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Bug/Issue Barn slot occupied, but no animal.

Discussion in 'Support' started by VenomTainted, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. VenomTainted

    VenomTainted Aquatic Astronaut

    Hi im posting this to create awareness or to see if anyone else has had this issue. ive been playing a multiplater save with my buddy who hosts. were only second year in. and after purchasing a second barn. i proceeded to purchase goats for it. okay seems normal, after two goats i was purchasing the third when i encountered an issue where marnie lets you chose what barn you want to put the animal in, but then proceeds to loop the Naming process. stating "invalid name" or something along tht line. doesnt matter what i put into that name box it wouldnt let me proceed. now this happened twice. first time my game crashed after about 6 attempts at different names. no issues, second time my game didnt crash and i alt f4'd, now that seems to be okay, until i rejoined and realized after thinking i repurchased the third goat. that i purchased the "fourth barn slot" goat. and that the third slot or what would be the third slot. doesnt exist. theres no animal. the barn holds 3 goats. (now 7 after upgrading) they eat 7 hay, but i cant put an 8th animal into that barn, not a cow, not a goat.

    if anyone has had this issue or knows how to resolve it preferably without selling the barn if possible i havent tried yet. would be appreciated.
    • djdunn

      djdunn Aquatic Astronaut

      i've had this problem too, no "invalid name" stuff going on, could only put 7 animals in a barn, not 8, tried upgrading to deluxe can put only 11 in not 12.

      in my situation I think it happened because the animal might have fallen asleep while trying to move it to the barn but it failed because it fell asleep before i finished moving it.

      also cannot remove the barn, it says its still occupied even when all 11 animals were moved out
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      • Smoothgiant

        Smoothgiant Space Hobo

        Im having the same issue on a PS5 split-screen game we were moving barn animals because we have 3 barns and when we moved them for some reason it didn't accept a animal being moved but now it says the animal is already placed in both barn 1 & 2. So we can't assign it to 2 and barn 2 is only allowed 11 slots. Shame there is no fix to it...
        • Pangaea

          Pangaea Forum Moderator

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