Assassin Class Bug?

Discussion in 'Assassin Discussion' started by fearlessbro, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. fearlessbro

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    Is it just me or does the assassin class occasionally have a problem with using the dodge/dash?

    The best way I can say to replicate the "bug" (if there is one) is by playing with the class a bit. As you press the dodge button, it will not even enter the dodge stance (when you have the shield above your head). It is not an issue of SP as you can still remain in the stance once you consume all your SP.

    I only encountered this issue a few times during play (currently have 5-6 hours played). I will update this post if I encounter the issue again or can pinpoint the exact replication. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please leave a reply.

    Edit- Is it a debuff by any chance?
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    • d2king10

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      How many blocks do you have left? You can see how many at the top left, it might be possible you were hit by an enemy knocking all of your blocks away and then you cannot dash.
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      • fearlessbro

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        How embarrassing. It definitely was the blocks count. I guess in the heat of the moment, I was not paying much attention to the blocks. Thank you for the response! Enjoying the game very much!

        Found out there are items which increase the block count. Nice la.
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