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    Hello everyone, I thought I would make a page here.

    I will be posting a link here to my YouTube videos each time I am ready to upload the next update. YouTube video will be up for some time before the download is available, good idea to subscribe to get to watch it early.

    Also I once again I would like to thank xxswatelitexx he helped me get started in my mod making for Starbound, you guys should follow him he has some interesting guides and mods of his own!

    Official mod page :

    BLW Version 1.1 Video :
    (Download available)

    BLW Version 1.2 Video:
    (Download available)

    BLW Version 1.3 Video
    (Download available)

    Also any suggestions you have for me, constructive criticism and ideas etc etc please let me know on this topic. P.S. If you give me an idea or suggestion I will credit you for it.

    Also guys please review my mod and rate it, I would also like honest opinions on the reviews.

    P.S. This mod should work with every other mod out there ( SHOULD )

    Future Plans

    ~More sets starting from tier 6 and up!
    ~Hunting Rifles

    Suggested ideas, but I may not be able to do

    ~Unique weapon with unique effect! suggested by xxswatelitexx


    Current Features
    ~Improved leather drop rate
    ~Bone drop added to hunting treasure pool
    ~Tier 2-5 Armor sets (Works with the quest line!)
    ~Tier 2-3 Hunting knives
    ~Tier 5 Hunting Rifle (Monsters slain drop hunting treasure pool)
    ~Tier 3-5 Cloaks (These cloaks have a slight boost to stats)
    ~Unique Leather Tanning Rack for crafting
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