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Baxter Fiddlefoot: The Friendliest Kobold (er... Halfling)

Discussion in 'Art' started by Vurrunna, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    What a lovely little fellow.

    This is Baxter Fiddlefoot. I made him up long ago when I was doodling in my art book and accidentally made my all-time favorite D&D character concept. Of course, being my group's permanent GM and having the social initiative of a particularly amiable toad, I have no hope of ever running a game as Baxter.

    So instead, I turn to art.

    This little comic will follow the life and exploits of Baxter Fiddlefoot. It ought to be a stirring good time.

    Next up: A bit of history on Baxter, and why he looks so strange for a Halfling.
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  2. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Baxter 002.png
    Baxter's parents never had the heart to tell 'im, and Baxter ain't exactly the brightest knife in the attic.

    Chugging merrily along! For this one I switched to an actual typeface (makes my job way easier). I think it suits the comic rather well.

    Next up: Baxter performs for the local inn.
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  3. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Baxter 003.png
    Baxter explains his history to a very skeptical inn patron. She's still trying to decide whether this is all a prank or he's really that daft.

    Spoiler Alert: He's really that daft.

    This one took me a hot minute longer to get finished; just kept getting distracted. Fortunately I took the time here-and-there over the past couple days, and here we are! My eventual hope is to get at least one of these out every Thursday; for now I'll be posting them as quick as I make 'em.

    Next Up: Baxter explains how his parents adopted him! Or maybe something different happens, I dunno, I'll draw whatever appeals to me,

    EDIT: Called him Leopold for a second there; whoops! Wrong Kobold. I mean Halfling.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  4. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    I love him.
  5. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Ketchup Robot

    A mission that adds this guy as a crew member will be better than any quest reward on this game...
    (maybe like recruit him from the bar by doing favors for 'em)

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