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Outdated Asteroid Rock to Iron 1.0

Refine "meteorite rock" into iron at a balanced ratio!

  1. CrimsonGiraffe

    CrimsonGiraffe Phantasmal Quasar

    CrimsonGiraffe submitted a new mod:

    Asteroid Rock to Iron - Refine "meteorite rock" into iron!

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  2. TheSilentObserver

    TheSilentObserver Big Damn Hero

    This thing just LOOKS RIGHT sitting in my mining facility... I keep it right next to the giant mining machine I 'liberated' from the Erchius Mining Facility. I love it. It's definitely a keeper... I just wish it could be BIGGER and LOUDER.

    Thanks for this!
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  3. CrimsonGiraffe

    CrimsonGiraffe Phantasmal Quasar

    If you like this, you're probably gonna love my next crafting mod, HIsarna Steelmaking (based on the real, totally awesome process!) :)

    I'm not going to be really starting work on it until after I release Mandalorian NPCs, which will probably be later this week as I've finished all the armour sprites, guns, and NPCs.
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  4. TheSilentObserver

    TheSilentObserver Big Damn Hero

    As much as I preferred the old smelting system to the new one, I have to admit that the current way they're doing it makes one thing much easier: Recipes.

    As I've been playing around with the machine, tweaking it to convert massive stacks of dirt into progressively lower-tier ingots until there's nothing viable left, it occurs to me that it would be much simpler if the machine didn't shut down the moment it ran out of sufficient materials to produce a gold bar. I wonder if perhaps I shouldn't try figuring out how to give it some kind of internal storage capacity....

    EDIT: Still don't know any way to give it storage spaces or anything like that. but I did finish rebalancing its added mineral-processing functions. It can now produce platinum, gold, silver, iron, and copper ingots... with platinum bars requiring 1500 units of stone (Frackin' Universe stone included), and copper bars requiring a mere 20 units.

    It can also sift out the trace amounts of Uranium in the irradiated stone from FU's radioactive wasteland planets, although this results in the player receiving raw pellets instead of processed rods. The same goes for traces of plutonium found in the nuclear fallout of the 'something terrible happened here' worlds.

    The end result is a machine capable of turning virtually any planet into a viable mining prospect, even barren moons and deadly wastelands.
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  5. Lurmey

    Lurmey Intergalactic Tourist

    Please update this, it sounds too useful to go to waste!

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