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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Fatheed

    Fatheed Aquatic Astronaut

    I found this town at the following coordinates.

    Warning: Badly Stitched together image :)


    X:34249815 Y:97767254
    Alpha Omicron Majoris IV b
    Biome: Forest
    Threat Level: 7
  2. Eddie451

    Eddie451 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    x: -53528736 Y: 69505232
    Gamma Zaurak 03 IV c
    Level: 32

    Has an abandoned apex dungeon with a 100% chance for tech power in the final chest.
    I've been hunting these tech moons for a while and will post any i find going forward.
  3. kayoma

    kayoma Aquatic Astronaut

    There is 4 planets in Majoris 3.
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  4. yotmam12

    yotmam12 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    came there with a shield, left there with 7 guns...
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  5. Day56

    Day56 Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for all the coordinates, I'll be sure to try them out.
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  6. thefirecrack3r

    thefirecrack3r Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ok how do we use the coordinates. I typed them in, pressed the big "GO" button and just went to another planet in my sector. I think I just went to one that my cursor went over or something. What did my dumba*s do?
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  7. Xendhaius

    Xendhaius Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    You have to input them while in the universe section of the menu, just press random and then type them in, it will center the desired planet for you to access.
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  8. blahhead

    blahhead Space Spelunker

    I got a two:
    x71394707 y-77160273
    Beta T CrB Minoris I c (snow biome threat 11)
    Large Avian village to left of spawn

    x71394724 y-77160297
    Alpha Zerus 4188 I (Forest threat 1 and Desert threat 2)
    Forest has a Glitch castle to far left, Desert has Avian temple to far left.
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  9. Ladyzprince

    Ladyzprince Seal Broken

    You should mention the ship is a flying pirate ship and has a anchor you have to place block to get up too.
    Not far, just head left and you'll see the big anchor.
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  10. EmGeHo

    EmGeHo Cosmic Narwhal

    These same coords, the jungle planet has an apex village, minute trip to the left.
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  11. OobleckTheGreen

    OobleckTheGreen Space Kumquat

    58164416 -6340817
    Alpha Crosbot Minoris II
    Biome Threat 7

    Travel left for about a minute or so. Pass thru a small ruined underground bunker to a human military facility. Lots of shielded guard robots and 3-4 men with guns. The one in the top-most room has a particularly dangerous gun, but you can tunnel underneath him, and pick out one block of the floor above to get his attention. Then just whack him with a 2-h sword thru the floor. This facility has TONS of cool stuff to make your house & ship look really high tech, including computer monitors, fingerprint scanners, a full kitchen (with oven and refrigerator), bathroom, toilets, radioactive barrels, fluorescent lights, fans, and more.
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  12. Tetrisash

    Tetrisash Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I think I'm doing this wrong or something. I keep entering in someone's coordinates and I'm getting nowhere close. or I'm not finding it, at least. This one:

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  13. TechnoKitsune

    TechnoKitsune Orbital Explorer

    I've typed in the coordinates from these posts exactly, and I keep getting nothing. Lots of systems in those areas, but nothing by the names referenced. I haven't been able to find the airship system either that was referenced at the top. Any ideas?
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  14. blahhead

    blahhead Space Spelunker

    Are you in the correct sector? Because The airship one is in Alpha.
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  15. Day56

    Day56 Void-Bound Voyager

    I did test it and was able to find it. Make sure you read a little ahead where they tell the name of the system the planet is located in.
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  16. Inarion

    Inarion Space Spelunker

    I wasn't able to find that system at the given coordinates...

    However I found another system nearby with an Apex Lab on the Moon "Gamma Horsebutt Minoris I b" (hilarious name!) just some screens to the left of the start. Threat level 25 - but there are no guards or other enemies, just loads of electric walls.
    The coordinates are: -53528731 / 69505199

    Got the really handy Targeted Blink tech from there. (Press F to do a short teleport)
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  17. SquirtLover

    SquirtLover Void-Bound Voyager

    Is it me or does the coordinate system totally break the exploration part of the game?
    I suppose you don't ever have to use it, but its so damn tempting.
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  18. LukasAngeles

    LukasAngeles Master Chief

    x: 71394707 y: -77160273

    Threat Lvl: 12, Jungle

    Avian Village near spawn on the left.
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  19. Danner16

    Danner16 Big Damn Hero

    Anyone know a beta sector lv 20 gun vendor planet?
  20. metasynthie

    metasynthie Void-Bound Voyager

    For a lower-level avian airship with a gun dealer (for those of you that want a sniper rifle ASAP) try this forest moon, threat level 4:

    -1444486, -34877301 (Alpha Kyatz System)
    Alpha Kyatz I c (planet closest to sun, biggest moon)

    This planet has a ton of random clothing vendors of every species, bandit camps, and a glitch merchant who sells stims. To the left of the spawn there's some bandits, and then a weird temple with a couple glitch cultists who yell "death to the heathen." They were in front of a weird black pillar that seems to hurt you a bit and disappear if you "E" it? After that I found a chest with 5 diamonds, and if you keep going that way you'll reach the giant anchor to the airship.
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