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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    thankyou :)
  2. Kazne

    Kazne Master Chief

    Co-Ordinates: X -666, Y -335

    Planet Name: Gamma Pi-1 Peg Majoris II

    Sector Level: X

    Planet Threat Level: 40

    Planet Biome: Tentacles

    Description: As this is a max level tentacle planet, this actually has SURFACE LEVEL PLATINUM SPAWNS.
    Not many, but they're there.

    So yeah. Get your futuristic buttocks over to this place if you need platinum. Which everyone does. Because it barely spawns.
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  3. Unworthy

    Unworthy Tentacle Wrangler

    Thank you! I guess the chest is random; I got pulse jump instead of energy dash, but it was exactly where you said it was.
  4. klipwc

    klipwc Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I cant find any of the above lvl 30 planets, am i doing something wrong?

    NVM i realised i needed to use the item after killing dragon...
  5. Unworthy

    Unworthy Tentacle Wrangler

    I've begun to add some of these to the Starbound Wiki (starting with the useful Alpha Sector planets). Please help me add more so they can be easily tracked without having to read through pages of this thread:

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  6. Kazne

    Kazne Master Chief

    Do you have sector X unlocked? If not, you cannot access them yet.
  7. ApSciLiara

    ApSciLiara Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh hey! I found an Apex Tech Lab on the planet Alpha Wonton Minoris I a (threat level: 4, biome: arid), just to the left of spawn.
    Galactic co-ordinates: X=1125, Y=6530 (I was trying to input Earth's co-ordinates from Battlestar Galactica, best decision ever :D)
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  8. minimini5432

    minimini5432 Space Hobo

    -36158334, 93670952
    alpha hr 8734 psc0681 system
    planet II
    moon d

    desert lvl 6, im nameing a 'human prison planet' a short way left from spawn point, a human prison... a little further to the right... another human prison!

  9. Norluck

    Norluck Industrial Terraformer

    Any co-ords for places with instruments?
  10. Jigürd

    Jigürd Orbital Explorer

    I found something similiar on a moon I was mining on, it looked like some kind of mine or excavation site, which makes sense, as there were several Avian tombs close to the structure.
  11. Frozenfoods

    Frozenfoods Astral Cartographer

    -3342341, 31116062 Level 40 moon - Gamma HR 1107 CEP 2998 III - Got at least two level 41 weapons out of chests, TONS of Rubium/Cerulium/Titanium/Platinum, and a avian temple I wasn't able to clear to get to the top of due to my lack of a decent gun.
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  12. Rivinhal

    Rivinhal Star Wrangler

    Is it terrible I'm half-afraid to leave my strange "eyeball-forested" planet? I wanna go see all these cool things you guys are talking about, but I don't wanna get stranded or something lol.

    EDIT: Also, for people asking about instruments, I found one (an ocarina) on my LVL 1 Planet, but I don't know if you'd find another there or not =(
  13. Unworthy

    Unworthy Tentacle Wrangler

    Mine a lot of coal and/or wood before you go. After tonight's patch, fuel costs are cheaper too. Go explore. It's fun.
  14. Rivinhal

    Rivinhal Star Wrangler

    Yeah I think I'll chop a bunch of these "eyeball trees" down, since they're way more abundant. Any suggestion on certain gear I should have before I go exploring? I'm a bit afraid to go to any non-LVL1 planets lol.

    Also, anyone found any low level ocean planets? I really wanna make an ocean world my home since I'm playing Hylotl
  15. Unworthy

    Unworthy Tentacle Wrangler

    Yes, exit the game and patch up to the latest version (from tonight) if you haven't already done so. This will let you make insanely powerful snow armor with leather (that drops commonly from animals you kill with a hunting bow or the newly patched hunting knife). Something like 45 leather pieces or so will get you a full set, and you'll be able to take on tier 9 and 10 planets with relative ease.

    Also have a lot of random blocks (dirt, stone, whatever) handy and you can build yourself land bridges and dirt cages and bunkers wherever you need to. Your melee attacks go through 1 block, even if monsters can't, making it very easy to kill them once you can seal them in or seal yourself in.

    And if you made a base on your current planet, pick up all the stuff and build it in your ship instead so it goes with you wherever you are in the galaxy. It's sort of like intergalactic strip-mining... travel to a planet, exhaust its loot and resources, move on to the next. No point rebuilding your base everywhere, or wasting fuel to return to a home planet.
  16. Rivinhal

    Rivinhal Star Wrangler

    Thanks man, I'll do that. I saw the hunting knife but I wasn't aware of it's purpose. I'd definitely prefer that to the bow lol. And yeah, I haven't really set much down other than a few chests and a bed. I do wanna make a home on a water planet eventually though. I just think that'd be really cool. But thanks for the advice. Sounds like it's time to get leather hunting.
  17. lyrael_rayne

    lyrael_rayne Big Damn Hero

    So to avoid being stranded on a planet which isn't your starter planet, you're stranding yourself on your starter planet? :p

    In all seriousness though, it's pretty hard to get stranded. It'd have to be incredibly unlucky to find one which had no coal or wood on it.
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  18. yotmam12

    yotmam12 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    moon base thing at these coords:
    x=-44948914 y=12415029
    Alpha Theta Per 5985 Va
    it's a level 9 moon.
  19. nightowl79a

    nightowl79a Phantasmal Quasar

    Alpha Iota-1 Sco 1518 II
    (Nice big town here with some weapons for sale and some farms and stuff! Pretty neat little place.)

    Beta 48 Lib 344 III
    (Merchant to the left, in the air a boat! Sells Guns!)
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  20. WingPecker

    WingPecker Tentacle Wrangler

    Alpha Sector
    Alpha Geras 1506 I
    x: -5466509
    y: -71029394
    Alpha Geras 1506 I a
    Forest - Lv3

    Left of spawn = UMSC Bunker, and an apex lab.

    Not much in way of pixels or loot. But some awesome furniture.
    The other planet in the system, to the left has some sort of mineshaft.
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