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Artifact of Command : Only unlocked items

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Linio, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Linio

    Linio Big Damn Hero

    Pretty much said in the title, i didn't get why with the Artifact of Command you have access to all the items.
    I still don't get it, and it could ruin a little the game (what's the point of unlocking items?)
    I do play to unlock things to make the game easier, so i only play with artifact of command, so basically it's like i've already unlocked all items in the game, which is sad...
    • ciuccio2000

      ciuccio2000 Void-Bound Voyager

      Yup, i agree with you.
      Also, there's another problem that you didn't underline: once you unlock all the items, it becomes completely useless.

      It should be removed, or changed with another artifact IMO.
      • Ramond

        Ramond Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Are you serious? Those are totally unrelated. With the artifact of Command, each time an item drops, you CHOOSE which item you get. (Which obviously isn't the case without the artifact, you'll get a random item.)
        It's a really powerful if not the most powerful artifact around.
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        • ciuccio2000

          ciuccio2000 Void-Bound Voyager

          Yea, sorry, i found that artifact today and i was going to edit my post. Reading Linio's post, i stupidly thought that the effect of the artifact was "You can find around even the items that you didn't unlock".
          Now i know his effect. It's awesome, it can't be removed, but obviously this thing should be fixed (you should be able to only select unlocked items).
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          • shadowpikachu

            shadowpikachu Space Spelunker

          • Youkaibuster

            Youkaibuster Starship Captain

            And it should be the way it was again, when chests are stacked on top of eachother, you get to select the items one by one.
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            • Linio

              Linio Big Damn Hero

              Didn't know it was like that but yeah, there's a problem there too, especially when several colored items are stacked, you get to pick one, and hope the ones of the same rows will be ok.
              I don't see why it was changed, i thought it was a "bug" that was always there.
              • Youkaibuster

                Youkaibuster Starship Captain

                Yeah, I think it got picked out because it was sometimes time consuming to go through multiple stacked chests manually, but it still beats the current stacked selections if you ask me.
                • Nomah

                  Nomah Space Hobo

                  • zanon

                    zanon Astral Cartographer

                    I agree with this, or at least that it should be an option. While I too think OP is correct, I think this is actually a more annoying issue. After all, while the current "allow everything" isn't very intuitive, it's possible to just exercise some self-discipline and not choose anything you know you haven't unlocked. But there's usually nothing to be done about a stack. Sometimes if they're at least a few pixels apart you can sort of edge a little at a time over and manage to get them one by one, but it's a pain when it's even possible (and gets harder if you've got some speed items).
                    • SucksAtROR

                      SucksAtROR Tentacle Wrangler

                      I think this suggest is so obvious that the current state of things should be considered a bug.
                      There's a whole meta-game about this game, regarding the upgrade path you can/need to take to unlock stuff: what's the next achievement I'd like to tackle in order to unlock the next time/character so that I could use that to further unlock/win the game.

                      The way things are, Once you get the command artifact this is thrown out the window.
                      • NekoBaronUK

                        NekoBaronUK Big Damn Hero

                        I'm not bothered by opening chests at the same time, I cry when a chest drops in front of a teleporter but its ok, getting killed at the end of invulnerable animation with assassin is tiring but ok.

                        THIS! However I must have, I love the artifact but it's just too tempting to abuse it to unlock overpowered items before earning them properly.
                        And FYI I want to have it only show items you have collected, so then there's more reason to play with the artifact off and attempt to get it to drop normal in the first place as well as unlocking it properly.
                        • Neapolitan Shark

                          Neapolitan Shark Space Spelunker

                          It would still change up your playstyle, even if you have unlocked all the items.
                          I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to stack 31 crowbars in a Commandless run!

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