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    Hello fellow swimmers,

    I couldn`t stand the way the bathhouse looked inside so I decided to do a little retexture/recolouring.
    I hope you like it, please report any problems, I wasn`t able to take a look in the men`s locker room.
    Thanks to Rod&Root I was able to get a picture of the room and fixed the mirror. Everything should look clean and correct now! I sebstituted the zip-files.
    It is kind of inspired of old roman bath houses.
    If you have any wishes, please let me know.

    Take the bathhouse_tiles.xnb file and copy it to your Contents folder and Maps folder. It has to be in both folders or it won`t work. And remember to always make a backup of the original files.

    Have fun!




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    • taufik997

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      love it
      • Rauchschwalbe

        Rauchschwalbe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        News: I was able to get a screenshot of the men`s locker room (thanks to Rod&Root) and corrected the mirror-texture!
        The version aboe is now clean and correct.

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