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Bed Glitch in singleplayer

Discussion in 'Support' started by ManyEmotions, May 20, 2018.

  1. ManyEmotions

    ManyEmotions Space Hobo

    I have a solo world were i have been able to nap to get my stamina back, but now everytime i press no on the bed it doesn't regenerte my stamina. I really want to fix it because its my most played world and my first
    • Aznpkerboy

      Aznpkerboy Space Hobo

      You are no longer able to recover stamina in single player as of the 1.3.11 beta update.

      1.3.11 (16 May 2018)
      • Fixed Beds regenerating energy in single player
      • Fixed Bomb framerate/delay issues (testing some)
      • Fixed Farmhand crash when junimo is out at the farm
      • Fixed Inability to use emojis while chatting when menu was up
      • Fixed Fishing tackle breaking after one use
      • Fixed Winter 8 festival overwriting first item when playing in Chinese
      • Fixed Forgetting level ups when disconnected
      • Fixed Lost stardrop stamina after disconnect
      • Fixed Crafting recipes vanishing when disconnected
      • Fixed Non slime monsters being tracked in "Initiation" quest
      • Fixed Quests breaking or not tracking properly when disconnected
      • Fixed Weather report always sunny after reload
      • Dakmordian

        Dakmordian Subatomic Cosmonaut

        There's a mod that, unfortunately, hasn't been updated which allowed you to slowly restore energy just by being in your house. I do feel that removing the regeneration from single player was a bad idea, since it's such a slow tick it was hardly a huge game changer. At best it allowed people just starting out to get a bit more done in a day.

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