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RELEASED Backpacks 2.3.1

For all your backpack related needs.

  1. Ben_LK

    Ben_LK Void-Bound Voyager

    all download links are down
  2. Revenn

    Revenn Intergalactic Tourist

    Can you add autosorting and fast items transfer like normal container?
  3. NicolasGE

    NicolasGE Intergalactic Tourist

    can you put the downloading link back?
  4. Sock_Bunny

    Sock_Bunny Big Damn Hero

    I have encountered a bug which I'm 100% sure is your fault
    You see, when I downloaded the mod and opened Starbound, I got a virus and ebolAids and the FBI raided my house and blahblahblah sob story goes here
    I'm 100% certain it was your mod's doing, because it happened right when I downloaded your mod. I'm also using the mod "Breaks-Apples-Backpack-Mod-Why-Does-This-Exist", which is a fairly stable mod, so it has to be your mod

    here's an irrelevant part from my Starbound log: *ERROR FILE FORMAT "obscureTextFormatNoOneUsesAnymore"
    here's the program needed to view it: *ERROR PROGRAM TOO ANCIENT TO USE*
    don't ask why I went through the trouble of converting it to that obscure format nobody uses when I could just upload the log as it already was

    I'm leaving a 1 star review until this game breaking bug (which wasn't even caused by your mod) is fixed

    stereotypical incompetent mod reviewer who posts "mod no work" and expects it to be fixed within the next 5 minutes
    Apple Juice likes this.
  5. Apple Juice

    Apple Juice Pangalactic Porcupine

    i recently installed this mod and encountered a super bad bug
    the moment i opened up the backpack, 5 armed men broke into my house, stole my stockpile of blinis and told my dog a series of nonsensical statements involving plankton

    this is completely unacceptable and i've reported the mod author to state authorities
    Sock_Bunny likes this.

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