me 2 hours just to find enough to make 2 ingots for the quest,let alone the dozens of ingots i need to make anything,this might of been a fault with the random planet generation though,so i might of been just unlucky hard to tell right now. This caused making ropes something i would never do because it costs an iron ingot to make a single use rope. Which is.....pretty expensive resource wise.

    Speaking of iron,i think the sprite for Iron should be tweaked a little....or any ore for that matter maybe should have a slight gleam to it,to make them a bit more obvious. Iron for me sometimes blends in right with the cobblestone a bit.

    Also no matter what item i have or how many pixels i have i can't seem to get the 3D printer to work at all.

    I want to mention the games Fall and obstacle damage,there where many a few moments where i should of been crushed to death by gravel falling or me falling to my death.

    I'm hoping a minimap tech or powerup thing gets added in the future,or some kind of navigation unit to help us find tunnels again after inevitable death.

    Battle suggestion,I think it would be AWESOME if we got a downward stab attack or slash,so when where up in the air we can come down on enemies like some do to us with there body slam attack.

    Also im sure it will happen later,but it be great if we got some Racial bonus's? Like floran maybe get a low grade health or food gauge regen in the sunlight?
  11. Kokoiop

    Kokoiop Void-Bound Voyager

    Here's a little feedback of somethings I've noticed during my last hours of playing/testing(12 hours).

    -First of all, it must have already been said but weapons are unbalanced. A legendary Weapon from the first tier is useless vs a steel weapon on second tier planet and the steel weapon too strong.
    -At the moment, I beleive the game is too easy and grindy.

    -I wonder if sometimes, the ennemy like bandit and else could drops their weapons.
    -I also noticed that there was ice over water on snow biome, but the ice does'nt make you slide or trip.
    -Like poeple said, I beleive a way to keep track on the planet you visited and maybe a possibility to take note about them would be nice.
    -I also think that there's isn't enough random encounter. The one I've been trought were nice, like a Floran Village, a huge Glitch castle, some bandit and random little boss.
    -I've been from the surface to the lava sometime and the underground seems to be missing some caves and things to find.
    -The character should maybe move his arm while shooting with a bow.

    -The atmosphere of the game is really well done. The music and the arts are stunning.
    -The sounds and animation are well polished and really make the game alive.
    -The combat dynamic is nice, and as a lot of potential with more tech and different weapons.
    -Building system is great and allow a lot of creativity.

    All and all I thinks the game is amazing and imersive. Balancing is the main issue I've seen and adding more things to exlore and randomly get trought. (I'm aware it's a beta so I know it's normal).
    Thank you
  12. PurpleXVI

    PurpleXVI Intergalactic Tourist

    Maybe more "unique" drops from monsters? Instead of just meat and leather from all of them, maybe some could drop chitin, others could drop planty parts, or organs, maybe some of those organs are healing items, others are explosive, some are crafting junk, etc. Just leather, meat and pixels from all creatures makes them less interesting.
  13. itzdracula

    itzdracula Void-Bound Voyager

    I think the launcher shouldn't be there, I think the news menu should be in side the actual game menu in the center of the screen, it also counts playtime if its left up if someone forgets to exit it out
  14. EvilLizard

    EvilLizard Master Chief

    How about adding a restriction to a players ship, where only the owner can use the tool to take down items placed on the owners ship, removing the chance that other players steal stuff from your ship by joining a party and then teleporting to your ship and removing everything, more or less forces players to also ask for an item instead of just looting it aswell in chests you placed into your ship, you may look into the chests, but cannot loot it :) Also, how about adding Bunk-beds? :D
  15. Horror359

    Horror359 Aquatic Astronaut

    Make the ship bigger! I have grabbed a lot of cool decorative items and other loot but have no place to put them. Also the fact that you can whiz around not needing to stay on a planet just means that there is no need to make a house so the loot just fills your inventory. Make a craftable module or something to make your ship larger.
  16. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pangalactic Porcupine

    - I like the idea of personalizing the ship's storage so only the owning player can access it, as well as disabling a person's ability to take furniture from another person's ship. The upgraded anvil and crafting table would be safe in one's ship. Right now there's a risk one takes off with your hard earned upgrades.

    - Those giant capsules that give buffs or debuffs, please do something nice with them or get rid of them. The risk of instantly dying due to some toxic explosion makes me avoid those things like the plague. They shouldn't kill off players like that. (Personally I'd like to see beneficial stuff from them.)

    @Horror359: I believe that you'll be able to upgrade your ship eventually, aka making it bigger. :)
  17. jto307

    jto307 Void-Bound Voyager

    one thing gets me is gold, gold is next to impossible to find and you need gold armor to get steel armor, so im just going to different planets hoping i stumble across a civilization with gold i can use. another thing is guns are impossible to find, i clear a whole dungeon filled with guys with guns, and all i get are crappy melee weapons.
  18. jto307

    jto307 Void-Bound Voyager

    one thing gets me is gold, gold is next to impossible to find and you need gold armor to get steel armor, so im just going to different planets hoping i stumble across a civilization with gold i can use. another thing is guns are impossible to find, i clear a whole dungeon filled with guys with guns, and all i get are crappy melee weapons.
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  19. CNIAngel

    CNIAngel Void-Bound Voyager

    That would be a great addition to the Nav UI. Right now I'm keeping all my favorite planets on index cards and it's kinda bothersome. I also like the idea of the Nav UI having a "history" list. So if you wanted to jump back to a previously explored planet with ease they just need to look through it.
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  20. Ouma Shu

    Ouma Shu Lucky Number 13

    so i just spend my whole day on getting the robot to work. So i activated it and got instantly killed. Please someone recommend the gear i need for that.
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