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Been 24 hours since launch. Still cant play because game wont launch.

Discussion in 'Support' started by lukemasters, Feb 2, 2019.

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  1. lukemasters

    lukemasters Space Hobo

    Purchased game on release through Steam. Downloads fine. Check file integrity, its fine. Run steam as Admin, game wont launch. No non-english characters in my windows username or my steam account name. No controllers plugged in or audio devices.

    CPU is an intel i5-7300HQ
    GPU is a GTX 1050ti
    8gb of RAM
    2tb hard drive.

    Theres no reason I shouldnt be able to launch the game. I want it on my laptop so I can play. This is my second thread to create abut this issue, honestly I would be okay with a code for an xbox one download so I can atleast play until they get this Steam issue figured out.
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    • Lexyvil

      Lexyvil Orbital Explorer

      It works fine on my laptop. Does it show any indication that the game is loading when you try launching it?
      • DecusForem

        DecusForem Space Hobo

        On my main desktop, I am also unable to launch the game. When I click Wargroove in Steam, it'll open a prompt with radio buttons to choose either OpenGL API or whatever Wargroove uses otherwise. Click a choice (doesn't seem to matter which), hit play and, the game (in the library list of steam) says "Running" for a split second. Then it looks to be syncing (down/uploading something), then it looks as if nothing happened. No extra processes appear to be added to the task manager. The end.

        I have a far lower powered, but technically newer, laptop. It runs the game fine.

        The desktop is using NVIDIA drivers 417.35 w/ GTX 1080. Obviously I don't think graphics requirements are an issue, but maybe it's the driver version, and if it is, the hardware may be important to note too.
        Desktop also has Windows 10 Pro N, I've tried turning all firewalls/AV off to see if it makes a difference, it doesnt.

        Laptop only has integrated Intel HD graphics (i7-7 series) and runs Windows 10 Enterprize. I haven't bothered to turn off AV or Firewall on the laptop because the game ran without needing to change anything.

        I can post more specifics if it helps anyone with there troubleshooting or if it can help someone fix my problem!
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        • lukemasters

          lukemasters Space Hobo

          Yup thats what happens to me. It'll say running for a second then stops.
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          • lukemasters

            lukemasters Space Hobo

            It'll saying launching, running, then nothing happens. It'll show running for about half a second then stops.
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            • shiferex

              shiferex Seal Broken

              This is happening to me too. It was going to be a great sunday. :/
              Lets hope a fix comes soon
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              • SleepySquidd

                SleepySquidd Tragically Magic Hands

                Please don't make duplicate threads! One thread is more than enough for discussion/help!
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