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REQUEST Barber Shop

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Animesugoi, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Animesugoi

    Animesugoi Void-Bound Voyager

    Hi guys i want request npc and place that can change hairstyle of my farmer
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    • Cimeni

      Cimeni Phantasmal Quasar

      Befriend the wizard and you can change your hair in his place.

      The option does, at least, exist in game already c:
      • EpicAdventure

        EpicAdventure Zero Gravity Genie

        Good idea.
        I think it's strange that you're forced to be the wizard's best friend, just to change the appearance of the farmer.
        • Jinxiewinxie

          Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

          I got you guys. Working on something ^_^
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          • Jinxiewinxie

            Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

            Here's a gif, I want to center the preview portrait and gender buttons and finish working on some new accessories I'm adding and then it'll be release-ready.

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            • Nivea

              Nivea Starship Captain

              Want want want!
              • Dreamcometrue

                Dreamcometrue Void-Bound Voyager

                I realy love this idea..hope this will added into mod list when you done,can't wait for it :love:
                • mrobake

                  mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

                  No more trip to the old tower at 10pm and rousing a lot of rumors about suspicious activity. Hurah!
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                  • Totori

                    Totori Space Spelunker

                    Whaa awesome! Can't wait!
                    • EpicAdventure

                      EpicAdventure Zero Gravity Genie

                      Good job Jinxiewinxie!
                      It looks already finished, but I can see that you're a perfectionist. And there's nothing wrong with that.
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                      • Jinxiewinxie

                        Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                        I've got things centered a bit better now but now my hold up is making more accessories =P The reason I wanted this mod in the first place was because by default, the accessories in game are limited to 20. Unlike hairstyles and shirts where you can just make the image longer and add more, you can't do that with the base game accessories because it physically limits you to 20. To override the limit, I needed to have my own character customization menu that doesn't limit you anymore. So now I have 112 or so accessories.. mostly different lipstick colors. I have a problem. =P

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                        • Nivea

                          Nivea Starship Captain

                          Really really love this idea, just what I wanted in game. So silly your character can not change outfits in your own house!
                          • Jinxiewinxie

                            Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

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