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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Zerfalling

    Zerfalling Poptop Tamer

    Sector X
    x: -33304437
    y: -35428197
    The Gamma Phi Cas Majoris System
    Gamma Phi Cas Majoris II

    Biome: Tentacles level 34
    Avian village right to the left. Some plat ore in chest, level 34 swords salesman (3)(salesbird?) And other clothing merchants
    -Also has anyone seen a level 40 X gun merchant?
  2. shurikanwolf

    shurikanwolf Void-Bound Voyager

    has anyone found a floran dungeon or town? i would love to collect the furnature from it
  3. Everburn

    Everburn Void-Bound Voyager


    Alpha Alpha Pic 6777 III a

    It has a floran village to the left of spawn :)
    Its a level 5 planet, so be careful.
  4. Calvein

    Calvein Void-Bound Voyager

    Beta 16 Cyg Minoris II b

    You land (and actually land, no need to move) on 2 chests with 5 diamonds (my first ones :D) and 5 platinium ore.
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  5. Firestar

    Firestar Void-Bound Voyager

    I've been looking for corn everywhere. Can someone list a planet that has corn on it?
  6. stumblinbear

    stumblinbear Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Been working on this: nothing

    If you PM me a coord with those specifications, I'll put it on the list :3
    Looks better than the Google Doc (in my opinion), and you can search!
    I still have a few more to add, but I'd like to know if you guys even think I should continue.
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  7. Khoda

    Khoda Orbital Explorer

    Gamma Alpha Cha Majoris VI
    -38744562, 94351736

    Small level 40 desert with a big avian market and a few chests and minibosses.
  8. Owleye321

    Owleye321 Intergalactic Tourist

    Beta Shilvina 73 I B
    -66413846, 91774538
    Lvl 16 desert

    There is a small unoccupied Apex research lab to the left. Beneath it is a high tech chest, which diamonds in it.
  9. Mermidion

    Mermidion Industrial Terraformer

    interresting ,so sometime what you find in the outpost really is random. haven't mined deep yet thought.So i have to look for the tech underground to see what i get.
  10. theSuperNerd

    theSuperNerd Tentacle Wrangler

    Sector X
    x: -53528981 y: 69505213
    Gamma Australis 19 IV a
    Level 40 snow.

    Avian village to left, sells 40 pen weapons.
  11. Holgast

    Holgast Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I can't find this system with the coordinates you've given. Is it in Gamma quadrant?
  12. ApSciLiara

    ApSciLiara Void-Bound Voyager

    It'll be in that super secret X quadrant, seeing as the level is over 30.
  13. rosedragon

    rosedragon Void-Bound Voyager

    68525 38085130 alpha izar USMC prison on jungle, lvl 6
    78820908 24707432 alpha beta psa arid planet, go left for big avian market
    13322790 88273762 alpha alpha tel 274 I forest floran home

    I only like finding the special buildings and plants and so these are what I got.
  14. Platoonsgt1

    Platoonsgt1 Big Damn Hero

    Sector X, 29791420, 93955846
    Gamma Bram Majoris I a
    Lvl40 Magma with Avian Airship + Gun Trader

    Have fun with max lvl guns :D (so far...)
  15. weehairy

    weehairy Orbital Explorer

    Gamma Horsebutt 9972 II (yes that is the name)
    Volcanic planet threat level 31 (X sector)

    X 996 Y 991

    Go right from spawn and the first apex outpost lab you find should have a chest in a darkened part of the building. In it should be some rare phoenix emblems, Ancient Avian throwing weapons that do some sweet damage.
  16. stimtheone

    stimtheone Void-Bound Voyager

    While I didn't find any mech blueprints, I found a human mech tech. I found it in an ape lab gauntlet (makes you jump around tesla coils) But sadly, it is useless beyond the alpha sector.

    And again... any Hylotl settlements or oceanic planets? Or any human settlements beyond the restricted bunkers?
  17. lyrael_rayne

    lyrael_rayne Big Damn Hero

    -80862253, -7529976 Alpha Eps Lyr 74
    Not sure which planet it was, but one of them had not one, not two but four musical instruments. The entire system is actually a rather excellent starting system. I have a full set of silver armour, platinum pickaxe a bunch of level 7 guns and all sorts of good stuff like that just from this one system. Oh, and fairy wings (an alternative to a cape) :D
  18. SexyBaconFun

    SexyBaconFun Starship Captain

    So... Has anyone seen a Hylotl city or something? Preferably a level 1 or 2 planet?
  19. weehairy

    weehairy Orbital Explorer

    Planet is not at those coords. I know i put them in correctly, triple checked coords and sector.
  20. weehairy

    weehairy Orbital Explorer

    Planet is not at those coords. I know i put them in correctly, triple checked coords and sector.
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