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    Being a working one myself, I find that using materials that are readily available for most builds is the most noble way to go. That is why I use wood and stone in many of my builds... and make a point to mine clay instead of stone if possible, to get brick and roof tile material.

    But /admin is a great tool for builders that don't have the time to gather all the resources needed. I treat it as once I get a good amount of blocks, I'll just keep them duplicated to build with... rather than looking for more dungeons to destroy. I want to be a creator, not a destroyer. Therefor, I will take samples, and build my own cities... not destroy anyone else.
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    Notice that with the Stable more blocks can be painted. There is much more possibilities now:


    Above is: Pressurised steel, Junk tech, Metal object, Support block, Wall panel, Titanium block, Steel block and Light metal.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work with gray bricks yet.
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    Plans for Asgarden v2 have slightly changed. (Yeah, I know, you were all on the edge of your seats.)

    USCM penal colonies apparently don't spawn on Forest planets, which poses a problem. They DO spawn on Tropical, but those are always so rain-soaked and flooding, and that doesn't appeal. Alien biomes aren't harsh but not what I'm looking for, and every other place you can find penal colonies are basically hellishly hot or cold so bleh.

    So I'm picking a nice Mushroom-free Forest world, and building from the ground up.

    Oh, I'll be using the same general plans as before. The big communal buildings will follow the same general layout as the old USCM prisons, with the landing pad and tower and greenhouse and etc. I'm probably not gonna try and re-create the massive block though, and just build something new there of my own design.

    Work begins in the next couple days. Already got a lot of material sources earmarked (villages, cleared dungeons).
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    It begins... only bigger...
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    you are so pretty tho
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    Asgarden v2 is incrementally bigger pretty much everywhere. Most rooms are opening up only by a couple tiles horizontally, but it all adds up. Got my kitchen in order at least, with the light & door to the freezer wired to a switch. I haven't explored the cooking options too much yet, so the freezer might need to expand as I make more dishes. Since this compound won't be as "packed" as the last, easily done. The area immediately west, I'm gonna leave largely natural for a screen or so, with some larger trees and such scattered around, then the greenhouse.

    Which makes me mull that current-top floor of the tree. Both because I don't want to build a skybridge quite that long, but also my landing point is actually right by where the autogun is on the left... might make a platform out there as a new landing point high above the ground.

    The size-up is also letting me do a few things from early versions of the EK home that ended up slipping away. As I'm going with more dirt than stone, the eastern "porch" area regains the old "minigarden" area. I'll put some benches and such down later, probably a fountain. I think there was a flower fountain among the new blueprints I found.

    I need to explore some Toxic worlds. I really liked the Toxic Lamps. The blue flower lamps I found don't really light large areas well at all, thus my vine chandeliers don't quite work.
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    I've only had bits and pieces of time to work with this, but expansion continues... digging down first, as materials and stuff storage is the big issue at the moment...


    Yes, the main living space got wider. I inserted more mini-tunnels, which also let me expand the "deck" area nicely. That big open area under the living room will likely just be filled in.

    I've dug down in, going more tunnely and root-system than the prior build's gridlike configuration, and using more natural bio-lights. (There's a lot of roots set up you just don't see thanks to light-blocking.) The workshop is set up now, as is a much more... expanded materials room. Way more crafting materials this time around, so needed more room and more chests. Also, I've not yet found the little mini-ruined Apex labs with the pipes hanging from the ceiling, which I'm keen to get again. I might run some painted pipe tiles through the walls.

    The big storage is still in the works, as I figure out just how much space I'll need. The expanded storage unit capacities help a LOT. And of course the empty area on the east end of the living space will eventually be stairs reaching down to storage and the armory (unbuilt). I wasn't sure how many special biomes we're looking at, so I made a deepish room in case of more.

    I'm doing some minor wiring, mainly the freezer, crafting-storage and special-biome-storage rooms having doors and lights rigged to switches.
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    I refuse to /admin code items for my build, but I'll exploit bugs and coding errors to obtain stuff like a mofo.

    Man, I do like the look of the workshop a lot more now. I'm hoping I can obtain a Lunar Base Blast Door (the diagonal one) legit, make a utility/generator room to the left with the door coming out of a hill. Also, I kind of wish more lit/animated stuff could be wired to an "on/off" state, like most of the lights. I think it'd be kinda neat to "turn off" the various crafting tables when not in use via wiring.


    Storage warehouse is pretty much done. Debated using the wall-mounted storage lockers instead of the cabinets, buuuuuuut eehhhhhh. As I only put maybe four different types of tiles in each one, and they hold a lot, I'm not exactly hurting for space. Also re-did how I store furniture and decor stuff. All lights are in the Tech Chests upper-right, but almost everything else is sorted by race/location. Upper level is "home" stuff, bottom level is stuff prized from dungeons. Of course, that'll change once I re-create the trophy museum. By then I'd probably need more room to better sort all the "home" stuff from the last three races anyway, on top of whatever else they add to the ones already in-game.

    Each scan-panel activates the closest door and all the lights (save the Sub-Biome closet). Both doors have to close to turn off the lights. And in case I lock myself in (now that line-of-sight is a thing), wall switches that activate just the nearby door.

    Gonna tie in the eastern tunnel to the main front hall, but then not sure what to do. Armory or get cracking on the tree? I'm thinking tree... all those old weapons can wait.
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    June has completed the armory, at least as far as function goes... needs to make some signs for storage identification...

    And what's this? Some militant Apex have got it into their heads to raid June's wares! Well then. It's a good thing she prepared...


    Throw the emergency switch and the blast door shuts, lights go off... and goodbye smelly Apex!

    ... should probably put some drains in there. Oops. Man, fluid pumps to bring all that back to the reservoir would be great.
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    More tree! This one feels a lot more organic to me. The hanging vines and brush on the ceiling, the tapering trunk.

    The "hovering" platform to the left will actually be connected to a tree I'll build in the background layer. The next version of the skybridge will be a bit different, mainly being Ewok-village-like rope bridges between tall trees. (Man I hope we can obtain those mossy wood-platforms of the type found in the Floran Party mission. I wants some of them.)
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    Just playing with my ship bridge...
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    i wish my bathroom was that swank
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    Welcome to the Grand Trunk!


    Like the Roots, I wanted the tree part of the homestead to not just be bigger, but more organic in feel. The prior iteration was a pile of boxes with tree bark around it like the prior version, so the new build separates most of the rooms into smaller huts connected by vine-tunnels.

    However, as I'd built the tree taller than before, and on some slightly-higher ground, the floor of the Slumberdome is only a little bit below the line where the mountain backdrop fades into nothing but sky and you can kinda see the planet this moon orbits in the midday haze. Since I wasn't fond of that happening, this necessitated some reworking of what goes where so I stay below that horizon in normal movement, and what rooms I "needed" to keep in the tree.

    The Slumberdome is only slightly bigger than before, mostly vertically so the dome looks better. I need a nice large yellow Giant Flower Sapling for the right side, thus the gap. Speaking of gaps, sadly due to the way trees grow in this game, a 1-tile space between them is insufficient space to drop the 1-tile-wide small flowerpots. Which stinks because I want more flowers in there. (We need more potted flower types, by the way.) The bedside light, reed lamps and dome light in the hall to the porch are all wired to the large sunflower.

    The porch is a bit shorter... I suppose I COULD put a cooking stove and table on there, buuuuuuuut I dunno. Might put a water cooler or soda machine in the hall because why not. (Also, the soda machines should totally be shops where you buy sodas.)

    And yes, that whole big top-left room is a wardrobe. No, most of those are empty, as I've not done a lot of costume-crawling. But I anticipate a ton of vanity armor, and I'm collecting 2 of each piece. (As a start at least... some cooler/"useful" pieces like Hard Hats I'll get a lot of for when/if we can eventually outfit NPCs. I want my construction crew prepared!)


    I've also done little bits and pieces to the Roots, mostly opening up the vine tunnels and changing their ceiling/floor materials. Nothing major down there so far. The armory is normally not this well-lit: the wiring relays, reservoir trap above and turret traps to the sides are completely in the dark (up until the alarms go off, that is). The pump room (which controls drains to empty the poison from the armory once unleashed) is normally only lit by a single red Avian gem light... and when the door to the armory is closed?


    At this point, the main personal-space part of Asgarden 2 is mostly done. I'm waffling on what to do for the open land right outside the eastern door (level it a bit?), and I'm going to figure out what to do about the Trophy Rooms. I might lay out the space for those but not actually make them jsut yet, but use the distance to judge how much giant-trees-in-background forest to build up to the west betweenthe Grand Trunk and the reconstruction of my USCM-prison-turned-greenhouse-and-living-complex.
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    Congratulations on a well thought out and executed build!
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    I've not been playing as much lately, due to various other important things, and while some of the additions are not fully done yet, they're certainly enough to show off...


    First, new mini-hut attached to the Grand Trunk! The plan is to litter the area with other "background" trees, with some mini-huts and bridges connecting them, all the way to the greenhouse a few screens west. I'll need more of those temple platforms (with the vines), and those are pretty damn rare in vanilla...

    And speaking of the greenhouse...


    The first building based on the USCM prison I gutted and rebuilt in the EK build is well under way. It's not fully done yet, as I haven't finished the roof or the storage-based rooms, but it's coming along. Like the Trunk, I've changed up a lot form the last version. The big thing is this time, I split up the crops by environment. So you get rooms like this...


    A room for superhot world crops, a large stretch for desert/arid crops (plus a small cactus farm), an icy world room, etc. The chests in the center are sort of a mini-map, and I'm trying to use different chest types to mark what seeds go in what room better. And underground, protected by a mess o' concrete...


    The "lightly radioactive" crops (and trees). The passage to this area has a decon shower, a room for Hazmat suits, and a "decon tubes" section. There's some wiring I need to figure out still.


    Underwater crops, complete with Kelp farm! This mini-lake is also the reservoir for the greenhouse. (Well, most of it. The Rad Zone has its own self-contained water/alien-juice recycling system.) The airlock works now, but I need to add a small room before you get to it from the tunnel, where I'll store SCUBA gear. Yeah, you don't need it as far as the game is concerned, but it's for the look of the thing. And no, that hole up top will be filled in eventually, it's just there for ease of construction.

    The area west, before you get to the next building (yet unbuilt), is planned to be a small tree farm for the handful of "special wood" trees not already covered. Rainbow Trees, Rust Trees, Giant Mushrooms. I might put the Giant Flowers to the east in that open area though. Maybe Palm Trees, if they drop Coconuts when chopped down. Do they drop Coconuts?

    So there's that.
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    Haha :) Cool mate! I really like the little and of course the big improvements a lot!!

    The Bathtub :DD +

    The Green Background + the small tree with the house look sweet^^
    Keep doing it, what do you call that design - Organic living maybe? Keep it coming! :)
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    I really like how you repurposed that prison into a greenhouse, it's really artsy or something to have turned a place of confinement into a place of growth :)
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    Oh yeah... one change to the Grand Trunk's wardrobe. Remember that wall of Glitch-style cabinets? How goddamn unreadable that was? How I'd need to dig to find anything?


    The principles applied to my furniture/decor storage room are getting applied here. The lower level is racial armors/clothing, with space for Human, Hylotl and Novakid once we get some furniture for them. The dressers are armors, the chests above are clothes.

    Top row is the mass of vanity armors. It's not super-organized yet, but the Mining Lockers contain "work" clothes (mining gear, space suit, cold weather, etc), the Apex cabinets to the left are the more "costumy" things, that sort of setup. I'll be refining it as I gather more armors (and hopefully some more storage units become available). The chests above are for hats and backpacks not associated with any costume sets... Bone Chests have the skulls, etc.
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    Building's been light, as I've actually taken a forced break from the game to focus on an important paying project. I'll start again in earnest come August.

    But there's a thing or two since the last post to show off...


    I've made the framework of the former USCM prison building that made up the apartments from the EK build. I've decided that this time around, this building will be just apartments, with the "shops" moved to the next building to the west. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of blocks and furniture for Humans, Hylotl and Novakid. I might just make the Human homes for now be based on the military bases. I mean, that's all we've seen, so "in-universe", that's all my character would know about... this must be how all non-prisoner humans live!

    (I'm debating the location of "special biome" apartments. I might make some in the center instead of doubling up on race-based rooms, or I might put them in a different building. I dunno.)

    There will be some "common rooms" for hanging out, and a washroom (second-floor center) of course. The top sections will likely be hollowed out to become sunrooms with an open-air garden in the center. (You live in a place made by a Floran, expect plants to be a major feature.)


    I realized I'd never given a full view of the current ship. It's not a direct part of Asgarden, but the Ramshackle keeps up the theme. Much of the interior is still in flux, as some areas are basically just where I'm stuffing objects I've not yet built planetside storage for, such as the library (bottom-left). Once more storage is figured out and space cleared out, then a lot of the ship will get redecorated and repurposed for "crew" to be spawned later. I plan on keeping much of the "cobbled together" look of the outside present in the inside, with holes in the walls, places where tile types abruptly change (spackled together with metal panels and plant-matter-blocks) and the like.

    I'm really happy with the back-end engine room and its junker-ship construction. It looks neat and gives me something to DO with all that space.

    Bottom-center is temporary spoils storage, where I sort all the crap I picked up from planet-hopping. Once it gets full-ish, I can then easily grabs, say, all the food or tiles or weapons at once and have them semi-sorted and ready to put in homeworld storage with minimal back-and-forth.

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